Andrew Ethan Zeng is an ecommerce personality on Youtube and he's growing in popularity..

If you're here you're probably wondering if his course, Ecommerce Mastery, is a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Zeng and his program including background information, price of course, overview of training and more.

You'll know if Ecommerce Mastery is right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into!

Ecommerce Mastery Summary

Creator: Andrew Ethan Zeng

Price to join: $995

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

Ecommerce Mastery is a decent ecommerce course.. it'll teach you the basics of ecommerce.

However, there's nothing here that's new and it's quite short (there's many courses that are double in length).

The price is too much as well.

This course is not worth $995.

Better opportunity: My favorite ecommerce course is Ecom Elites. It has extremely high quality training and only costs between $197 to $297. To learn more, click below:

Who Is Andrew Ethan Zeng?

Andrew Ethan Zeng is the creator of Ecommerce Mastery.

Andrew is a pretty typical Youtube ecommerce personality.

On this platform he has nearly 50,000 subscribers and he seems to upload twice a week:

His videos are mostly information in nature and he does have some self promotion videos as well.

He claims to have run several 6 figures ecommerce businesses.

I can't verify these claims but it does seem like he's had quite a bit of success.. he comes off as professional as well.

Ecommerce Mastery Overview

Overall this course is pretty short and is broken up into 6 different sections - it also comes with a few extra bonuses as well.

Here's a breakdown of each section and what you get.

Module 1: Onboarding And Welcome

The first section is just a typical introduction module.

Here you get information on the training, how it works, the support system and some mindset training. 

Module 2: Mindset Mastery

Module expands on the last module and you get even more mindset training.

I find mindset training to be pretty tedious with ecommerce courses.. it kind of just seems like a way to increase how long the training is.

This includes how to start your day, organize your work space, music and more.

Personally I don't think this module adds much to the training.

Module 3: Foundation And Dropshipping

This is the first module where you actually get training that will help you with your ecommerce business.

Module 3 is by far the longest section in the training and it has 30 different lessons (almost 3 times more than the next biggest module).

This module covers a lot including:

  • How to set up your store on Shopify
  • Branding
  • Which theme you should pick
  • How to set up your business email
  • How to create a brand logo
  • Which tools you need 
  • How to find winning products
  • Creating your products listing and other copywriting techniques
  • Search engine optimization for free traffic

Additionally, you get 3 case studies that look at 3 different successful ecommerce stores.

Module 4: Digital Marketing Supremacy

This section deals with traffic.

I'll expand on this a little later but the traffic section is pretty disappointing. 

Module 4 covers Facebook, influencer marketing and email marketing.

The problem is COMBINED there's only 12 lessons.

That's not nearly enough to each these topics adequately.

Module 5: Print On Demand

Print on demand is an ecommerce method that involves marketing shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, etc. to different niches.

This module gives you some training on how to do that.

Module 6: Private Labeling

Private labeling is another form of ecommerce.

This is similar to dropshipping but you just put your own brand on it.

Module 6 will teach you all about this business model.


If you buy this course you also get a few bonuses as well.

Those bonuses include:

  • Mindset Mastery Course
  • Ecommerce Accounting And Cashflow Spreadsheet
  • Omni Outreach Scripts
  • Email Nurture Flow Scripts
  • Store Template Plug And Play

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Traffic Training Is Disappointing

One of the most disappointing things about Ecommerce Mastery is the traffic training.

On the plus side there's more than one traffic source discussed (Facebook, SEO, influencer marketing and email).

The problem is all these traffic sources are taught in only 12 lessons - 12!

My favorite ecommerce course has over 40 videos for Facebook alone.

Traffic is the most important aspect to your online business.. if you don't have traffic you're not going to have any success.

You need more traffic training than what you're getting in Ecommerce Mastery. 

The training needs to be much more in depth if you want to have real success with ecommerce.

This Course Is Too Expensive

Here's the thing..

There's a lot of ecommerce courses out there. This business model absolutely blew up in the last couple of years.

With that came a lot of different training programs.

Some are good, most are low quality and there's quite a few scams as well.

The point I'm trying to make is there's a lot of options in terms of ecommerce training.

$995 is pretty pricey for an ecommerce course. It wouldn't make it the most expensive but it's one of the more pricey.

It's just simply not worth it.

There's better alternatives that are much less expensive.

Ecommerce Mastery Pros And Cons


  • Andrew is successful: I have no clue if Andrew is as successful as he says he is but after research it's clear he is pretty successful. I don't think he's faking anything really.


  • Not enough traffic training: Training is the most important - everything else is secondary. The training here is just not enough for me to recommend.
  • Too expensive: If this course had world class traffic training then maybe I would recommend it. But $995 is too much for what you're getting.

Is Ecommerce MAstery A scam?

No, I don't think so.

Andrew is legit and the training is decent.

It's just too expensive for what you're getting. There's many alternatives that are cheaper and better.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd skip over Ecommerce Mastery.

If you still want to learn ecommerce I would check out Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites is by far the best ecommerce course and is ultra affordable - plus it has outstanding traffic training.

To learn more, click below:

Dominate Ecommerce!

Ecom Elites is the best ecommerce course. To read my full Ecom Elites review, click below:


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