Investment Fund Secrets is a course from Bridger Pennington.. it claims it can help you start a hedge fund without any experience or high fees.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Investment Fund Secrets including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Investment Fund Secrets is right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into it!

Bridger Pennington Summary

Creator: Bridger Pennington

Price to join: $3600 for course, $5000 for course & mastermind

Do I recommend? No

   Overall rating: 2/5

Starting a hedge fund sounds like a complete fantasy but it is possible.. if you have money, connections and lawyers.

Basically what I'm saying is it's harder to do than Bridger Pennington makes it seem.

The reason he was able to do it because his dad is a well known hedge fund manager and most likely got his start with daddy's money.

Us plebs will have a harder time making it work.

Additionally, it's very expensive and will cost just $3600 for the course and $5000 if you want the mastermind. 

This isn't taking in account the tens of thousands you'll need to launch a hedge fund.

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Who Is Bridger Pennington?

Bridger Pennington is the creator of Investment Fund Secrets and I have mixed feelings about him.

Apparently he does run investment funds and you can see one of his funds called Bridge Grow Capital filed with the SEC

However, when I google Bridge Grow Capital nothing comes up.

Other than the funds he manages Bridger also has a Youtube channel.

His Youtube channel has 15k subscribers and posts a new video a few times a week:

He also runs a podcast about investing that has hundreds of episodes too.

What Does Investment Fund Secrets Teach?

Investment Fund Secrets teaches you how to create a hedge fund and invest other people's money.

Now do I think it's possible to start a hedge fund?


Do I think it's as easy as Bridger makes it out to be on the sales page? No lol.

Bridger claims you can start a hedge fund without spending a lot of money, without a degree and without wall street experience.

I have a hard time believing that's possible.

According to investopedia starting a hedge fund is complicated and pricey

The article I linked to makes it clear that starting a hedge fund is time consuming because of all the laws and regulatory hurdles. It also makes it clear you'll likely need to hire a lawyer to help.

Additionally, the article points out that it can cost up to 6 figures to launch a hedge fund.

And Bridger is a bad example of a person that "started a hedge fund without Wall Street experience."

The reason is his dad is a partner at a hedge fund called Bridge Investment Group that manages $25 billion in assets:

So yeah.. if your dad runs a multi billion dollar hedge fund I'm sure starting your own hedge fund isn't too hard.

For the rest of us starting a hedge fund seems like it's a massive headache.

The good news is picking stocks is much simpler than starting a hedge fund.

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Investment Fund Secrets Overview

Overall the program comes with 72 different training videos and 10 hours of instruction.

That's really not that much training based on the price and it seems impossible to learn how to start a hedge fund in 10 hours.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get:

The Funds Secrets Mastermind

The Fund Secrets Mastermind is the actual course where you'll learn how to start your hedge fund.

Some training you'll get includes:

  • Find deals and marketing positions
  • How to get partners
  • Starting your fund
  • Laws, regulation and compliance
  • Different documents you'll need
  • Accounting principles
  • How to raise capital

and more.

Ultimate Excel Vault

The Ultimate Excel Vault is a collection of finance models and templates you can use to track and report on your funds.

The Fund Launch Workbook

The launch workbook is like a cheat sheet of the course material.

It'll help you get through the training better and you can look back at it when you need to remember something.

Platinum Membership

The Membership is where you'll get mentorship from different fund managers.

This is probably the most valuable part of the offering.

You'll be able to work directly with people that know the hedge fund business model.. this way when you have a problem you can get answers.

Limited Partnership Agreement And Legal Templates

Bridger claims that the biggest cost of starting a hedge fund is the set up costs which can cost over $50,000.

He gives you 13 different templates of documents that you need to get set up.

I highly doubt these templates will cut too many costs, though. You'll likely still need a lawyer to get through everything.

Lawyer And Accountant Handhold

Investment Fund Secrets have accountants and lawyers on their team.

You can get help from them if you need it.

Keep in mind it won't be the same kind of assistance you'd get with your own lawyer or accountant. 

Full Access To Live Flip

This is a bonus and has nothing to do with starting a hedge fund.. instead it covers real estate investment and house flipping.

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Some Interesting Fine Print..

Investment Fund Secrets doesn't give financial or legal advice despite being a course that specifically teaches a financial business model and specifically boasts about giving legal advice.

Confused? Yeah me too but this is one of the disclaimers on their website:

Apparently the whole thing is just for entertainment purposes which makes sense.. starting a hedge fund without experience and a lawyer seems like a complete fantasy.

This is most likely just for legal protection, though, so I can understand why Bridger would put this in there.

However, there's something in the terms that raises some serious red flags:

So if you buy this course you're not allowed to ever talk about it unless you have positive things to say LOL.

This is such an absurd term and I wouldn't buy any course that has something like this in the terms.

If you have an issue and voice it publicly it looks like Bridger will sue you.. or at least have the ammo to sue you.

Investment Fund Secrets FAQ's

1) Is Investment Fund Secrets worth $5000?

I don't think so.

The whole thing just seems like a fantasy and Bridger admits in a disclaimer that this is all just entertainment.. and that this shouldn't be taken as financial or legal advice.

So do you want to pay $5000 for entertainment about hedge funds?

Of course not.

2) Is Bridger Pennington legit?

I really couldn't tell you because there's not too much out there about him.

He's a good marketer.. I'll give him that.

He does a good job promoting himself and the course.. I just don't know about his prowess as a hedge fund investor.

Did he get to where he is because of his own work or did his dad get him there?

3) What do I get with Investment Fund Secrets?

There's two different options.

One comes with just the core training and the second comes with a mastermind group where you can get help/network.

You also get some bonuses like legal templates and a separate real estate investing course.

4) Is there a payment plan?

Yes there's a payment plan.. you can pay over 3 months at $1697 per month. This comes out to $5091.

5) How much needed to start a hedge fund?

A lot.

There's no amount of templates that is going to change the fact you'll most likely need a lawyer to get started.

Some online resources claim that it can cost over 6 figures to get started and it doesn't seem possible for less than around $20,000.

This isn't a cheap way to make money. 

6) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there's a 30 day refund policy. However, you can't have taken more than 50% of the course and you need to attend one of the bi weekly coaching calls before getting your money back.

7) Is there better alternatives?


There's definitely better places to learn stocks and get stock picks.

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Investment Fund Secrets Pros And Cons

  • Good refund policy: There's some hoops you have to jump through but 30 days to get your money back is good. 
  • Only for entertainment purposes: The course teaches you how to start a hedge fund but the disclaimer EXPLICITLY states the whole thing is just for entertainment purposes. Do you really want to pay $5000 just to be entertained?
  • Bridger isn't self made: Starting a hedge fund without experience or needing a lawyer sounds nice.. until you know Bridger's father was a partner at a hedge fund that manages $25 billion in assets.
  • Can't talk about the course: If you buy the course you're not allowed to talk about it.. unless you have positive things to say!
  • Expensive: $5000 is a lot of money to learn a business model.. it's worse once you realize the course is technically just entertainment.
  • Expensive business model: At the very least you'll need tens of thousands to start a hedge fund.. that's a lot of money to gamble.
Is Investment Fund Secrets a scam?

I mean.. I don't if I'd go that far but it is all for entertainment.

That's stated in the disclaimer so don't expect any financial or legal advice from this course.

Again, that's stated in the disclaimer.

Kind of seems silly to pay thousands after hearing that, right?

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Investment Fund Secrets.

There's plenty of places where you can learn how to pick stocks for the long term and I've reviewed all the top programs that teach this.

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