City Traders Imperium believes they're the best forex prop firm..

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This review will answer that.

You'll see everything you need to know about this program including background info, red flags and insights you won't find anywhere else.

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City Traders Imperium Summary

Creator: Martin Najat and Daniel Martin

Price to join: Depends on product

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

City Traders Imperium is a prop trading firm offering challenges to become a funded trader and training to help you get funded.

There's not a lot of transparency here.

You don't know the success rate, how good the owners are at trading and how long the typical funded trader lasts.

If you look at day trading numbers I'm guessing the success rate here is very low.

City Traders Imperium likely makes millions from offering "challenges" for people looking to get funded.

I'd avoid all day trading opportunities like this that don't offer a base salary.

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Only Suckers Try Day Trading

There's an old saying.. if you want to get rich during a gold rush sell the shovels.

Day trading is experiencing a gold rush online and many would be traders are seeking out training to help them strike it rich.

However, many would be day traders don't even investigate the odds of becoming a profitable day trader.

If people knew the truth about day trading the industry would die over night.

Before thinking about purchasing from City Traders Imperium or any other day trading program PLEASE consider the following facts:

Less Than 1% Succeed At Day Trading

If you were to Google day trading success rate most people would say 5% to 10% but it's actually much lower than this.

There's been studies that have followed hundreds of thousands of day traders across the world and every time the result is the same - about 1% can make more than minimum wage day trading.

For example, one day trading study followed 300,000+ Taiwanese day traders for 14 years.

The study shows less than 1% make money from day trading.

There's many way to invest and day trading is by far the worst way.

It's almost a complete scam and anyone telling you they're successful doing it (while selling some sort of trading program) is most likely lying.

Long Hours, Early Mornings

Another thing to consider about day trading is just how stressful it is.

There's a millions side hustles that can make you money.

I've personally made hundreds of thousands online in the past few years starting with very little money.

I typically don't work more than a few hours a day and start working at around 11 AM.

You won't get this luxury if you become a day trader.

In fact your life will get much more chaotic. 

You need to spend hours when the market opens trading - and you need to come up with a trading plan before.

This means waking up when the sun rises to get ready.

On top of this you need to trade when the market is closing too.

Your day will be 6AM to 5PM trading.

The More You Do It The Worst Your Results

A shocking insight from day trading studies is people who trade more tend to lose more.

This might not make sense if you think day trading is a skill that can be learned (like golf or cooking).

But day trading is largely just gambling.

If you went to the casino 50 times compared to 5 times you'd expect to lose more correct?

That's day trading.

Again, I wouldn't advise anyone to try day trading because of this.

I don't care what the program or what you're promised - the odds are just not in your favor.

People who invest long term tend to make money. 

It's also less stressful and takes WAY less time to invest long term.

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Churn And Burn Prop Firm

According to Mergers And Inquisitions there's two kinds of prop trading firms:

  1. Churn and Burn: Offers training to get funded and allows you trade a small amount of capital after passing your tests. No base salary and you keep a high percentage of profits (over 50%).
  2. Legit Prop Trading Firms: Companies that offer a base salary, benefits, a team to work with, recruit from colleges and other well known trading firms, etc.

City Traders Imperium falls into the first category.

Mergers And Inquisitions also says you should stay away from any churn and burn prop firm.

And I have to say I agree.

Listen I know the idea of becoming a "pro" trader is tantalizing.

But this company mostly exists so you pay their one time funding fees or buy one of their educational programs.

I'm guessing even if you do pass the funding test you don't end up lasting too long.

Firms like this exist for those one time payments. 

Warren Buffet Claims Technical Analysis Is BS

Another thing to keep in mind is the educational teaching at City Traders Imperium has a heavy focus on technical analysis.

For example, in their Bank Level Training for forex you will learn "Smart Money Concepts" to trade with.

"Smart Money Concepts" is just technical analysis.

Below is a technical analysis technique they teach called "the slingshot."

Technical analysis is the idea you can guess where the price of an asset will be based on its price movement.

However, there's not many serious people that actually believe this kind of stuff works.

Warren Buffet is the best investor of all time and he thinks technical analysis is BS:

He's not the only one.

Many billionaires and the best in the business are constantly trashing how foolish technical analysis is.

If it were legitimate you'd see billionaires use it.

The truth is you can't guess where an asset is going to be in a day or a few weeks.

And if you do it's all luck.

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What Is City Traders Imperium Offering?

There's basically two services that City Traders Imperium is offering.

The first is funding programs and the second is forex education.

Here's an overview of both:

Funding Programs

There's four different funding programs and here's a graph from City Traders Imperium outlining them:

Each program has its own challenges and parameters to pass and the prices vary depending on the funding options.

For example day trading cost $286, standard costs $107 to $593, classic costs between $98 to $584 and direct funding costs between $999 to $3,469.


Besides the funding there's also education.

These training programs are meant to help you pass prop challenges and trade more successfully.

The training includes:

  • Bank Level Trading: These are various technical analysis strategies and set up techniques.
  • STT Strategy: This is technical analysis for swing trading.
  • CS Strategy: This is a day trading and swing trading program
  • Trading Psychology: This focuses on the mental aspect of trading and discipline.

Again, I explained my thoughts on day trading and technical analysis earlier.

I don't think these programs are worth it because your success rate is going to be very low and the ideas taught won't help you make money in my opinion.

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City Traders Imperium FAQ's

Still have questions about this company?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have about City Traders Imperium.

1) Is The Price Fair?

The prices are pretty fair compared to other prop firms.

You do need to realize this is how City Traders likely makes most of their money.. by charging people to take challenges.

Most of the challenges cost several hundred dollars and it wouldn't be too difficult to make millions from those charges.

Same with the training.

City Traders doesn't put out numbers showing how much their firm makes funding and how much they make through charging for challenges/education programs.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Sort of but it's a bad one.

You pretty much get a 7 day refund window for all challenges and courses.

However, if you're getting money back for the training programs you can't have watched any of the videos.

I don't know how you're supposed to determine you want a refund if you can't watch any of the videos.

3) What Is The Success Rate?

City Traders Imperium doesn't say how many people pass the challenges or how long the average person who does pass the challenges stays with them.

But there's many studies that have looked at the success rate of day traders and forex traders.

The odds of success are going to be really low.

If you're day trading it's going to be about 1%.

I'd be willing to bet less than 1% of people that take the challenges will pass it and still be trading in a year.

4) Are The Owners Legit?

The two owners are Martin Najat and Daniel Martin.

Neither of these two gentleman put out a track record of success or anything like that.

Najat has a Linkedin and it shows he has limited experience trading.

He graduated college in 2016 and only was an investment analyst for 18 months before starting City Traders Imperium.

Hard to believe someone with so little experience could be competent enough to run a program like this one. 

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City Traders Imperium Conclusion

So that's the end of my review of City Traders Imperium.

Hopefully all your questions have been answered and you now have a clear answer if you should give them your money.

In the end I don't think too highly of most of these prop firms.

I think they exist to make money off people taking the challenges and buying their education programs.

I doubt many people will become full time traders after passing their challenges or taking their courses.

Forex has an extremely low success rate and if you're going to try and day trade forex the success rate drops below 1%.

I just can't recommend anyone get involved in something with such a low success rate.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on City Traders Imperium and day trading in general.

The truth is long term investing will always be the best way to make money.

The good news is there's plenty of places that will give you high quality stock picks.

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