Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online and in order to succeed you're going to need good training. 

If you're thinking about buying Automated Affiliate Secrets by Duston McGroarty this review is for you.

Below you'll find out if this course is worth your money and you'll see some background information, price to join, training overview and more.

You'll know if this course is right for you by the time you're done. 


Automated Affiliate Secrets Summary

Product: Automated Affiliate Secrets

Price to join: $497

Rating: 50/100

Do I recommend? Not really

Summary: Automated Affiliate Secrets is a basic affiliate marketing course that goes over funnel and paid traffic. 

While there's some good information here the price is way to expensive for what you're getting. There's no training on SEO, Youtube traffic, free traffic or anything like that.

Plus the idea that you can just make a site and forget about (and then make $350 a day from it) is over exaggerated. Building online businesses take daily effort.

Better opportunity: If you're looking for affiliate marketing training that goes over every aspect of affiliate marketing (SEO, paid traffic, social media, etc) and is very affordable, click below.

There you'll see the training that taught me how to make 6 figures online as a beginner:

Who Is Duston McGroarty

Duston McGroarty isn't that well known of an affiliate marketer but he does offer a lot of different courses on his website.

Overall there's 10 courses and they revolve around affiliate marketing, funnels and traffic generation. 

From his website it's clear Duston focuses primarily on paid traffic and not free, SEO traffic.

If you look at his stats on Alexa you'll see search traffic only makes up 37% of his traffic:


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Final Thoughts On Automated Affiliate Secrets




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