Big Money Connection and its owner, Jeff Dorsey, claim they can help you make $500 a day using their system.

Is this a legitimate money-making system or just one big scam?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Additionally, I'll cover all the red flags of this program (there are plenty).

You'll know if Big Money Connection is worth your money by the time you're done.

Let's get started!

Multiple Income Funnel Summary

Creator: Jeff Dorsey (fake name)

Price to join: $49.95 (upsells after)

Do I recommend? Absolutely not.

   Overall rating: 0/5

I haven't reviewed a low-quality offer like this one in a while.

This is a completely nonsensical sales pitch, and there's 0% chance you'll make money with this program.

Additionally, the idea that you just pay $49.95 and start making money is also nonsensical.

Everything about this offer is fake, from the owner to the testimonials and the idea that you can make money online without any effort.

Once you buy, you'll be pressured to buy upsells that cost thousands of dollars, and your email will likely be sold off.

There's no reason to buy Big Money Connection.

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Making Money Online Takes Effort

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the Big Money Connection, I want to share something with you.

I've had a lot of success online and have made hundreds of thousands from it. I also work online full time for myself.

I've also reviewed hundreds of make money online courses.

There's one thing I've learned from making money online: it takes a good amount of effort.

And any person claiming it takes little effort is scamming you.

Creating an online business takes time and should be treated as seriously as a new gym routine.

You wouldn't expect to lose 30 pounds by exercising once.

Same with making money online.

Programs like Big Money Connection lie to you to get your money.

They claim making money takes a few clicks a day or a one-time effort, and that's completely false.

It takes daily effort and usually about a year before you start seeing decent results.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make money quickly, but there's a learning process.

So if you come across a course claiming everything is done for you and that making money will require no work on your end, you're dealing with a scam.

The Owner Is Fake

Again, I've reviewed hundreds of make money online courses in my time, and the low-quality courses and scams all do the same thing.

One of the common things I see in these courses is that they make up owners.

And the reason for this is pretty simple.

If the actual owner of Big Money Connection revealed who he actually is, you could dig into his background and prove he's lying.

Over on Grateful Affiliate, they were able to prove the owner is a completely made-up person:

That's just a stock photo that you can buy and use for your website.

Additionally, the person doing the sales presentation is just a paid voice actor.

So if someone is willing to lie about this, they're willing to lie about anything else.

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Beware The Aggressive Upsells

So you might be thinking, "Big Money Connection is only $49.95; maybe I'll just give it a try."

But that's a serious mistake on your part.

The course is cheap because they want to get you into the sales funnel.

Once you buy Big Money Connection, you'll quickly be promoted to many other products that come with monthly fees and can cost thousands of dollars.

And it gets even worse.

There's a good chance that the person collecting your emails and personal information will eventually sell your email address.

There's big money in email lists, and people will pay to get access to them.

So once you buy, you'll be constantly getting email offers from third parties offering their online scams.

You might get so many emails that your email becomes useless.

What Is Big Money Connection Offering?

Big Money Connection "teaches" dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a legitimate way to make money online and one of the most popular ways to do so.

The Big Money Connection just won't help you too much.

Basically, Big Money Connection will make you a premade store and website.

If you're new to making money online, you might think that's something worth paying for, but it's not.

Creating an online store takes zero effort and can truly be done with a few clicks.

However, the store is not what makes you money; marketing makes you money.

If you can't drive traffic to your store, then you'll never make money.

And Big Money Connection doesn't help you with that.

If you're looking for an in-depth breakdown of what dropshipping is, watch this video below:

Want To Start An Online Business?

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Driving Traffic Is Very Expensive

Setting up a dropshipping store is very inexpensive and easy to do.

Basically, you create a website with a few clicks and then import products to your store.

You don't actually own the products or handle them directly.

That's done by a third-party supplier.

You just put the products on your website, and the supplier does the rest if someone buys them.

So what's your job as a dropshipper?

Your job is to drive traffic to your store, which is the hardest part.

And Big Money Connection doesn't help you here at all.

You'll drive traffic with paid traffic on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other social media websites.

But this can get pretty expensive, and you'll need a budget of a few thousand dollars if you plan on doing this.

So don't get involved in dropshipping unless you have this budget.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's my review of Big Money Connection.

This is a worthless program that I wouldn't want my worst enemy to take.

These done for you systems never work.

Just think about it logically: why does Big Money Connection need you?

If everything is done for you and little work is needed on your part, why would they be selling their work to you?

Why wouldn't they just keep all of these pre-made stores for themselves and make millions and millions of dollars?

Why would they be selling such profitable stores to you for only $49.95?

The reason is that the stores don't actually make money, and you're being misled.

This is all an attempt to get you into the Big Money Connection sales funnel.

That's it.

Once you buy, the owners of Big Money Connection, whoever they may be, are going to try to milk every dime they can out of you.

You'll be sent manipulative and misleading sales presentations, and they will try to get you to spend thousands of dollars.

It's just not worth it.

You can make money online, but it's not going to be with the Big Money Connection.


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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