Drop Ship Lifestyle is a well known dropshipping course from Anton Kraly.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Drop Ship Lifestyle including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if this course is right for you.

Let's get into it!

Drop Ship Lifestyle v8.0 Summary

Creator: Anton Kraly

Price to join: $2997 to $8997

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

When you just look at the training of Drop Ship Lifestyle the course is not bad.

The training is well made and you'll find a lot of good information, as well as a lot of traffic training.

However, the price is just too much for me to recommend. 

There's many courses as good or better for a fraction of the price.

Better opportunity: My favorite dropshipping course is Ecom Elites. It has extremely high quality training and only costs between $197 to $297. To learn more, click below:

The Truth About Dropshipping

There's many ways to make money online and one of the most popular is ecommerce/dropshipping.

Is this business model still relevant today and will it still be relevant in the coming years, though?


Ecommerce is only going to grow and grow.

In 2020 ecommerce sales are expected to be over 4 TRILLION and expected to grow to 6 TRILLION in just a few years:

The great thing about dropshipping and ecommerce is how little it costs to get started.

Creating a brick and mortar store costs on average $100,000.

That means either gambling your life's savings or getting a bank loan. 

Even then you can only get customers based on your geographical location. 

With ecommerce you can get started for less than $100 and you can sell to people worldwide.

If you ever had a dream of starting a business but didn't have a lot of money dropshipping is perfect.

You just need good training and there's a chance you can make millions!

Who Is Anton Kraly?

There's a lot of immature ecommerce gurus in the dropshipping world.

A lot of them are barely out of high school, rent exotic cars and really only sell the lifestyle. Many make more from course sales than they do from actually doing dropshipping.

However, Anton doesn't exactly fall into this category.

He's a seasoned ecommerce veteran and has been making money with this business model since 2013.

He's created online stores that generate millions in revenue every year.

Now his main focus is Drop Ship Lifestyle.

He also has a Youtube channel where he posts pretty frequently to:

I'd definitely recommend following this channel if you want tips on dropshipping.

The information is good and there's no clickbait.

The only thing that's concerning is Anton doesn't seem to be doing much dropshipping anymore. 

This may cause some gaps in his training.

What Do You Get With Drop Ship Lifestyle?

There's three different versions of this program and the more you pay the more yo get.

Here's a breakdown of each option:


The premium is the cheapest option ($2997 is still very, very expensive) and you only get training.


Premium+ you get a little more. You get the training, a done for you store and 3 months of private coaching.

This will cost you $4997.


Ultimate is the most expensive package at $8997 but you get the most. You get training, a done for you store, private coaching for a year, retreat ticket, and the Inbox Funnels Course.

Course Overview

The course is broken up into 4 sections with several modules in each.

Here's a breakdown of each section:

  • Section 1: Drop Ship Blueprint (7 modules)
  • Section 2: Adwords PPC (3 modules)
  • Section 3: Paid social traffic (6 modules)
  • Section 4: Events (various videos)

Overall, there's over 33 hours of training. From a strictly training perspective this course is definitely one of the best. 

Let's take a look at each section now and what you get.

Section 1: Drop Ship Blueprint

Drop Ship Blueprint is the main part of the training and is broken up into 7 modules.

The modules are:

  • Module 1: Niche selection
  • Module 2: Market research
  • Module 3: Create your website
  • Module 4: Get suppliers
  • Module 5: Optimize for conversions
  • Module 6: Get traffic 
  • Module 7: Automate

Here's what you get in each section:

Module 1: Niche Selection

This module is about picking the market you're going to create your store in.

For example, camping would be a niche, car accessories would be a niche, etc.

This module is broke up into 5 videos and you get 1 hour of training.

Module 1 is just an introduction to what niches are and how you pick one.

The second module goes over pricing of products and which products to select.

Anton likes the high ticket model. Instead of trying to make a bunch of $10 sales, he prefers to target sales that will get him $200+ per sale.

The third module goes over target marketing. Basically you want to target niches that people spend money and target groups of people that actually have money to spend.

Module 4 goes over brand loyalty.

Do you really think you'll be able to compete against Xbox or Apple? Of course not.

When people are looking for a gaming console or laptop they already have brands they like or know of.

Any niche with extreme brand loyalty should be avoided.

Module 5 is about brainstorming. Here you ask yourself questions like what products have your bought and things like that.

You want to be in a niche that you have some familiarity in. 

The last module is about tasks to get your ideas flowing. For example, one task is to write down 50 different niche ideas. 

Module 2: Market Research

Market research is basically where you learn if your niche ideas are good ones.

Like every other module, you start of with an introduction video.

After that you learn about Product Listing Ads on Google.

Basically you go into Google and type in products that would be in a niche. If the average price is over $200 then it's a promising niche.

Anton uses "chandeliers" as his example.

Module 3 goes over choosing your niche.

You look at average prices, demographics, brand loyalty, whether or not it's drop ship friendly, how many suppliers there are (needs to be over 20), and whether you can work an upsell into the sale.

If you have a niche and products that match all of this criteria you have a good niche.

In module 4 you learn some information on suppliers. The main point stressed here is that the supplier you choose shouldn't have warehouses or a retail store.

Lastly, you get another action module and covers topics like keyword research and how to analyze competitors.

Module 3: Create Your Website

Module 3 is where you're going to learn how to actually create your store.

This section is pretty lengthy and has 13 videos (almost 4 hours of training).

The platform you're going to be using to build your store is Shopify which is by far the most popular ecommerce platform.

Shopify is very easy to use, affordable and looks great.

In this module you'll learn about the following:

  • Picking a slick theme
  • Choosing your domain name
  • Learning what a collection is and creating them on your store
  • Uploading products
  • Creating product descriptions, uploading pictures, how to price and shipping.
  • How to add the pages you'll need (about us, shipping policy, privacy policy and contact page. 
  • Creating menus and navigation 
  • Tweaking settings to fit your store
  • Customizing your theme
  • How to take advantage of discount codes and how to offer free shipping
  • Which Shopify apps you must have
  • Leveraging Google
  • How to create an email for your domain

Module 4: Suppliers

This module is shorter than the previous ones. You get 3 videos and it comes out to 34 minutes of training. 

This module is all about finding good suppliers. 

According to different criteria you break suppliers into 3 tiers:

  • Bronze tier
  • Silver tier
  • Gold tier

Gold tier is a supplier that is careful with who they work with, have awesome customer service and refer business to different retailers. 

The rest of the training teaches you how to research different suppliers and scripts to use when you reach out to them (phone and email).

Module 5: Optimize For Conversions

Module 5 is all about converting customers that come to your store. 

The conversion rate you're aiming for is 2.5% minimum.

You can get this conversion rate with the following techniques:

  • Stress urgency
  • Excellent copywriting and product pages
  • Displaying reviews
  • Social media 
  • Having an abandoned cart follow up series
  • Bonus offers

The training in this module centers around each of these techniques.

Module 6: Get Traffic

Traffic is the most important part of your business - without it you have nothing. There's separate training on traffic and because of this module 6 is pretty short.

There's only 6 videos that come out to around a hour.

The traffic you'll be learning here is:

  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Banner ads
  • Retargeting ads on Google and Facebook

The training modules revolve around these topics. 

Module 7: Automation

The last module is pretty short and only comes out to a little over 30 minutes of training.

Here you'll learn to automate daily tasks with various tools, apps and virtual assistants.

This includes having someone take calls and livechat and order processing.

Module 7 focuses on these processes. 

Want The Best Ecommerce Course?

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Section 2: Adwords PPC

The second section of the training is based around Google Adwords.

This training is 29 videos long and is over 5 hours. It's not actually taught by Anton and is instead taught by Michael Erickson.

Michael spends over a million a year on Google Ads and is a Google expert.

Here's a look at what you get in this section:

Module 1: Adwords And Sales Funnels

The first module has 11 videos in it and is around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In this module you'll learn about the following:

  • Why you should use Google Adwords
  • How to target on Adwords 
  • How the Google Adwords funnel works and how you get buyers
  • How to show up in Google SERPS using SEO
  • How to create your Adwords account
  • What are the most important analytics and metrics
  • How to track conversions
  • How to remarket to visitors
  • How to make sure you don't get banned

And more.

Module 2: Product Listing Ads

This section is a little longer than that last and goes over creating Google Shopping ads.

These are the ads that physically show products.

For example, these are the Google Shopping ads when you type in "small sofa:"

This module will show you the following:

  • The benefits of these kind of ads
  • How to get your products to show up in Google Ads
  • How to create Google Shopping campaigns
  • How to set your budget and to bid on keywords
  • Common problems with PLA's and solutions to them.

Module 3: Search Text And Display Ads

Search text ads don't show the product and instead show a headline and some information about the product your selling.

Here's an example for "small sofas"

Module 3 will teach you how to create these ads without losing money.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn:

  • The do's and don'ts of search ads
  • How to structure your search text ad campaign
  • How to optimize your ads and bids
  • How to create your search ads
  • Copywriting tips that make people want to click on your ads
  • Retargeting 

And more.

In total there's 9 videos and nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes of training. 

Section 3: Paid Social Traffic

This section goes over social media traffic and how to get sales that way. 

Like last section, this one is taught by Michael Erickson. 

In total you you get 38 videos and 6 hours and 15 minutes of training. 

Here's a look at each module:

Module 1: Social Paid Traffic Marketing Fundamentals For Ecommerce

The first module goes over what exactly is social media marketing and how it differs from search traffic from Google.

Additionally, you'll get understand how social media marketing works with sales funnels as well as a look at important metrics. 

Module 2: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the most popular social media traffic source when it comes to commerce. 

In total there's 17 videos and 3 and half hours of training.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Common mistakes to avoid 
  • Training on how the ads work
  • Specific Facebook Ads strategies for ecommerce
  • The different kinds of ads that you can make
  • What Facebook Audiences is and how to target the right kind of audience
  • How to optimize your bidding strategy
  • Installing your Facebook Pixel 
  • How to build your first Facebook Ad

And more.

Overall this is a solid Facebook training module.

Module 3: Instagram

Instagram is another popular way to make sales.

This topic is WAY less complicated than Google and Facebook Ads. 

Because of this the training is only 1 video long. 

Module 4: Pinterest

Pinterest is an often overlooked social media source. For a while it was the fastest growing social media platform.

This image board can be tapped into to make sales for your ecommerce store.

That's what this module focuses on.

Here's a look at what you'll learn:

  • An introduction module to what Pinterest is
  • How to create a Pinterest business account
  • How to target with Pinterests ads
  • Everything you need to know about creating a pin that will get engagement
  • The difference between Pinterest ad types
  • How to track your Pinterest Ads
  • How to build a Pinterest campaign
  • How to analyze your results

Module 5: Twitter

Twitter is the last social media platform discussed in this section.

Twitter is the hardest to sell on with Ecommerce because the targeting is hard and users tend to spend less time on Twitter.

This section is pretty short and just goes over how to run Twitter ads based on trends, promoting Tweets and promoted accounts.

Module 6: Putting It All Together

The last module is just wrapping up everything you learned in this module.

There's nothing new here and it's most just a few videos stressing the most important factors of social media marketing. 

Section 4: Events

This section isn't really training and is recordings of guest speakers at previous Drop Ship Lifestyle Members Retreat.

The videos are updated every year.

You'll usually get guest speakers talking about social media marketing, how to improve profits, latest strategies and trends, etc. 

This Course Is VERY Expensive

So if you're were to just judge this course based on the training you receive, it would get a high score.

It's constantly getting updated and you get amazing traffic training - more than almost every other dropshipping course. 

However, you have to factor in the price when you're rating courses.

The cheapest version of this course (which only comes with the training) is $2997, which is ASTRONOMICAL.

This is by far one of the most expensive dropshipping courses out there.

And that's not even looking at the $4997 and $8997 options.

People have made millions from this course. But most people probably don't make back their initial investment.

There's A LOT of dropshipping courses out there and a few are as quality as Drop Ship Lifestyle.

In fact, my favorite dropshipping courses only costs between $197 to $297.

Refund Policy Explained

There's a 30 day refund policy but there's a catch.. you have to "show that you have completed all DSL action tasks in the core training" to get a refund:

The problem with this refund policy is it can be pretty hard to complete the training and actions tasks in 30 days.

You have to be pretty dedicated to get through this training all the way through in 30 days.

If you're halfway through and decide this isn't for you, why shouldn't you get a refund?

You really have to keep going through the training just to get your money back..

I personally don't like these kinds of refunds and if it's going to force you to go through all the training, it should at least be 60 days. 

Not Many Case Studies

Here's the problem..

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a major brand and makes Anton millions of dollars a year. There's no reason for Anton to do dropshipping anymore.

And I don't think he does.

I think his main concern is getting students for his course.

The ecommerce world and the make money online world moves quickly.

For example, in his Instagram training he teaches running ads but doesn't mention influencer traffic.

This is when you pay popular influencers on Instagram to promote your product to their audience. 

This is a newer technique that's come around after Anton stopped actually doing dropshipping.

It's highly effective.

The fact Anton isn't doing dropshipping anymore daily will create blind spots to the newest strategies.

Dropship Lifestyle Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about this course

  • Diverse training traffic: Most dropshipping courses only focus on Facebook. This course, however, looked at everything - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. 
  • Constantly updated: This course will never go stale. It's currently in it's 8th version and if you buy you get the updates for free. 
  • Expensive: This is definitely the biggest negative about this course. It's so expensive. There's a lot of alternatives that are less expensive and just as quality.
  • Misses newer strategies: When you do dropshipping daily and make your money that way, you know all the latest strategies and tricks. The problem is Anton runs DSL full time and doesn't do dropshipping much anymore. This means he won't have the latest strategies.
  • Bad refund policy: This course is one of the longer there is and dropshipping takes time to set up.. it would be hard to complete everything in 30 days unless you have nothing else to do with your life. Making the refund based on going through and trying all the training isn't good. Should be 60 days if you're making people try everything in the course.

Is Drop Ship Lifestyle A Scam?

Definitely not.

This is a legitimate course that will teach you basically everything you need to know about dropshipping.

It may not have the newest strategies but you can learn that stuff elsewhere.

The biggest problem is the price.

I just can't recommend a course that cost several thousands of dollars when there's other cheaper alternatives. 

This is especially true for beginners.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a well made course but too expensive.

If you're looking for the perfect combination of high quality training and affordability, check out Ecom Elites

Ecom Elites teaches you every traffic source and you get all the newest strategies for dropshipping.

To learn more, click below:

Want The Best Ecommerce Training?

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