The War Room is a trading service from Bryan Bottarelli.

It's pretty expensive to join..

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this opportunity including what you get, cost and whether or not it's worth it.

You'll know if The War Room is for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

The War Room Summary

Creator: Bryan Bottarelli

Price to join: $2500 per year

Do I recommend? No

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

I believe Bryan Borttarelli's war room is a decent service and you can find some winning trades here.

However, the price is too high for what you're getting.

There's plenty of alternatives that are much more affordable and offer better picks.

Additionally, I've read many complains about customer service at The War Room and how people find it nearly impossible to contact the company. 

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Who Is Bryan Bottarelli?

Braun Bottarelli is an investor that has been trading for a while now.

Apparently he got his start in Chicago as a floor trader.

Since then he's developed different trading strategies and is most known for trading options.

To be honest there's not a ton of information out there about him.

Some people seem to like his trading strategies while others don't.

The biggest concern online about Bryan is his lack of customer service.

Many people bought one of his subscription services and would get auto-charged a year later.

When people went to get their money back they found it impossible to get in touch with anyone.

Here's a review I found addressing this issue:

This is definitely something to keep in mind.

The War Room is very expensive and you definitely want good customer service for that price. 

What Trading Styles Are Taught?

Bryan Bottarelli is known for trading options and that's what you'll learn how to do here.

Additionally, you'll be learning how to day trade since you're getting new stock picks every day.

Options trading is when you buy a contract predicting a stock's future price.

For example, you might think Facebook is going to be at a certain price in two months.

You buy a contract with the price you predict and if in 2 months the stock is more than your prediction you get to buy it at what you predicted.

If it's less your contract becomes worthless.

You can also sell your contracts before they expire.

Since you're getting picks daily you'll be learning how to do this in a day trading setting.

I'm personally not a fan of day trading.

Day trading success rate is 20% and you need $25,000 in your account to make more than 3 trades a week.

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What Do You get With The War Room?

You get a few different services with The War Room.

Here's a breakdown what you get:

12 Months Of Trade Research And Recommendations

I'll give Bryan credit.. you do get a lot of trading recommendations in this program.

You get about 1 to 3 a day.

This isn't a pick and hold strategy.. you'll be urged to make a trade a day with The War Room.

The War Room Alert System 

If you're not in the The War Room physically you'll still get trade alerts for various trade ideas.

Special Report No. 1: "Getting Started As A War Room Trader"

The first report you get teaches you how the War Room Works and how to trade and sell using Bryan's recommendations. 

Special Report No. 2: "Developing The Winning Mindset Of A Pro Trader"

The second report will teach you to trade like a pro and how to target winning stock ideas.

Video Guide No. 1: How To Use The Pro Trader Tool

In this guide Bryan wills how you his favorite strategies and how to use them to make profits.

Video Guide No. 2: The Earnings Strangle

The second video guide goes over how to make very profitable trades in the earning season.

Video Guide No. 3: Fade The Public

Here you'll learn how to pick stocks that the general public is missing.

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Who Is The War Room For?

The War Room is for a specific kind of person.

The people that will benefit from this program are people that want to treat trading like a full time job.

You're getting several picks a day and many need to be acted on right away.

The picks you're getting aren't ones you hold for a couple years.

They're ones you buy with the intention of selling in a couple days or weeks.

Because of this you need to have a decent amount for trading.

If you want to make more than 3 trades a week you need a minimum of $25,000 in your trading account. 

So if you have less than that you're basically just wasting your time with The War Room.

Who ISN'T The War Room For?

There's a couple different people that shouldn't invest in The War Room.

The first group is people that aren't serious about trading.

This service sends you picks every single day and if you're not going to act on them it'll be worthless to buy this service.

Especially when you consider how expensive it is.

Next, are people that don't have $25,000 to trade.

If you don't have the funds to day trade getting 1 to 3 picks a day will be worthless.

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Is The War Room Worth Its Price?

For most people I'd say it's not worth its price.

$2500 dollars to get stock picks is really, really high.. plus the membership auto-renews every year.

So if you forget to cancel it you're going to get charged again.

There's many alternative stock picking services that are just as good and much more affordable.

Like I said before maybe if you're going to attempt a career in day trading this can be worth it.

You'll at least have picks to choose from.

For everyone else I'd say this is too expensive.

What I Like About The War Room

The main thing I like about this The War Room is it does seem to be a pretty serious service.

A lot of newsletters and stock picking services give you weekly or monthly picks.

Not The War Room.

You will have many picks a day to choose from.

If day trading is your thing and you want to learn more about options this can work for you.

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What I Don't Like About The War Room

There's more to not like than to like in my opinion.

First off, this is for day traders and I wouldn't recommend day trading for most people.

80% of people that try day trading fail and you need a lot of money to get started.

Additionally, you need to treat trading like a full time job if you plan on day trading.

Next, it's just too expensive.

$2500 is a lot of money to pay to learn about trading stocks and you may not make that in the year trading.

Also, there's no refund policy which is sketchy.

Lastly, there's a lot of complaints about customer service issues. Many people have tried contacting The War Room and haven't gotten a response.

When you pay so much for a program you want the best customer service imaginable. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

At the end of the day I think you should skip over The War Room.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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