Jeff Siegel is running a stock presentation hyping up a company with "solar window" technology.

This isn't a new presentation, though..

In fact, Jeff has been hyping up this mystery company for over 10 years now.

Unfortunately, Jeff doesn't tell you the name of the stock he's teasing BUT that's not a problem.

There's enough clues to figure it out without buying Jeff's newsletter.

If you want to learn the name of the company Jeff is teasing watch the video below where I detail every aspect of this company:

Jeff Siegel Solar Window FAQ's

Don't feel like watching the entire video? You should - every question you have about this presentation is answered in the video up top.

However, if you're strapped for time here's an overview of what's covered in the video.

1) What Stock Is Jeff Siegel Teasing?

Jeff is teasing a company called SolarWindow.

This company makes transparent, thin solar panel film that replaces windows.

2) Is SolarWindow Worth Investing In? 

It's definitely an interesting company and the product may be valuable in the future.

On the plus side the stock seems to really pop every few years:

It seems like it gets to around $10 and then comes back to around $2.

Just recently it popped to $34.

That's a nice 10X gain if you bought at the right time.

However, the company has issues.

There was a coup d'etat to oust the CEO and they set commercialization goals a few years ago that they're still far from reaching.

An interesting strategy would be to buy when it's low, sell off on the pop and then take some of your earnings and re-buy the stock after once it goes back down.

Rinse and repeat.

I call this ground breaking strategy buying low and selling high.

3) Is Jeff Siegel Legit?

I wrote a review on Jeff Siegel on another one of my websites.

In this review I looked at Jeff's stock picking performance and it hasn't been great. 

Basically every stock I looked at had been a loser.

For example, look at a stock Jeff picked back in November 2021:

Jeff claimed this stock would be wildly successful but has lost A LOT of money since then.

Most of Jeff's recommendations that I've looked at have performed like this. 

4) Should I Buy Green Chip Stock Newsletter?

The whole point of Jeff's pitch is to get you to buy his newsletter, Green Chip Stock.

Now that you know the stock Jeff is pitching you no longer have to buy the newsletter unless you want to.

It does actually get semi-decent reviews from customers but I'd personally pass on it.

The stocks I've looked at haven't been great and the company is owned by Agora, which recently had to pay millions of dollars for defrauding seniors citizens.

Wrapping Things Up

If you watched the entire video up top you'll know everything you need to know about Jeff Siegel's Solar Window stock teaser.

You know the stock, you know some background information on the company and you got a look into who exactly Jeff is.

Whether you buy the stock is up to you but I'd personally pass on Green Chip Stocks. 

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