Grant Cardone is a master salesman and his sales training Cardone University is pretty popular.

But gurus are often times the worst place to learn from and many times they just leverage their name to make more money.

Is that happening here?

That's what this review will answer and you'll see everything you need to see in order to decide if this course is right for you. 


Cardone University Summary

Product: Cardone University

Price to join: $99 per month or you can buy each course individually ($10,000+).

Rating: 70/100

Do I recommend? For sales professionals I do.

Summary: Cardone University is a solid training program and comes from an absolute sales master in Grant Cardone. 

I see other reviews putting the price tag of this course at $10,000 but as it stands today it is $99 (maybe there was a price change). At $10,000 I would say definitely skip but at $99 a month it's worth giving a shot if you're already in the sales field. 

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Who Is Grant Cardone?

Before I heard about Grant Cardone I heard of his book The 10X Rule.

When I first started my journey in making money online I always saw people referencing the 10X rule. Basically whatever your goals are, times them by ten.

If you want to make $1,000,000, shoot for $10,000,000.

While you might not reach $10,000,000 the effort you put in to do so might get you past your original goal. There's even some instances when you'll hit the 10x goals.

This 10X mantra is a big one in younger entrepreneurs and I see plenty of successful people reference this.

According to Entrepreneur Grant Cardone's revenue surpasses $100 Million a year and according to Investopedia his portfolio is worth over $700 million. He himself puts it over $1 billion. 

He's most known for his real estate investing and he also has other streams of income as well.

To sum it up: Grant Cardone is very successful. 

Honestly the most impressive thing about him is he is 61 years old! He should probably write a course about staying healthy!

How Much To Join Cardone University?

I wanted to talk about this early because I keep seeing different prices for the course and almost every search result on Google has the price of this course $10,000. I even saw some people put the price over $24,000. 

However, if you look below it pretty clearly states the price is $99 per month:

My guess is either the price has dramatically changed in the last few months (many of these sites claim it costs $10,000 just a few months ago) or a lot of people are just reviewing the course and not actually looking at the course. They're just copying what other reviews are saying.

So if I end up being wrong and this course is $10,000 or it goes back up to $10,000 this course is not worth that. You can find the same information in books and other training for much less.

But for $99 a month it's worth looking into if you're in the sales industry. I'm an affiliate marketer and this course, however, doesn't have really much for me since I'm not doing face to face sales. 

Who Is Cardone University For?

Like I mentioned in the last section this course is for people that plan on entering the sales field or are already in the sales field.

I see a lot of people that are car salesman and insurance salesman talk highly about this course. 

A lot of this course is dedicated to selling, the sales process and closing. There's some other sections in here that have to do with personal finance and motivation but it's a course for sellers.

Another group of people that I can see loving this course is real estate agents and people involved in real estate. 

This makes sense because Cardone himself made his fortune in real estate and the intricate sales techniques in here is suited for this industry. 

So if your job requires finding prospects, selling and closing large deals this course is definitely worth checking out.

Who Is Cardone University NOT For?


The reason I say this is I do affiliate marketing which is a much different ball game than real estate and direct sales.

Affiliate marketing is a passive business that really involves no face to face selling. Instead you target keywords, get people onto an email list and make offers that way.

You're really not selling in affiliate marketing. You're more just finding prospects for a company - it's really their job to sell.

I've done sales, though, and worked as an insurance sales rep before. While it wasn't the worst job on earth, I much prefer affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing everything is done without you being involved and is much more laid back. There's no talking to customers and everything can be pretty much automated (emails get sent out automatically).

If you're interested in learning this kind of selling, click below:

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What Do You Get In Cardone University

If you want to watch an excellent video about what is inside Cardone University, watch the video below:

Below is a picture of the various modules you get inside the course and according to Cardon University you get over 800 courses:

You can sign up for free and you get an introduction into each course. To get full access you either have to pay the monthly free of $99 or pay for each course individually. 

Here's a breakdown of each section and what you get:

Selling 101

Selling 101 is the free part of the course and it's mainly meant to get you to sign up and give it a shot.

Selling Basics

Selling basics comes with 28 different modules and goes over the anatomy of sales, the difference between a pro salesman and amatuer, learning how to sell yourself, finding sales opportunities and how to take action.

Understanding The Buyer

This section has 29 modules and goes over building trust, having the right type of attitude, learning to give/service, how to deal with price and managing your buyer's money. 

Sales Process

This section is one of the bigger ones and comes with 73 courses. This section goes over the sales process and the different steps involved, various modules on having the right attitude, greetings, fact finding, your sales presentation, objections in the greeting, etc.

Theory Of Closing

This section has 42 modules and goes over various ideas about closing. This includes training on different closing theories, why people fail, principles of closing and an advanced training on the principles of closing. 

Closing Strategies

This section is another big one and hos over 106 modules. This section goes over the various closing techniques including the money close, the time close, the stall close, product close and advanced closes. 

Incoming Calls

This section is a little briefer and only has 22 courses. It goes over the importance of phone calls and how to use them to your advantage. 


Prospecting is the process of finding new customers and this section covers that. In all it has 30 modules and goes over various methods of finding sales leads. 

Follow Up

This is another big section and goes over the follow up. This section includes training on following up on unsold customers, what tools can help you, why people aren't buying, follow up strategy and more. 

100 Ways To Stay Motivated

This section takes a break from sales technique and is more focused on keeping yourself motivated and different ways to improve yourself. There's 101 modules in this section. 

Top Traits Of Great Sales People

This section just goes over various traits of a sales person like over promising and over deliver, taking care of the customer, listening, are accountable and other traits like those. 

Internet Lead Response

This section may be good for people like me but it's very short and there's much better training for people who want to make money online

Personal Finance

This section has 21 modules and is just meant to help you use your money better. 

Handling Objection

This is the biggest section of all and has over 300 courses. There's too much here to really sum it up and is more sales technique. 

And that's the course!

What I Like About Cardone University

There's a lot to like here and the main things I like are:

  • Grant Cardone is legit: In terms of sales and closing, there's probably few people that know more than Grant. He's about as legit and successful as a self starter can be and makes hundreds of millions. 
  • Reasonable price: Some people think this course cost $10,000 but I think that's only if you buy each course separately instead of paying the monthly fee of $99. You can cancel that whenever you want to. 
  • Thorough training: It's going to take a really, really long time to get through everything. There's over 800 training courses inside and there's a lot to digest. 

What I Like About Cardone University

While there's a lot to like here there's definitely some things that I don't like:

  • Only good for direct sales: If you're looking to get into online sales or affiliate marketing this isn't the course for you. This is more for in person, face to face selling.
  • Can find the information elsewhere: While Grant is a salesmaster you can more or less find the information much cheaper in different books and online. 

Is Cardone University A Scam?

No, this course is legit.

I think it's best for people that want to be sales professionals. If you're just looking for a tip or two this is not the course for you.

This is more of a transformational course that will teach you very intricate sales techniques.

It's great for people that want to get into sales of all kinds and real estate. 

It's a little guru-ish which I don't like but there's enough here that the course overcomes this.

Here's A Better Opportunity

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