Liv Labs is a newer MLM that sell various CBD products. 

If you've been approached to join this company as a distributor you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

You'll  find everything you need to know about Liv Labs below..

This includes a look at the products, a breakdown of the compensation plan, how much it is to join and more.

You'll know if this company is worth joining by the time you're done. 

Liv Labs Summary

Leaders: David and Debbie Reader

Price to join: $19.95 per year + optional starter packs ($239.85 to $1175)

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

Liv Labs is a multi-level marketing company that sells CBD products.

MLM's are very hard to succeed with and only about 1% of people make any real money.

Plus CBD is a competitive market and it's going to be hard to make any sales.

The one positive is the compensation plan is solid and it's designed so a pyramid scheme can't take place.

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Who are the Leaders Of Liv Labs?

The presidents of Liv Labs is David and Debbie Reeder.

They two have a pretty big black mark on their record and that is they were one of the biggest earners at another MLM called Vemma

The problem with Vemma is it was a HUGE pyramid scheme and was sued by the FTC.

As a result of this lawsuit Vemma had to agree to a $238 million settlement

David and Debbie were responsible for thousands of people joining Vemma and likely made millions in the process.

Pyramid schemes are impossible to succeed with unless you're on the top, like David and Debbie Reeder were.

So this isn't good... but did David and Debbie learn their lesson?

Is Liv Labs A Pyramid Scheme?

Fortunately David and Debbie seemed to learn their lesson from their time at Vemma because Liv Labs is NOT a pyramid scheme.

Now it is a multi-level marketing scheme which takes the shape of a pyramid but to be a pyramid scheme (which is illegal) you have to be doing specific things.

The most common kind of pyramid scheme is a product based pyramid scheme. 

This happens when the majority of a multi-level marketing's revenue comes from recruiting and not retail sales.

For instance, some MLM's make new recruits buy products every month.. if the revenue from this is more than the revenue from customers than it's an illegal pyramid scheme.

The other way a pyramid scheme exists is if there's no product at all and recruitment is the only way to make money.

Liv Labs guards against both of these pyramid schemes but putting safe guards in the compensation plan.

You can't move up in rank unless you make a certain amount of retail sales.. this is a good thing.

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MLM's Are Hard To Succeed With

Even though Liv Labs isn't an illegal pyramid scheme it still is going to be hard to succeed with.

The main reason is recruiting is hard and selling to friends is very, very awkward.

In order to make anything significant from recruiting you'll need to have hundreds of people in your downline.

How many people can you realistically recruit? 5? 2? 1?

Do you really want to recruit friends and family into this scheme.. a scheme that's going be very hard to make any money with?

Additionally, there's a million different CBD products out there and there's nothing really special about Liv Labs products.

In fact Liv Lab's products are pretty expensive.

For example, their softgel product only comes with 30 softgels and costs $89.99!

That's a lot and will be hard to make sales with that cost.

Here's some more eye opening MLM stats:

As you can see this is a bad business model to get involved in.

How Much To Join Liv Labs?

Joining Liv Labs will cost you $19.95 per month.

There's also an option to get a Brand Partner Pack. There's three options and they are:

  • Starter Partner Pack - $230.85
  • Builder Partner Pack - $587.75
  • Liv PLanet Hemp Founders Pack - $1175

That's not that bad and it's good there's no requirements to buy products (again this prevents a pyramid scheme from happening.

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Liv Labs Compensation Plan Overview

All MLM compensation plans are long and most normal people won't be able to comprehend them.

The Liv Labs compensation plan is 17 pages and you can read it here.

I'm going to summarize each part so you can understand exactly how you make money here.

Affiliate Ranks

There's 12 different ranks you can achieve at Liv Labs and you get various bonuses at each level.

For example, the higher the rank you get the more you get paid from recruiting.

Additionally, you go from one rank to another but hitting certain retail and recruitment goals as well as reaching group sales (downline) goals.

Here's the various ranks:

  • Partner
  • Active partner
  • VIP partner
  • 3k VIP partner
  • 9k VIP partner
  • 15k VIP partner
  • 30k VIP partner
  • 60k VIP partner
  • Diamond Partner
  • Double diamond partner
  • Triple diamond Partner 
  • Black diamond partner

Retail Sales

The compensation structure at Liv Labs is uni-level which looks like the following:

You're at the top and the people below you are the people you personally recruited.

Your personal recruits are level 1 and you can earn up to level 4.

Here's the percentage of each sale that you get depending on the level it was made at:

  • Level 1 - 40% commissions
  • Level 2 - 5% commissions
  • Level 3 and 4 - 10% commissions

Residual Commissions

Your residual commissions depend on your rank and how many levels you have in your downline.

Here's how much you make on residual commissions based on your rank and the level a sale happens on:

Various Bonuses

There's various bonuses you can earn at Liv Labs as well.

For example if you go VIP in 14 days you get a $200 bonus, if you go VIP Plus $400 bonus, if you go VIP Max in 60 days you get a $800 bonus.

You also get one time bonuses for moving up in rank past the second VIP rank (no time table).

Here's the bonus you get for each time you reach a new rank:

  • When you reach 3k VIP Partner - $300
  • When you reach 9k VIP Partner - $900
  • When you reach 15k VIP Partner - $1500
  • When you reach 30k VIP Partner - $3000
  • When you reach 60k VIP Partner - $6000
  • When you reach Diamond Partner - $10,000
  • When you reach Double Diamond Partner - $25,000
  • When you reach Triple Diamond Partner - $50,000
  • When you reach Black Diamond Partner - $75,000

Additionally, you get monthly rewards depending on your rank.

Here's the monthly bonuses you get depending on your rank:

  • 3k VIP - $100 per month
  • 9k VIP - $250 per month
  • 15k VIP - $400 per month
  • 30k VIP - $800 per month
  • 60k VIP - $1200 per month
  • Diamond - $1800 per month
  • Double Diamond - $5000 per month
  • Triple Diamond - $7500 per month
  • Black Diamond - $10,000 per month.

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Liv Labs FAQ's

1) Is Liv Labs worth it?

Only if you have had success with MLM's before. If you're just looking to make money as side hustle I'd look elsewhere.

MLM's are hard to succeed with and none of your family is going to appreciate you trying to sell them products.

But if you're already in the MLM world this is a good one to join because it's not a pyramid scheme.

2) Where is Liv Labs based out of?

Liv labs is based out of Melissa, Texas and most of the customers for their products are in America. 

3) Is Liv Labs legal?

Many MLM's end up being illegal because their compensating plans make them a pyramid scheme.

However, Liv Labs has a legitimate compensation plan and makes Liv Labs legal.

4) How do you make money with Liv Labs?

The main way you'll make money is through recruitment.

The bigger your downline is the more commissions you get and the higher the rank you obtain (which comes with bonuses).

Additionally, you'll need to keep retail customers as well and the higher in rank you get the more retail customers you'll need.

5) Are there better ways to make money?

Yes, there's much better ways to make money from home and online. To see my favorite place that teaches this, click below:

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Liv Labs Pros And Cons

  • Solid compensation plan: The compensation plan is solid.. it's set up so a pyramid scheme won't form.
  • Expensive products: There's a lot of CBD products out there.. and most are more affordable than the products at Liv Labs. This will make retail sales hard.
  • Low success rate: 99% of people lose money with MLM's.. this is a tough business model to succeed with.
  • Recruiting sucks: Recruiting is a horrible way to make money.. no one likes to be recruited into these schemes. 
Is Liv Labs a scam?

No I don't think so.

There's legitimate products at Liv Labs and the compensation plan makes it a legit way to make money.

It's just going to be very hard to make anything significant here.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Liv Labs.

There's so many ways to make money online and from home there's no need to join a MLM.

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