Jenna Kutcher is a popular and successful marketer and has courses about various topics (Instagram, Pinterest, building an email list, starting a podcast, starting a photography business and a course on content creation).

Her courses are a little pricey, though, and you're probably wondering if they're worth it..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Jenna Kutcher and her training programs - you'll know whether to buy them by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Jenna Kutcher Summary

Products: Instagram Lab, Pinterest Lab, List to Launch, The Podcast Lab, The Photo Lab, The Insta Essentials, The Content Lab

Price: $197 to $997

Do I recommend? Depends.

Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

Jenna Kutcher is obviously an excellent internet marketer and it shows with what she's been able to build.

She's got herself a an empire.

But does that mean her training will translate to success for you? It might but the courses are expensive and pretty short.

There's better and cheaper alternative ways to learn what these courses teach.

Better opportunity: If you want training that teaches ALL aspects of internet marketing (not just specific parts) click below:

Who Is Jenna Kutcher?

Jenna Kutcher is a marketer through and through.

To her own admission she's obsessed with marketing. 

This apparently has been very profitable for because it's been reported she makes millions a year.

Good for her.

Her type of marketing does have drawbacks, though.

Jenna Kutcher is the type of person where it never seems to shut off. It makes her millions but it seems to kind of cost her some humanity.

Every moment with her husband and kids turns into a marketing ploy.

Somehow she even managed to get caught up in racist allegations after the George Floyd protests in America.

Apparently she took pictures of two Haitian boys in 2017 and someone got offended it promoted white savior syndrome (or something crazy like that).

Jenna dismissed it then and it came back up in May 2020.

This is how she responded:

She just can't turn off the marketer in her. This reads like a cookie cutter corporate statement, not like one that comes from a real person.

Now I really didn't investigate this incident much and it all sounds pretty harmless to me.

I probably wouldn't have apologized at all.

It's just funny to see people who have turned themselves into 24/7 brands deal with controversy. 

The reason I mention this is it's obvious to me why Jenna is successful. This is her LIFE. 

It doesn't take breaks.

Can her courses teach you to do that? Maybe. 

But there's ways to make money online and with social media that doesn't involve turning your life into a pseudo-reality show. 

A Look At Jenna's Courses

Enough about the personal dramas of Jenna - let's take a look at the different courses she offers.

The Instagram Lab ($297) 

The Instagram Lab is Jenna's most popular course and over 6,000 people have bought this course.

Jenna is clearly on expert on Instagram because she has nearly 1 million followers on that platform.

In this course you'll learn about the following:

  • What to post and building a brand
  • How to write captions that both people and the Instagram algorithm will love
  • How to plan your posts in advance
  • How to convert your followers into paying clients.

Additionally, with this course you get some extras like a Private Facebook Group where you can interact with out students. 

The Pinterest Lab ($197) 

This course is very similar to the last one but instead focuses on Pinterest.

Pinterest is definitely a money maker for people interested in creating their own lifestyle brands.

In this course you get the following training:

  • Understanding who your audience is and how to reach them
  • Planning your content in advanced
  • Converting traffic
  • Analyzing your results and making adjustments

You also get access to a Facebook Group with this course as well.

List To Launch ($497)

This course is definitely overpriced.

There's plenty of email courses that are much better in quality when compared to this one and cheaper.

Here's a breakdown of what you get from this course:

  • A look at email marketing strategy to get your first 1000 subscribers
  • Implementing your email marketing strategy
  • Analyzing results

You also get some extras like email templates and other tips to succeed with email marketing.

The Podcast Lab ($297)

Jenna also has a pretty popular podcast called Goal Digger where she goes over marketing subjects and things like that. 

This training covers the following:

  • Planning your podcast and finding out what you'll be talking about
  • Recording and editing your podcast
  • How to publish your podcast
  • How to launch your podcast
  • How to monetize your podcast
  • Templates and checklists

The Photo Lab ($997)

Photography is apparently how Jenna got her start into marketing and entrepreneurship.

She bought a $300 camera online and the rest was history.

This is the most expensive course she offers and here's what you'll learn here:

  • How to brand yourself
  • How to find ideal clients
  • Step by step plan to grow your business
  • How to communicate with clients and communication templates
  • How to leverage social media
  • Bunch of templates for various aspects of your business

The Content Lab ($197)

The last course we're going to look at is The Content Lab. 

In this training you'll get:

  • A look at creating content on different platforms
  • How to create content outlines
  • Creating content
  • Different content promotion strategies
  • Refining your content strategy

30 Day Refund Policy

There's a 30 day refund with all of these courses but it is not a no questions asked refund.

You have to show that you did the work in the courses to get your money back.

Here's a list of what you need to do to get the refund:

Jenna Kutcher Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about Jenna


  • Great marketer: Jenna Kutcher is a marketing expert - nobody can take this away from her. She's turned her Minnesota life into a multimillion dollar per year empire.
  • Decent training: Jenna is good at what she teaches. Do I think she's the best at each? No. But she's still competent enough to be a good teacher.


  • Expensive: The courses aren't overly expensive but they're definitely a little expensive. There's courses that you can find in each category that are just as good (or better) and cost less. 
  • Short courses: These courses are pretty short and I think could benefit from adding more training. 
  • Jenna is a lifestyle marketer: Jenna is a brand. She's in brand mode 24/7. I find it better to just learn a skill and make money that way. 

Is Jenna Kutcher A Scam?

No, I don't think so.

She's just a marketer who brands herself well. It's what she does and what her life is.

I think this type of marketing can work if you really sell it but I personally I'm not a fan.

I'd rather just market quality services and not make myself the main selling point.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Jenna is a world class marketer but that really won't translate to you necessarily. 

There's better training out there about each topic.

In fact, my favorite online marketing course covers many of these topics and costs less.

So if you're interested in one course to teach you how to be an expert internet marketer, click below:


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