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Builderall Summary

Product: Builderall

Price to join: $50 every year

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Builderall is a platform where online entrepreneurs can build their businesses from scratch or grow their online stores. The project, which was developed by Erick Salgado, started as eBusiness4us in 2008. It offers various tools which allow entrepreneurs to easily create a website or a sales funnel using the Canvas Funnel Builder.

It also offers tools such as directory builder, a professional checkout system, eLearning platform, and more. It has an affiliate program in which ordinary people can sign up, promote Builderall products, and profit when they successfully sell these products.

But is Builderall a good opportunity to make money or is it just another scam?

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What is Builderall?

Builderall is a platform where online entrepreneurs can build their businesses from scratch or grow their online stores. The project, which was developed by Erick Salgado, started as eBusiness4us in 2008. It offers various tools which allow entrepreneurs to easily create a website or a sales funnel using the Canvas Funnel Builder. It also offers tools such as directory builder, a professional checkout system, eLearning platform, and more. The project, which was developed by Erick Salgado, started as eBusiness4us in 2008.

Salgado is a Brazilian entrepreneur. According to the Builderall website, Salgado is known as one leading minds in the eCommerce and digital marketing business.

eBusiness4us evolved into Builderall in 2011 after Salgado noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs found little success through the internet. Spammers, competitors, and the money entrepreneurs needed to finance their businesses stood in the way of success.
Builderall was created to provide entrepreneurs a single and simple platform where they can start and grow their businesses. It offers two plans: the Essential and Premium plans. You can check them out here.

Apart from the tools, Builderall also gives people a chance to earn with them as affiliates. Affiliates can sell Builderall Essential and Premium plans to earn some commissions and bonuses.

According to the Builderall website, the company now has over 40,000 users and has more than 500,000 websites. It has collected over 50 million leads.

It is located in Orlando, Florida. The majority of people that comprises Builderall's team are made up of Brazilians.

Is Builderall a Pyramid Scheme?

Builderall has an affiliate program. In this program, affiliates will have the chance to earn some extra cash by selling the platform's two plans. The affiliates are also allowed to build their team (downline), as well as earn commissions from the sales their team members generate.

But what makes a particular opportunity a pyramid scheme?

First, a company that is truly a pyramid scheme doesn't have products to offer consumers. If it does have products to offer, the quality is usually subpar ⁠— something that makes them unattractive to consumers.

Members of pyramid schemes are also required to recruit others so they can profit from the membership fees. When you become a member, you are required to purchase the inventory to keep the company going, too.

Sometimes, the line between pyramid schemes and legitimate affiliate program is blurred thanks to some unscrupulous activities by some business owners ⁠— but not in this case. Builderall offers two subscription plans to help online entrepreneurs build their businesses. Plus, it has explicitly stated in its affiliate program terms that they will earn commissions and bonuses by selling Builderall products, and not just by recruiting others into the program.

Success is Rare at This Kind of Opportunity

Despite not being a pyramid scheme, success is still rare at Builderall. Why? Because it has so many competitors right now. There's WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Constant Contact, and more. In a world that is dominated by more popular eCommerce and digital platforms, how do you make your products stand out?

It also uses a network marketing (MLM) business model. While many people have achieved success in the world of network marketing, the income of the majority of people are affiliated with MLM is middling at best. Most are still stuck with their day jobs and are using MLM/affiliate programs only as a source of side income.

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How Much to Join Builderall?

Builderall's annual fee for affiliates is $50.

You don't need to purchase a plan to become an affiliate. Keep in mind that you will not earn commissions or bonuses simply by referring and enrolling new affiliates. Affiliates will only earn those commissions when they sell a Builderall platform plan to a customer.

What is Builderall's Compensation Plan?

Builderall's neat and beautiful compensation plan page is a refreshing change from all those PDF files we've read. As mentioned, you will not earn commissions when you refer others. You can only make extra cash when you make a sale.

As an affiliate, you can refer prospective affiliates to the company, and earn commissions when your team members up to three levels deep make a sale.

Each sale you or your team member makes earn points. Get 3 points for every dollar when you purchase an Essential or Premium Builderall platform plan. Earn 1 point for every dollar generated from a direct sale you make. Reach and maintain 180 points to receive commissions on unilevel and recurring sales.

Let's take a look at the Affiliate Qualification Levels, and how many points you need to accumulate so you can climb the ranks.

The first level is Affiliate F0 which starts at 0 points. Once you reach at least 180 points, you are promoted to the Affiliate F1 rank.

Reach and maintain 347 points to become an F2 Affiliate. F3 Affiliates need 485 points to reach the rank.

Remember: each dollar you bring in from your personal purchase is equal to 3 points, while every dollar from personal sales is equal only to a single point.

Builderall Premium and Essential Plans Commissions and Bonuses

Keep in mind that there are some slight differences in the commissions and bonuses you are going to receive if you are a Builderall affiliate. This will depend on whether you have bought or sold a Premium or a cheaper Essential plan.

Personal Sales

Earn 100% sales commissions on the buyer's first payment when you sell any Builderall plan. If you are a new affiliate, you can withdraw the amount after 35 days. But if you are already a qualified affiliate, you can cash out your commissions after 5 days.

Personal Sales Recurring Commissions

Affiliates F1 and above are the only ones qualified to receive this type of commission. Earn a recurring commission each time your customer pays their monthly fees. Need cash soon? Don't worry because you can withdraw the money five days after your customer has made the payment.

Affiliates who have Premium plan customers will receive $20, while Essential plan customers will receive $8.

Personal Sales Retention Bonus

Earn recurring bonuses for every 3rd customer payment (recurring) of the plan's monthly subscription fee. Earn $15 from Premium plan subscribers, and $6 from Essential plan subscribers.

Unilevel Bonus

Earn a unilevel bonus when your team members' customers pay their monthly fees. You can earn $5 or as much as $8 bonus (for Premium plan subscribers only). If you have Essential plan subscribers, then you can earn anywhere between $2 and $3. This amount can be withdrawn five days after the customer pays the monthly fee.

Unlimited Car Bonus

Get anywhere between $50 and beyond for every 690 points you earn.

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What Products/Services Does Builderall Offer?

Take a look at two of the plans Builderall offers.

The first is the Essential Builderall plan which is ideal for digital marketers who are starting and growing their business. This plan includes a simple and customizable drag-and-drop website builder and email marketing with 10,000 leads.

It also has a checkout application, an affiliate system, and a multi-tier affiliate system that you can build on your own. It allows you to transfer funnels and websites, as well as link up to 15 domains.

You'll have unlimited bandwidth and site visitors, third-party integrations, and site protection with SSL. It also includes a ticketing support system and automatic daily backups. Pages will load quickly and comes with DDOS attack prevention.

The Essential Builderall plan costs $29.99 per month.

Next is the Premium Builderall plan. Builderall touts this as the "complete solution" for online entrepreneurs. If you're one of those entrepreneurs or you're planning to promote this product, then keep in mind that this particular plan costs $69.90 each month.

So, what tools come with this hefty price tag?

You or your prospective customers can enjoy all the benefits of the Essential plan. But apart from these, you or your customer also get the Canvas funnel builder which is exclusive to the platform, as well as email marketing workflow.

Other features include webinar and streaming platform, evergreen webinar with ghost audience, eCommerce Magento installation, and professional magazine builder.

It also has an iOS/Android app builder, CRM, directory builder, and Facebook Messenger chatbot. It includes video tags tool, auto tag funnels, site bot builder, eLearning platform, and SMS & WhatsApp messaging.

What I Like Builderall

Plans are great for newbies and experienced digital marketers alike

There are two Builderall plans available. The Builderall Essential plan, which retails at nearly $30, is ideal for entrepreneurs who are just starting or bloggers who just want the basics.
The platform is also great for digital marketers and entrepreneurs who are looking for a new platform to revitalize their online stores. If you're an affiliate, it will be easy for you to offer Builderall's Premium plan to entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

Everything you need in a single platform

Everything a digital marketer, blogger, or an entrepreneur need to power up and make their website profitable can be found in Builderall.

The drag-and-drop site builder and professional email marketing tool with leads are perfect for newbies who are starting from scratch. Its checkout application, eCommerce Magento installation, and other tools are geared specifically for entrepreneurs.

Other tools and features, such as SSL, DDOS attack prevention, and unlimited bandwidth are also essential for newbies, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Simple plans for subscribers

Builderall offers two simple plans for subscribers, and you can choose to purchase whichever suits your needs and budget right. If you're an affiliate, you can easily promote the platform as there are only two "products."

What I Don't Like About Builderall

You're stuck with only two plans

Builderall offers only two plans, so there's not a lot of choice for you if you are looking to buy or promote them. But the good news is the plans are pretty clear-cut and easy to understand. Plus, if you're (or your customer is) on a tight budget or you only need a few features/tools to get your store/website started, then you can choose the Essential plan.

But if you think you or your customers need a funnel builder, messaging platforms, browser notifications, floating video builder, and other tools that make a website a stand-out, then go ahead and purchase (or sell) the Premium plan.

The annual fee for affiliates

You must pay $50 to become a Builderall affiliate. But keep in mind that you need to pay another $50 for every year you are active as an affiliate. While $50 seem like a small amount for some people, it can be a waste of money if you're unable to earn commissions and bonuses from Builderall. Make sure that you will earn more as an affiliate, so you can recoup your $50 investment.

Is Builderall A Scam?

The big question is, "Is Builderall a Scam?"

The answer is no.

Builderall is a completely legit platform that can compete with WordPress, Wix, and other such websites. It only has two "products" or plans you can subscribe to, so it should be an easy choice whether you are a blogger looking to monetize your blog or an entrepreneur looking for a platform to host your store.

For less than $70, you can have a website that you can easily build just by dragging and dropping all the necessary elements. You'll have leads for your email marketing campaign, as well as a ready-made checkout application for your eCommerce store. These are just some of the tools Builderall offers, and you can find more of them here.

You can also become an affiliate, and promote the Builderall platform and plans to earn some commissions and bonuses. The platform's compensation plan for its affiliates is easy to understand and legit.

But keep in mind that the monthly fees can be expensive for some people, and there are many cost-effective platforms out there. It might be difficult to sell these plans to prospective customers.

Is Builderall worth it? Maybe, if you already have a main source of income and you want to be an affiliate so you can earn some extra cash on the side.

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