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Bitcoin Boost Summary

Creator: Teeka Tiwari

Price to join: $49 per year

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3/5

Bitcoin Boost teaches you how to earn interest on your Bitcoin.

This isn't really a secret and there's plenty of places where you can learn how to do this for free.

With Bitcoin Boost you get access to The Palm Beach Letter (which is the whole point of this offer).

Once you sign up you'll be marketed much more expensive products.

This is only worth it if you really just want access to The Palm Beach Letter which is a monthly stock/crypto newsletter. 

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Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is the creator of Bitcoin Boost and is a crypto investment expert.

He claims he's been talking about Bitcoin since 2016.

That's honestly really early enough to be bragging.

Sure you would make a boat load if you invested heavily in crypto in 2016 but Bitcoin was around years before that.

A lot of people were aware of Bitcoin in 2016 (although not everyone pulled the trigger).

Teeka is most known for running Palm Beach Research Group and has a popular investment newsletter called Palm Beach Letter (which you get as a part of Bitcoin Boost).

He also has products that cost thousands of dollars at Palm Beach Research Group as well.

I think most people recognize Teeka has expertise on crypto but I don't think most people think he's all that special.

I've heard from many customers that have bought from him say you can find better advice on Youtube for free.

What Is Bitcoin Boost?

Everyone knows what Bitcoin is.

You can't really make money anymore telling people to buy Bitcoin.

This program doesn't teach you about Bitcoin or any other cryptos.

Instead it's for people that already have crypto or want to buy crypto and want to earn interest on their Bitcoin.

If you keep your Bitcoin in a regular crypto wallet you're not earning anything on it.

You can put your Bitcoin in accounts that lend Bitcoin and you can earn 5% annual on your Bitcoin, paid out in Bitcoin.

There's pros and cons to this.

A major benefit is 5% annual interest is very good and in a normal bank account you'd get less than 1% annual interest.

The drawback is if Bitcoin drops your interest rate payments become less as well.

If Bitcoin drops 6% your current Bitcoin value + interest payments will be less than your original Bitcoin value. 

So there is risk here.

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What Do You Get With Bitcoin Boost?

Bitcoin Boost is basically a way to get you involved in the The Palm Beach Letter.

That's Teeka's most popular product and the beginning of his funnel to get you to buy his products that cost thousands.

Here's a look at everything get with Bitcoin Boost:

12 Months Of The Palm Beach Letter

Like I said The Palm Beach Letter is the most popular product at Palm Beach Group.

This is a newsletter you get once a month that mainly gives out crypto advice.

You do get some other advice on stocks, precious metals and forex.

You also get access to all the previous reports from The Palm Beach Letter.

Members Only Portfolio Access 24.7

You can track all of Teeka's picks. This way you can see when he's been successful and when he hasn't. 

Discounter Renewal Price

Palm Beach Letter retails at $199. So by paying $49 you're getting a 75% discount.

When you renew in a year you won't be charged $199 either and instead will be charged $129.

Bonus Report 1

The first bonus teaches you how to get interest on your Bitcoin or how Teeka explains it, "how to earn up to $72, 637 more per Bitcoin."

Bonus Report 2

The second bonus Teeka claims is "the investment of the decade" and is 3 stock picks that have to do with blockchain.

These picks includes stocks that cover blockchain financial products, blockchain hardware and blockchain payment processor. 

Bonus Report 3

Teeka claims the third report will give you a chance to turn $1,000 into $1.5 million.

These are suggestions about different cryptos that have a chance to get massive returns.

Crypto Master Course

The last bonus you get is a crypto course.

This is a course for beginners and will teach you how to get started, how to buy your first Bitcoin, how to store your crypto and more. 

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Beware The Marketing And Upsells

I've reviewed a lot of the investing newsletters in the last year.

A lot of them are the same and use the same exact marketing tricks.

This really isn't a good thing.

There's a lot of hype in Bitcoin Boom. 

There's 3 must own stocks that can make you a ton, how to invest $1000 and get a million back and things like this.

Don't buy into the hype. If it was this easy become a millionaire everyone would do it.

Also, beware the expensive upsells.

These aren't the only products at Palm Beach Research Group.

They have products that cost thousands and they're going to try and sell them to you.

Who Is Bitcoin Boost For?

Bitcoin Boost isn't really just Bitcoin Boost. That's a small bonus and the real thing you're signing up for is The Palm Beach Letter.

So Bitcoin Boost is really only for people that The Palm Beach Letter is for.

The Palm Beach Letter is for anyone that wants to invest in crypto.

There's some information on investing in stocks, metals and more but its main focus is crypto.

So if you have interest in crypto this newsletter can work for you.

But again don't fall for the crazy marketing.

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Is Bitcoin Boost Worth Its Price?

Yes and no.

Bitcoin Boost alone is not worth $49. 

Figuring out how to get interest on your Bitcoin is something you can easily find online for free.

But you get more than that.

You get The Palm Beach Letter and some other nice little bonuses.

All of this is probably worth $49. 

Just keep in mind that The Palm Beach Letter is annual payment and will cost $129 every year. 

Is Bitcoin Boost A Scam?

No I don't think it's a scam.

It definitely is over marketed and there's a ton of hype on the sales page.

I don't like that stuff.

But it comes with enough that its worth its price tag.

Additionally, there's an excellent refund policy as well - you get 60 days to get your money back.

This is a no questions asked refund policy too.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd probably pass on Bitcoin Boost unless you want the monthly newsletter at a discount.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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