CNBC just rolled out a subscription service for their readers.. they're calling it CNBC Pro.

They give you stock picks, analysis, videos and more.

Does this service deliver or is it a scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

Below you'll get an inside look into what you actually get and whether I think it'll help you make money.

Let's get started!

CNBC Pro Summary

Creator: CNBC

Price to join: $299 per year or $29 per month

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

CNBC is stock entertainment and is closer to the WWE than some sort of serious financial network.

They've been wrong so many times in the past and have scammers on their network regularly - and hire world class buffoons like Jim Cramer.

The Pro service is nothing special (although I like the stock screener).

This product is mostly short articles that cover different sectors and stocks.

Additionally, it dissects what analysts and pro investors are saying.

You can find these insights in other places for completely free, though.

There's no model portfolio to copy or anything like that either.

Plenty of alternative services will give you market news, stock picks and a model portfolio to copy all for the same price.

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You Won't Get The Truth From Corporate News

Before we get into what CNBC Pro is offering let's talk about just what CNBC is.

CNBC is owned by Comcast and reports on financial and business news.

At its core it's deeply corporate.

I don't know if you've been sleeping under a rock these last 6 or so years but there's something seriously wrong with the corporate media in our country.

More and more people are realizing the media complex in America isn't there to inform or report the truth.

It's simply narrative control.

Poll after poll show Americans simply no longer trust the news:

In Gallup's latest polling on American trust in the news more people have no trust in the media than trust the media:

The lies of the corporate press are too many to number in my lifetime.

The financial news networks are no different.

They're not there to inform you and help you make wise investing decisions.

CNBC and others like it are there to entertain and control narratives.

There's no need to pay to get CNBC's advice on the markets.

There might be some good insights and some good articles here and there.

But I, like most Americans, simply don't trust them.

They'll happily go along with a big con if the higher ups tell them to.

CNBC Employs Clown Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer is the most popular person over at CNBC.

And that's all you really need to know about CNBC and whether they're trustworthy or not.

I mean look at the guy..

There's a running joke on Twitter to just do that opposite of what Cramer recommends and you'll make money.

Jim clearly gets people to tune in because he's buffoonish and people find him entertaining.. but no legitimate financial network would employ this person.

For example, here's Jim Cramer screaming to keep your money in Bear Stearns 6 days before its collapse:

This should have be enough to have Cramer thrown out of the industry for good.

But the truth is Jim was doing what the higher ups at Comcast wanted him to do.

Look at who owns the most Comcast stock:

  • Vanguard
  • Blackrock
  • JP Morgan (who ended up buying Bear Stearns)

And other investing banks and capital management firms.

This is why Cramer was rewarded instead of being punished for what he did during the collapse of Bear Stearns.

I simply can't recommend a service that has so many Wall Street banks invested in it.

You'll never get the truth from people like this.

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Here's What You Get

CNBC Pro is premium articles that are broken into various categories:

Here's a breakdown of each section.

Analyst Stock Picks

The Analyst Stock Picks sections looks at what top banks and analysts are saying about the market and individual stocks.

For example, in an article today there was a roundup of stocks that analysts were commenting on from Foot Locker to Hasbro to Snapchat:

Each section has a link to an article that explores the analyst's decision more in depth.

For example, here's the article detailing Funko:

In this article you'll read what the analyst has to say about the company and why they're making the call they're making.

Additionally, you get an "Analyst Consensus" graphic showing the sentiments of what other top analysts are predicting:

Investing Trends

Investing Trends looks at different sectors and gives you ideas on how to benefit from them.

For example, you might get an article that covers the lithium market or nuclear market.

This article looks at a film from Oliver Stone that covers nuclear and then the article gives you some stocks that have to do with nuclear:

Pro Stock Picks

The next section looks at what different well known stock pickers and fund managers are saying about stocks and trends.

For example, today was a very Cathie Wood heavy day:

Pro Analysis

This section is very similar to the analyst stock picks section.

This looks at what well known investors and investment banks are saying about the market, stocks and sectors:

Pro Talks

The Pro Talks section is interviews with different fund managers, traders and stock pickers.

It seems you get a new video every once in a while:

Along with an archive of talks there's also a livestream with talks.

Archive Of Jim Cramer Shows

Along with your membership you get access to full episodes of Mad Money and Fast Money.

I already explained my feelings about Jim earlier.

I don't think you should take anything he says as honest analysis and simply regard him as an entertainer.

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Still have some questions about CNBC Pro?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does CNBC Pro Cost?

There's two costs.

You either pay yearly and get the service for $299 or you pay monthly and it costs $32 per month after taxes.

If this came with a model portfolio it would be more reasonable.

But it borders on being a little too pricey.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

There's no refunds.

If you get the yearly subscription you get to try the service for 7 days before you're billed.

If you don't like it you can cancel before getting billed.

There's no refunds for the monthly subscription.

3) What Is This Service Missing?

I think it's just too broad.

There's a million blogs, websites and TV channels that cover all the topics you'd find in CNBC Pro.

It's mainly just covering stock news and analyst picks.

There's no specific model portfolio to track or copy.

I just don't think you really need to be paying for these insights.

4) Do You Recommend CNBC Pro?

Not really.

I just don't think you're getting enough for your subscription.

Maybe if they cut the cost by 70% I could recommend it.

There's some interesting articles and the stock screener is pretty cool.

But all that stuff can be found elsewhere for much less.

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CNBC Pro Pros And Cons

  • Some interesting articles: There were some articles I found interesting and liked reading.
  • Corporate news: Do you really trust news that comes from a corporation? 
  • Expensive: $299 for a year is a little too much in my opinion. That needs to be cut by 50% or more.
  • Buffoons at CNBC: There's a lot of people I would classify as scam artists that appear on CNBC.


So that's the end of my review of CNBC Pro.

At the end it just comes down to whether you trust CNBC and Comcast at this point.

I mean most of the articles are fine and you're not being tricked.

But I simply don't trust ANY corporate news anymore (like most Americans).

I just feel like you're going to get conned at some point by CNBC.. like being told to keep your money in Bear Stearns right before it completely collapses.

That goes beyond just being wrong - that seems intentional to me.

Add in the fact the service is pricey and I just don't think you should bother.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on CNBC Pro.

The good news is there's much better alternatives out there.

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Additionally, they give you a portfolio to copy and stock picks based on risk management.

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