Ecom Profit Formula is a course from Michael Crist that teaches you how to make money by creating an ecommerce store..

If you're here you're probably wondering if this course is worth it or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about Ecom Profit Formula including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

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Ecom Profit Formula Summary

Product: Ecom Profit Formula

Business model: Ecommerce, print on demand

Price to join: $997

Do I recommend? It depends (read summary)

Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

Ecom Profit Formula is a well made course that's a little different than other ecommerce courses.

Instead of teaching you how to dropship with Aliexpress, you're learning how to do print on demand (particularly how to sell jewelry on Facebook).

The main issue here is the price which is pretty high at $997.

That's a lot of money to pay for a course on ecommerce and there's plenty of cheaper alternatives.

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This Course Is Pretty Expensive

My biggest issue with this course is the price.

I usually don't recommend paying over $500 for a course if you're brand new to making money online or haven't made any money online yet.

The reason is most people usually don't make a lot and you're going to need money to run ads.

If you spend less on a course (without sacrificing quality) you'll have a better chance at success because you can test more ads.

So if you're already making a decent amount online I would consider this course.

But if you're new or struggling try and find something more affordable.

My favorite affordable ecommerce course is here

Who Is Michael Crist?

Michael Crist is the creator of the course and he seems relatively new to the make money online world (he started in 2017).

Apparently after struggling to make money at first he eventually put things together and sold millions worth of jewelry on Facebook.

This is the method he's going to be teaching you.

Why would he need to make a course teaching you this stuff if he's already making millions? Maybe sales started slowing down or maybe he just really likes giving back.

Who knows!

Ecom Profit Formula Overview

Ecom Profit Formula is a course that teaches you how to do ecommerce but in a different way than most.

The most common way to do dropshipping is with Aliexpress and Shopify.

This course deviates from that and instead has teaching on how to do ecommerce with a program called ShineOn.

ShineOn sells jewelry from independent artists and you can sell them on Facebook.

You can use the training in this course to sell a print on demand product (like shirts), however.

In total there's 70 videos and 13 modules.

Here's a breakdown of each module.

Module 1: Introduction

This is just a simple introduction to what you'll be doing and the strategy to use. 

Here you'll learn about ShineOn and how to leverage that platform to make money.

Module 2: Winning Mindset

Module 2 is a typical mindset video that you see in a lot of these courses.

It's good to set the tone but there's nothing really that valuable here.

Module 3: Finding/Creating 6 Figure Products

This is the first module where you'll actually be learning actionable things. 

You'll see how to choose a winning product.

This involves searching Facebook pages, using tools to spy on other Facebook ad campaigns, using Pinterest and using Etsy to get ideas.

Module 4: Creating Winning Product Designs

In this section you'll learn how to create product designs using Photoshop and Canva. 

Module 5: About ShineOn Platform

This is the section where you'll be learning about the platform where you'll be finding products to market.

ShineOn allows you to sell other people's jewelry and this module will help you navigate their site. 

Module 6: Build Shopify Store

Module 6 is all about how you're going to build your store using Shopify.

You'll get tips on how to make your site look good and convert at the highest rate possible.

You'll also learn how to use ShineOn's app that helps you fulfill orders and add products to your site easily. 

Module 7: Setup Niche Facebook Page

This section is about setting up a Facebook page for your niche. You'll learn how to automate content so the people following you stay engaged.

Module 8: Facebook Ads And Ad Manager

This section you'll learn about Facebook Ads and how to navigate Facebook Ad Manager.

Additionally, you'll get training on Facebook Pixel and how to track your progress.

Module 9: Facebook Ads

Here you'll learn more about Facebook Ads and get practical tips to ensure your success.

Module 10: Facebook Ads Testing

After you learn the ins and outs of Facebook now you have to learn how to do the testing. 

Testing is one of the most important aspects to making money with Facebook Ads. 

Here you'll get training on low budget testing strategies that are very effective. 

Module 11 + 12: Facebook Ads Scaling

The point of testing is so you find a product that sells. When that happens it's time to scale and make the most profit as possible. 

These two modules will teach you how to do that.

Module 13: Conclusion

The last module is just wrapping up everything.

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Facebook Group + Money Back Guarantee

As part of the course you'll also get access to a private Facebook Group. 

The group is pretty active and there's a lot of posts being shared between the members.

This is good for your success and allows you to get answers quickly if you have problems. 

Also, I don't see any mention of a money back guarantee so I don't think there is one.

Ecom Profit Formula Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and don't like about this course


  • Successful teacher: Michael Crist claims he's made millions and there's really nothing that would make me think otherwise. He's legit and very successful.
  • Different strategy: Most ecommerce courses teach you how to dropship products from Aliexpress. This course teaches you how to sell products from ShineOn.
  • Good Facebook training: Michael Crist clearly knows what he's talking about with Facebook and you'll definitely learn good strategies from him. 


  • Too expensive: $997 is a lot to pay for an ecommerce course. If you're new to making money or haven't made any money yet I wouldn't recommend paying this much for a course. 
  • Same strategy for everyone: This is a specific strategy you're learning here. Every student is going to be learning the same thing which makes me think it'll be saturated. This could make it harder to succeed.

Is Ecom Profit Formula A Scam? 

Definitely not.

This is a good course from a reputable and legit marketer.

You'll also learn specific strategies that are proven to work and have made Michael millions in the past.

The main issue here is the price and the strategy may get saturated.

If you have the money to spend and want to try the strategy, it wouldn't be a terrible decision to buy this course.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Ecom Profit Formula is a good course but there's better out there.

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