Freight Broker Boot Camp is a course from Dennis Brown.. in it you'll learn how to become a freight broker.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this program including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

By the end you'll know if this course is worth your time.

Let's get into to it!

Freight Broker Boot Camp Summary

Creator: Dennis Brown

Price to join: $185

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3/5

Freight Broker Boot Camp is an interesting course and after doing some research being a freight broker seems to be a pretty lucrative career. 

This course does a pretty good job teaching you how to break into the industry as well.

The only thing you should consider is if it's right for you.. this kind of work is for hustlers.

You'll be talking on the phone A LOT and you'll need to convince people to work with you directly.

This is not for timid or shy people. 

Also, it'll cost between $3,000 to $10,000 to launch a freight broker business.

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Is Dennis Brown Legit?

I've reviewed hundreds of courses that teach making money online..

A lot of time you have courses put out by people who lie about how much they make or just completely make up who they are.

The good news is this isn't the case with Dennis Brown.

It's easy to verify what he's saying is true.

Dennis got into being a freight broker in 2003 by himself.. eventually he launched his shipping logistics company called Logistic Dynamics.

In 2015 this company generated $80 million in sales before Dennis sold the company.

So not only does Dennis know what he's talking about in terms of being a freight broker, he's been wildly successful while doing it. 

What Does Freight Broker Boot Camp Teach?

Freight Broker Boot Camp teaches you how to become a freight broker.

A freight broker is basically a middle man between people that need to ship stuff and a shipper.

Your job has a freight broker is to find your clients the best deal possible.

This may include finding the best price, the most reliable or fastest shipping times and more.

Additionally, you do the messy work like negotiating prices with the carrier, planing the shipping routes, tracking and more.

You also optimize trips to cut out unnecessary waits.

Freight brokers do pretty well too.. the average salary is $62,000 and they make an additional $28,000 in commissions.

The top guys, like Dennis, make millions doing this.

So this is a legitimate way to make money for sure.

The only thing is you'll need to get business for yourself. There's no sitting back and waiting for business to come to you.

You'll be on the phone cold calling and negotiating.

You'll also be tasked with coming up with shipping routes and stuff like that.

This is not a job for people that are laid back and unorganized. You'll need to be on your game to make this work and deal with people directly.

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Freight Broker Boot Camp Overview

Freight Broker Boot Camp is a comprehensive program that takes you through all the steps you need to take to become a freight broker.

The course mixes articles and video training and comes with a bunch of bonuses as well.

Here's a look at what you get:

6 Chapters On Becoming A Freight Broker

The first part of the training is 45 different articles spread out over 6 chapters.

In those 6 chapters you'll get the following:

  • Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 goes over the basics of being a freight broker. This includes what tools you'll need, the difference between a broker and agent, laws and regulations and what you'll need in terms of start up capital.
  • Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 covers topics like shipping documents, third party logistics and freight rate classification. 
  • Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 covers the costs involved  in the business. This includes freight shipping rates, operating expenses, fuel surcharge rates, factoring receivables and more.
  • Chapter 4 - This chapter covers different kinds of shipping categories. You'll learn about automobile transport, dump trucks, hazardous materials, oversized loads and military freight. 
  • Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 covers insurance, claims and the different software you'll need to run your business.
  • Chapter 6 - The last chapter covers taxes.. you'll learn about the difference between incorporate vs. LLC, accounting principles and more. 

Tool Database

In the tool section you'll find various databases, templates and forms to help you launch your business.

This includes:

  • Carrier database
  • Contract generator
  • 5 different website templates
  • A library of forms and agreements you'll need to run your business
  • Ebook version of Think and Grow Rich

Video Tutorials

You also get video training in this course.

Some topics you covered in this section includes sales, marketing, operations and goal setting. 

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Freight Broker Boot Camp FAQ's

1) Is Freight Broker Boot Camp worth $185?

I'd say so.

$185 is not a lot of money when it comes to a full course to teach you a business model. 

You get a good amount of value for what you're paying for as well.

2) Should I trust Dennis Brown?

I don't really think you should put your full faith into anyone online but Dennis Brown seems pretty legit to me.

He started and sold a very successful logistics company and you can look up the company to verify.

He's definitely a freight broker expert.

3) What do I get with Freight Broker Boot Camp?

You get a decent amount of training and some bonuses.

The training is broken up into articles and video training (most of it is in article form).

Additionally, you get templates, ebooks, operation agreements and tools.

4) Is there a payment plan?

No the course is only $185 so it doesn't come with a payment plan.

5) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there's a very good refund policy. You get 60 days to get your money back no questions asked.

6) How much to start a freight broker business?

After doing some research it looks like starting a freight broker business isn't cheap. You'll need anywhere from $3000 to $10000 to get started.

This is a lot for an online, at home business.

7) Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there's many courses that'll teach you how to start an at home business.

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Freight Broker Boot Camp Pros And Cons

  • Dennis Brown is legit: There's a lot of shady characters that sell courses that teach making money at home. Dennis Brown isn't shady, though, and he's had verifiable success. 
  • Good price: The course is only $185 which is an excellent price for what you're getting.
  • Legit business model: You'll have to hustle to make money but it is legit. The average salary for a freight broker is around $90,000 when you factor in tips. 
  • Good refund policy: 60 day no questions asked refund policy is as good as you could ask for.
  • Expensive to start: The course is cheap but to start a freight broker business is expensive. You'll need at least $3,000 to $10,000 to get started.
  • Not for shy people: This is a business model for people that are willing to get uncomfortable and get business for themselves. You can't be someone that is afraid to make calls and negotiate. 
Is Freight Broker Boot Camp A Scam

No definitely not.

This is a good course that comes from a legit person.. also it's a legit business model.

The course is affordable. The only real downside is it'll cost a decent investment to get started with.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Freight Broker Boot Camp isn't a bad course but it's a business model that requires a lot of capitol.

There's good news if you don't have thousands to invest in a business..

There's plenty of online business models that are much less expensive to get started with.

I've reviewed hundreds of these kinds of courses.

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