Clients On Demand is a coaching program from Russ Ruffino.

He claims he can help you scale your business fast.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Clients On Demand is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Clients On Demand Summary

Creator: Russ Ruffino

Price to join: $10,000+

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Clients On Demand is a very expensive course that teaches you how to start a coaching business.

Most of the success stories are people that just end up promoting Clients On Demand.

There's upsells that cost tens of thousands after you buy too.

I'd avoid this program. It's just too expensive and I would never suggest paying this much for a coaching program.

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Who Is Russ Ruffino?

Russ Ruffino is the creator of Clients On Demand.

Apparently he started as an affiliate marketer and made the change to coaching after not seeing enough results from his customers.

He claims he's made over $65 million in high ticket sales.

I don't think this means he's earned $65 million.. I'm sure it cost a lot of money to reach this figure.

Besides Clients On Demand Russ also has a Youtube channel that he posts to a couple of times a week.

Most of the videos are interviews and more motivational.

Russ Ruffino Net Worth

Russ is definitely a millionaire.

Clients On Demand goes for over $10,000 and he has hundreds of students.

Additionally, there's higher upsells that cost $30,000+.

In 2017 he apparently was making $500,000 per month with his coaching business.

I've read in other places that he's up to a million a month now.

I've seen estimates that he's worth $18 million but it's hard to really know for sure.

Russ is doing well, though, that's for sure.

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What Is Clients On Demand?

Clients On Demand is the coaching program that Russ runs and is the program he claims will help you effortlessly find clients for your business.

Basically this program will teach you how to find high paying clients online and help you close no matter what you're charging.

There's training and coaching involved in this program.

To get a free coaching call you have to watch a hour long presentation where Russ talks about his system.

There's a few points he makes in the presentation and they are:

  1. Operate with total integrity and always do what is best for your clients
  2. Command premium pricing
  3. How to use webinars for marketing
  4. How to leverage group coaching
  5. Invest in a mentor

After that you'll be prompted to make a call and to talk to someone from Client On Demand's team.

Then you'll be pitched on joining the program

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Is Clients On Demand Worth Its Cost?

Clients On Demand comes with a hefty price tag.. $10,000.

After that there's upsells that cost as high as $30,000+.

That's a lot of money to learn how to get online clients and coaching advice.

I think a lot of people end up promoting Clients On Demand once they buy the program.

So basically they become a coach for Russ and get a percentage of each sale they bring.

You can learn to be a coach in a different niche but I don't think you're going to get the best results.

Clients On Demand Reviews

The best review I found for Clients On Demand can be found on Reddit

One person claimed to be a part of the program and he made it seem like a pretty crappy place to invest in.

Basically he paid the $10,000 to join the program and then spent another $5000 on paid ads trying to attract clients.

He said he got a lot of leads but no one was willing to pay the price to purchase Clients On Demand.. which is completely understandable. 

Clients On Demand promises coaching and on going support but when this person tried reaching out for help he never heard anything back.

Eventually he was blocked from the training program and never given his money back.

Russ and his program failed to deliver on their promises and they basically punished this person for this.

This just doesn't sound like a trustworthy program to join.

Who Is Clients On Demand For?

There's two people that should consider this program (and only if you can comfortably afford it).

The first is someone that genuinely wants to get into the online coaching space.

I personally think being an online coach is one of the cringiest things you can do but some people do well with it.

A lucky few can even make millions doing it.

So if you have a burning passion this can work for you.

The second group is people who already are coaches and just want a high ticket offer to promote.

You'll make thousands on every person you bring into this program.

Who Is Clients On Demand Not For?

There's more people that shouldn't buy this program than should.

The first group is people that aren't going to treat this like a full time job and give it all you got.

Client acquisition can be lucrative but it's not easy.. especially when you're promoting a program that costs $10,000+.

This is going to require intricate sales funnels, actually talking to clients and more.

You have to be a type "a" personality to succeed here.

The next group of people that shouldn't buy this course are people that just want to make money online.

There's so many ways to make money online that are less expensive and much easier.

You should try alternative methods before sinking so much into this program.

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Is Clients On Demand A Scam?

Scam might be too strong of a word.. so I wouldn't call it one.

However, it is overpriced and after reading some customer experiences it doesn't seem worth the cost.

Russ is a good marketer and his pitch is persuasive.. plus he's made a lot of money selling high ticket products.

However, there's just so much training on making money online out there and there's much easier ways than online coaching.

I just can't recommend a program that costs so much and teaches such a difficult way to make money.

There's just too many alternatives out there.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Clients On Demand.. it's just too expensive.

There's many ways to make money online and most methods are much more affordable (and simpler).

I've reviewed hundreds of these programs.

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