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This is the Bye 9 To 5 review you've been waiting for.

The name might seem quirky but isn't this something anyone dreams about? But what is Bye 9 To 5 really about?

What does it offer, how much does it cost, and who created it?

Most importantly, is this a legit online course or is it another clever scam?

Learn more about it below.

Bye 9 To 5 Summary

Product: Bye 9 To 5

Price to join: $65

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? Not really

Photo by Brooke Lark from Unsplash

Summary: Bye 9 to 5 is an online course created for entrepreneurs who want to set up their own Shopify stores. I

t was created by eCommerce expert and internet marketer, Jordan Mackey. It teaches members how to choose the right product niche, how to set up your Shopify account, finding the right supplier, social media marketing, and more.

It costs $65 and contains 11 modules.

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What is The Bye 9 To 5 Shopify Course?

Ah, the dreaded 9 to 5 where everyone is miserable and the ultimate goal is to get out of it. You're probably one of the people who have the same goal, and you're looking for a way out.

It happens that the way out of the drudgery is at your fingertips. You've heard that some people have made money by selling merch on Amazon or Etsy or eBay. Shopify, however, is something that you want to get into because of its popularity.

While you're not exactly about how to start, you still have a lot to learn. You've checked the internet for Shopify courses, and you finally found one that you like.

Enter Bye 9 To 5 course. This course is available online and was developed to provide training for would-be entrepreneurs who want to set up their Shopify stores.

It is hosted by Teachable. Because it is available online, you can watch the videos and listen to the audio on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

It is divided into 11 modules and contains videos that run from anywhere between 2 minutes to 18 minutes.

Check out the succeeding sections for additional information.

What's Inside The Bye 9 To 5 Shopify Course?

Take a look at the course curriculum below to find out if this is the right course for you.


This contains the introductory video and a discussion of the fundamentals of dropshipping.

Both of these introductory videos lasts less than 3 minutes.

Module 1: Creating Your Shopify Account

This includes a Quick Note video. It also contains a video on how to create a Shopify account, choosing the right plan, and navigating Shopify.

The Quick Note segment only lasts 40 seconds, while the longest video lasts nearly four minutes.

Module 2: Setting Up Your Shopify Store

In this section, you'll learn how to set up your Shopify store and look for a theme that's right for you. You'll also learn how to set up Oberlo.

Module 3: Choosing a Niche

This section contains topics such as choosing the right niche and case studies. You will also learn how to check your rivals' eCom websites to look for niche ideas.

Module 4: Adding Important Elements To Your Store

Here you will learn how to create a custom domain, your very own store logo, and your site's privacy policy. Other things that will be discussed include creating your site's menu, terms of use, checkout page, and cart page.

The videos in this module are a bit longer than those in the preceding modules. The last section, in particular, lasts nearly 13 minutes.

Module 5: Products

The fifth module is the longest in the curriculum. Some of the things you're going to learn in this section include checking other sites for product and pricing ideas, as well as finding the best products on Aliexpress using Oberlo.

You'll learn how to price your products, how to write product descriptions, and how to create product collection. You'll also learn how to manage inventory and product collections.

Other topics that will be covered included setting shipping prices, and editing prices by location or products. Jordan will also share the apps and plugins he uses to grow sales.

Module 6: Facebook Ads

This module, of course, is all about Facebook ads. Here you'll learn how to create a Facebook account for your business and how to set up your Facebook store page.

You'll also learn about Facebook Pixel, how to target a specific audience, and launching your first Facebook ad. Other topics that will be covered include conversion campaigns and data analysis.

Module 7: Product Testing

In this section, you'll learn how to test different products on Facebook, and see which ones to scale. You'll also learn about the prices and the right ads for different products.

Module 8: Managing Customers and Sale Orders

This module tackles topics such as how to fulfill an order, how to answer customer queries and feedback, and how to deal with refunds and returns.

Module 9: Social Media

Master the art of social media marketing in this section. Here you'll learn everything you needed to know about marketing on the top social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

You'll also learn how to use bots and influencers to increase followers and boost sales.

Module 10: Secret Tips to Increase Sales

The topics that will be covered here include psychological tips to boost your store's sales, private labeling, upselling, and free plus shipping strategies.

Module 11: Taxes and Legal Information

Learn how to set up your business' tax information in this module.

Who Created The Bye 9 To 5 Shopify Course?

Jordan Mackey is the man behind Bye 9 to 5 Shopify Course. According to his bio, he used to work as a business analyst before he transitioned to eCommerce. After creating a successful Shopify business, he decided to share his methods and created a Shopify dropshipping course.

Like other internet marketers, he also has a YouTube channel. He also teaches courses on how to make money on YouTube.

How Much Does Bye 9 To 5 Shopify Course Cost?

You have to fork out only $65 for Jordan Mackey's Bye 9 To 5 Shopify course. He can accept major credit cards, Stripe, and Payoneer. Sorry, he can't accept PayPal.

You'll get instant access to the course and more the moment you pay the fee. You can also request a refund if you have accessed less than 25% of the entire course 7 days from the date of purchase.

What I Like About Bye 9 To 5 Shopify Course

The course contains almost everything you need to build a Shopify store

Almost everything you need to know about setting up a Shopify course is right here. You'll learn about finding the right niche, sourcing your products using the right tools, and launching your products.

You will also learn about Facebook ads, product testing, order fulfillment, and more.

But no course is perfect. There are topics are not covered in-depth, such as product sourcing and social media marketing.

It is affordable

It only costs $65 at the time of writing, so it is one of the most affordable ones right now.

What I Don't Like About Bye 9 To 5 Shopify Course

This is a very basic dropshipping course

If you're looking for a more in-depth course that covers all bases, then Bye 9 To 5 Shopify course is not the right one for you. This course is very basic, and perhaps that's why it is affordable.

Its refund policy

You need to have accessed less than 25% of the course to be eligible for a refund in case you're unhappy with it. Let's say you opened one of the videos on Module 2 and decided to skip to a video on Modules 7 and 8. You lost track of time, and you're unsure if you have accessed less than 25% of the videos. Be careful, as this can forfeit your refund.

Is Bye 9 To 5 Shopify Course a Scam?

No, Bye 9 To 5 Shopify course is not a scam. This is a standard online course created for entrepreneurs who want to set up their own Shopify stores.

Almost everything you need is right here. From setting up your Shopify account to choosing the right niche to find the best manufacturers from abroad. You'll also learn about social media marketing, private labeling, and paying your dues to the IRS.

But will you be able to say "bye 9 to 5" after you've taken the course? The answer depends on your chosen niche, market conditions, and your own personality.

There's no harm in buying this online course. It only costs $65 after all. But be realistic with expectations, especially in this hyper-competitive world of eCommerce.

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