Elite CEOs is a course from Tanner Chidester and if you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Elite CEOs is right for you.

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Elite CEOs Summary

Creator: Tanner Chidester 

Price to join: $37 + bigger costs later ($10,000+)

Do I recommend? No

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

Elite CEOs is a program that teaches you how to start an online coaching program.

I personally don't like this business model.

Starting a coaching business requires you to be an expert on a topic and it's a lot of work.

There's much easier ways to make money online.

Additionally, this is just the start of a funnel that eventually leads to Tanner's own coaching service that costs $10,000+.

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Who Is Tanner Chidester?

"A simple Google search of “Tanner Chidester” and you’ll see some interesting photos ?.  I get a lot of people who come to me and say, “But Tanner, of course you’re successful, look at you.”

This is a quote from Tanner's website lol..

Tanner is a fitness instructor/model that has made millions as an internet marketer.

Apparently Tanner spent tens of thousands learning how to make money online and nothing worked.

Eventually he started doing things his own way and launched Fit Warrior and FitnessCEOs.

Fit Warrior was a fitness coaching program and FitnessCEOs was a training program that taught fitness instructors how to launch their own online fitness coaching programs.

Finally, in 2019 Tanner launched EliteCEOs where he teaches anyone in any niche how to make a coaching program. 

What Is Elite CEOs About?

Elite CEOs is a program that teaches you how to build an online coaching program.

In the past Tanner focused on helping people build fitness coaching programs but he's expanded on that in this course.

I've basically tried every online business model you can think off and a coaching business is one of the hardest.

In order to start a coaching business you have to be an expert in something.

You'll likely be charging thousands of dollars per client and for those prices you better deliver.

Do you feel confident enough to take that much money from someone and get them results?

I personally don't like coaching.

That's why I do affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing you basically get leads for experts and earn commissions on every sale.

The affiliate program you're working with does all the hard work.

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Elite CEOs Overview

Elite CEOs is a cheap course and you're not going to get much training.. this course is really meant to warm you up to the idea of buying Tanner's coaching (which is much more expensive).

I'll go over that in the next section.

You get the following training in Elite CEOs

  • Module 1 - Facebook Group Marketing
  • Module 2 - Organic Messaging 1010
  • Module 3 - Messaging And Sales Calls
  • Module 4 - Intro To Facebook Ads
  • Module 5 - Setting Up Your Funnel

With this you also get access to the private Facebook community. This is where you can interact with other members in the course and get your questions answered.

The Elite CEOs Upsells

Tanner is a smart marketer and he's not just going to give away a course for $37.. why would a multi-millionaire do that?

They wouldn't off course.

Elite CEO is just meant to get you in the door to spend more money.

Once you buy something from someone you're more likely to buy again (and spend more money).

This is well known in the internet marketing community. 

There's big time upsells in Elite CEOs and this is where Tanner makes his real money.

The first upsell is for Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is a program that builds pages and makes your offer look good. 

It's pretty pricey, though, and the cheapest plan is $97 per month.. Tanner gets 50% commissions everytime you pay monthly.

Then there's two smaller programs you'll be recommended to get that cost $15 per month and $27 per month.

The last upsell is the big one.. the 1 on 1 coaching with Tanner.

If you'd like to take advantage of this one it will cost you $10,000!

That's a lot of money and I wouldn't even consider unless you're already making money online. 

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Elite CEOs FAQ's

1) Is Elite CEOs worth $37?

It really depends how you look at it.

This course wasn't supposed to be the last thing you buy.. Tanner really wants you signing up for Clickfunnels and to buy his $10,000 coaching service.

You're not really going to learn enough in Elite CEOs to do anything. 

It's just part of a sales funnel.

So I really don't even think $37 is worth because you'll just end up paying thousands down the road.

2) Is Tanner Chidester legit?

I think so.

He's a great marketer and definitely does quite well for himself.

I just think the business model he teaches is a tough one for regular people to succeed with.

3) How long is this course?

It's very short.

There's only 5 modules and each module really isn't that thorough.

Again, this is just the first part of a sales funnel.. not meant to be the complete meal.

4) What does this Elite CEOs teach?

Elite CEOs teaches you how to create a coaching business.

This is a very lucrative business model but a difficult one. You really need to be an expert in what you're coaching and be able to deliver results.

You don't want to take thousands from a client and not be able to help them.

5) Are there any testimonials?

Yes, there's a lot of testimonials on the sales page.

A lot of marketers fake testimonials and I have no clue if that's what is going on here.

I'd say they're legit, though, because Tanner is in the video testimonials with the customers.

6) Is there a refund policy?

I couldn't find one.

Usually if there isn't one prominently displayed it's safe to assume there isn't one.

7) Does the course get updated?

I doubt that it does.

It's a simple course to get you to buy the coaching service.. I doubt much effort is put into making the course better.

8) How much do I need to start a coaching business?

It really depends on the training you get.

Almost every program that teaches building a coaching business is very expensive.

Tanner's is $10,000 and I've seen some that are double that.

So if you plan on getting training (recommended) you're going to need $15,000 probably.

You'll need to pay to get leads most likely which will cost a good amount of money too.

9) Are there any alternatives?

There's a lot of courses that teach making money online.

To see the best course I've taken, click below:

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Elite CEOs Pros And Cons

  • Tanner is successful: When you're trying to create a business you want to surround yourself with successful people. Tanner is successful and a lot of people around him are successful too. 
  • Expensive upsells: Tanner is a smart marketer.. he didn't just make this course to teach you how to build a coaching business. It's just part of a sales funnel to get you to buy more expensive products down the road.
  • Tough business model: Starting a coaching business is not easy and you really should be successful already if that's what you're planning on doing.
  • Short training: At the end of the day Elite CEOs isn't enough to really teach you the coaching business model. You'll need more training which is exactly what Tanner will pitch you on. 
Is Elite CEOs A Scam?

I don't think that's the case.

It's just not designed to really teach you how to create a coaching business. It's an appetizer for the big offer of joining Tanner's coaching services.

It costs a lot to join the coaching service.. too much in my opinion.

Here's Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Elite CEOs.

If you're interested in making money online and starting an online business there's a lot of options.

I've spent years reviewing the best courses that teach this.

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