Grant Cardone is out with a new money making system called Unbreakable Business System.

He claims he can help you grow your struggling business in just 7 days..

Is Cardone telling the truth or is this another online scam?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including what you get, who it's for and any red flags I can find.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Unbreakable Business System is right for you.

Let's get started!

Quick Note: I'm NOT an affiliate for Grant Cardone. Most reviews you find in Google will have a link to Unbreakable Business System that makes them money. You're not going to get an honest review that way. This is probably the most honest review you'll find about this course.

Unbreakable Business System Summary

Creator: Grant Cardone

Price to join: $997 or 3 payments of $397

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3/5

Whether or not you should buy Unbreakable Business System depends on your situation.

If you already have a pretty successful business and want some marketing techniques to grow this course can help.

However, if you're broke or don't have any business ideas I wouldn't bother.

There's no training on making money from scratch or anything like that.

This is geared towards people who already have a business.

Keep in mind there's no refunds, though.

So at a bare minimum you have to be comfortable flushing $997 down the toilet if you're not happy.

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Overview Of Unbreakable Business System

The global recession is coming according to Grant Cardone.

He believes economic turmoil is going to cost a lot of people their business.

And only people who know how to hustle and get attention in their space will survive.

And Cardone will show you how to save yourself from failure.. for $997.

I review courses that teach people how to make money online for a living.

I've looked at thousands of courses that claim to do this.

Most are scams, some are mediocre and only a few are true game changers.

I've personally made hundreds of thousands with online businesses and fully expect to be completely retired before 40.

I like to think you can trust me insights.

So is Unbreakable Business System legit?

Well it depends who you are..

Let me explain..

Don't Bother If You Don't Have A Business

There's unlimited ways to start a business.

You can do it the old school way and start a brick and mortar business where you live.

Or you can do what I do and make a full time living online.

You just need an idea and if you're going the online route you don't even need a lot of money ($50 a month is more than enough).

However, Unbreakable Business System is not for a person day dreaming about their future business.

You actually need a business for this program to have any value for you.

The reason why is there's no training on starting a business.

This is more of a marketing system and sales system.

So the foundation of having a business needs to be in place.

Grant has other products that are geared towards business newbies - this one is for people that already have their thing going.

This Is For People Who Are Already Successful

So if you're just considering launching a business this course won't work for you.

The only way to get any value is if you already have a business running.

And to be completely honest it should already be pretty successful.

When Grant launched his course this is who he claimed should buy:

"I believe the next financial crisis has already started. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. HVAC. Plumbing. Consulting. Sales. Dentistry. Chiropractic. Accounting. Marketing. Retail. Technology. Hospitality. Real estate. Construction. Management. Or anything else."

As you can see these are businesses that typically make good money.

But Cardone does say this will work for any business which I think is true.

You're basically learning marketing and sales with Unbreakable Business System and any business can benefit from that.

However, if you want to learn how to launch a business for little money, you'll want to click below:

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Are You Ready To Put Yourself Out There?

At the core Unbreakable Business System is program that teaches you how to get attention and what to do once you get that attention.

This program is not for people that aren't ready to put themselves out there.

Grant is a boisterous personality and most of his success comes from his ability to get attention.

You don't have to be as loud as him or by as flashy but you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

For this course to work you'll need to be able to try new marketing techniques, new sales tactics, meet clients and close deals.

I've been in the marketing space for a while and some of the corniest, cheesiest sales tactics work the best.

Building a brand is your goal and that's going to take some courage on your part.

Are you ready to be a leader in your space?

If you're plumber are you ready to declare yourself the best, go out and get customers and deliver?

Everyone involved with Unbreakable Business System is a hustler and you should be to if you want to buy this course.

If you're more introverted you might want to try a different program.

Who Is Grant Cardone Anyway?

Grant is the epitome of "you either hate or you love him."

He's an aggressive marketer, a fast talker, highly motivated, confrontational, opinionated, and he sells products that cost thousands of dollars.

This is naturally going to divide people.

Here's what I think you should know about Cardone so you can decide whether to hate him or love him:

Disastrous Interview With The Wolf Of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort is one of the great salesman in the world and his escapades were glorified in the movie Wolf Of Wall Street.

He has a podcast where he brought on Grant Cardone and it went pretty badly for Grant.

The whole interview is over 1 hour long but if you want to watch some highlights from the confrontation (with some funny subtitles), watch the video below:

A lot of people use this interview as a reason to call Grant a fraudster or scam artist.

Now you can draw the conclusion that Grant is insecure and a buffoon.

But he clearly knows how to run a business and market - the problem was he got into an alpha match with Jordan and it came off really badly.

Another issue is Grant isn't a good salesman in my opinion.

He's a good marketer and he has a great work ethic which is more than enough to get by in life.

But that's not sales.

So maybe you can say Grant shouldn't be selling sales courses or should have a real salesman run his sales courses.

If you're confused about what I'm saying let me explain it this way:

Grant is successful in real estate development and real estate deals.

He would make a horrible realtor, though.

He'd have a hard time selling a house to a person.

Get it?

Grant Is Still Very Successful

So Grant isn't the best salesman but he is still a very good marketer and can run a business.

Apparently his net worth is around $600 million.

You can reach numbers like this being a complete scam artist but I don't think Grant makes the majority of his money in scammy ways.

He runs a real estate investment firm called Cardone Capital and you can invest in real estate projects there.

If you watched the interview with Grant and Jordan you'd see he believes a major investment bank will buy Grant Capital for billions in the near future.

Again, anything Cardone does will be met with good and bad reviews.

I'm not an expert in real estate investing so I don't really have an opinion on Cardone Capital.

However, I found a transparent review from someone who invested $15,000 in it and was happy with the results:

In about two years this gentleman made about $1500 (so 5% a year).

That's not that great to be honest (although there's tax benefits to real estate so maybe it's higher than it seems - again not an expert).

Investing in a market fund will get you around 10% every year.

But a lot of investors have lost money in the last year or so from the stock market.

So gains right now are kind of hard to come by and if he's getting his clients gains that's not bad.

Grant Is A Scientologist 

One last point before we move on to what's included in the Unbreakable Business System.

Apparently Grant is a scientologist.

I read some threads about Grant and his seminar sales system works exactly like the Church of Scientology.

He distributes books, trainings and other materials in hopes of getting you to his seminar.

And at the seminar he convinces you to invest and buy his other products.

I actually know a few people that have gone to his seminars.

In the Jordan Belfort interview Cardone claims he's running the only successful seminar business in the country.

But the Scientology stuff is a bit of a turn off.

There's some real whacky stuff going on there.

Want To Start An Online Business?

I've reviewed all the best courses that teach this.. to see my favorite, click below:

What's Included With Unbreakable Business System?

This offer comes with various training and systems for your business.

Here's an overview of everything that you get:

The Money And Mindset System

Typically I tell people that mind set training is just fluff and it's not that important.

However, with Grant this might be his strongest attribute.. so maybe this section will be worth it.

According to Grant you will learn the following:

  • Top reasons why people are broke
  • Billionaire money hacks
  • Incorrect common teachings about money
  • A plan to $1,000,000
  • Grant's Millionaire Book

There's many of these kinds of programs around that supposedly get you thinking different about money.

The most popular is a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Many people like that book and it covers the same stuff (and costs much, much less).

The Marketing System

This is another topic that Grant is definitely qualified to talk about.

Grant is first and foremost a marketer and his top product is himself.

And the ability to sell yourself is very important.

I once read in a popular sales book that once you get into big money who you are is more important than what you're selling.

At some point what you're selling is the same as everyone else.

There's slight advantages and disadvantages but is there a real difference between Mercedes, BMW and Audi?

Not really.

So when someone is spending a lot of money they typically pick someone they'll get along with.

You'll learn to sell your self (and business) in this section.

The Communication System

This section covers how to communicate with power and persuasion.

Additionally you'll learn:

  • How to get as many clients as possible
  • Which marketing channels to use
  • Improve communication.

The Sales System

Alright so maybe this section is the one Cardone is least knowledgeable in.

However, if I had to guess I'd say Grant has help with this course and has people put together a lot of the information.

The Sales System covers the following topics:

  • How to build confidence in sales
  • Where to find customers
  • How to handle customers that say no

You'll probably want to buy a sales book to along with section to learn actual sales techniques.

The Scaling System

Scaling is important in business.

This is the art of growing and how to grow.

Scaling involves hiring new people, selling more products, offering new services, etc.

You'll learn to do that here.

Specifically you'll learn:

  • How to scales based off 4000 businesses regardless of economy
  • Common problems you'll run into scaling
  • How to hire the right people


With the core training you get a bunch of bonuses as well.

This includes:

  • 5 live virtual coaching sessions 
  • Free ticket to 10x Growth Conference
  • Online funnel training

Revealed: How I turned $50 into hundreds of thousands

Unbreakable Business System FAQ's

Still have some questions about Unbreakable Business System?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) Is Grant Cardone Legit?

It seems pretty hard for most people to have a nuanced opinion on Grant (probably because he's not a very nuanced person).

So people either end up hating him passionately or loving him passionately.

Here's my attempt at a nuanced opinion on Grant:

I think Grant is in it for himself first and foremost. At some level I'm sure he's motivated by helping people but the guy is mostly about himself.

You can tell this is the case from his interviews.

However, he's highly motivated and I don't think he's someone that would put out a low quality product.

So if you buy from him I'm sure he's going to try and make it worth it.

2) Will Unbreakable Business System Help My Business?

It depends if you can implement what's being taught.

Honestly, Grant's strongest attribute is his motivation./mindset.

Sometimes that's enough to get you success and bring you to the next level.

Just hearing someone tell you that you can do this and give you examples of others getting it done can have a significant impact.

Do I think Grant is the most technically sound salesman or marketer?

No, I think the Jordan Belfort interview makes that clear.

But you can overcome technical weaknesses with sheer will.

So I'd say this can help your business if you're in need of some motivating.

You'll probably want to buy supplemental books on each topic to learn the finer points, though.

3) How Much Does Unbreakable Business System Cost?

This course is $997.

Almost all course sellers price their product the same way.

It's pretty expensive but this is for people with a business in place.

And most people who are currently running a business can afford $997.

4) Are There Refunds?


There's nothing about refunds on the sales page of Unbreakable Business System so I went looking in the terms of service.

Grant apparently doesn't offer any refunds on any digital products:

This is something I really don't like.

Any product like this should have some sort of refund (30 days is usually what I look for).

So this means you need to prepare to be dissatisfied and not getting your money back.


So that's my review of Grant Cardone's Unbreakable Business System.

Grant is definitely an interesting guy.

He's high energy and aggressive.. it's hard to believe the guy is 64 years old.

Now there's definitely red flags with Cardone.

He's a self promoter and he's a Scientologist.

Apparently he learned how to sell his seminars by copying Scientology.

In other words (in my opinion) he learned how to create a cult.

And he definitely has a cult following.

You never want to find yourself in a situation where you're following someone based on their personality and not the results they help you achieve.

Can Grant help you build your business up and scale?


Do I think there's cheaper alternatives?


Just go buy the best books on each topic (sales, marketing, persuasion, communication, scaling, etc.) and you'll get a better education - and save about $700.

But I wouldn't shame you if you bought from Cardone. I get the appeal.

Just don't get suckered into buying more products until Unbreakable Business System gets you results.

If this course can't help you his other ones won't either.


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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