Jumpstart Trading is a day trading brand run by a guy named Adam Abbas.

Their main product is Order Flow Pro.

However, the course is pricey, so before spending over $1000 on it, I'm sure you want to know if it's legit or a scam.

I'll answer that question in this review.

Additionally, I'll go over any red flags that I find and give you an idea of what you're getting.

You'll know if Jumpstart Trading is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Jumpstart Trading Summary

Creator: Adam Abbas

Price to join: $1497

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

I don't really recommend any day trading courses because it's basically impossible to succeed with day trading.

The success rate is about 1%, and most people lose a lot of money.

Jumpstart Trading admits you're likely to lose money.

Adam doesn't provide his last name, and there's not really a lot known about him.

This is a red flag.

Lastly, the course is pricey and will cost $1497.

That's too much for a day trading course because there are a lot of free or cheaper alternatives.

Add this all up, and I'd say pass.

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Day Trading Will Lose You Money

Day traders almost never succeed.

That's not me saying this either. This is coming straight from Jumpstart Trading:

Of course, you have to find this warning in the fine print after you scroll to the bottom of the page and click a link.

Here's something no day trading guru wants you to know: the success rate for day traders is about 1%.

There have been massive day trading studies that have followed hundreds of thousands of day traders and come to the same conclusion.

Basically, no one who tries day trading will make money.

The reason is pretty simple.

It's impossible to constantly be able to guess where a stock's price is going to be in a few hours.

There are too many factors involved to be able to project the price movement of a stock in such a short period of time.

Day trading gurus will try to tell you they have a secret algorithm or special patterns that can accurately predict where a stock's price is going to be.

But it's all bull.

It's basically on the same level as horoscopes and stuff like that.

Don't take my word for it, either.

Here's what Warren Buffet had to say about technical analysis (the main way day traders trade):

What Buffet is saying here is that technical analysis can give you any answer that you want.

If you want it to say a stock's price is going up, it can. And that same chart will tell you the stock price is going down.

Long-term investing will always be the most superior way to trade.

Long-term investing pretty much guarantees profits over time, unlike day trading.

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Not Much Is Known About Adam

Adam keeps a low profile and doesn't give away too much information about who he is.

Now some of you might think it's fine to be anonymous on the internet, and in most cases, it's fine.

But when you're selling a trading course for over $1,000, it's not acceptable to keep your past hidden.

You should allow people to investigate your past and see how legitimate you are.

However, Adam gives away basically nothing about his past.

After digging around, I was able to find his LinkedIn, and his last name is Abbas.

Before launching Jumpstart Trading, Adam worked for Great Point Capital.

Here, Adam claims he had a lot of success as a prop trader.

But other than that, there's no transparency into Adam and his trading capabilities.

He doesn't list his results or show his trades.

And in my mind, there's only one reason a person would hide this information.

What Is Jumpstart Trading Offering?

There's really just one product being sold at Jumpstart Trading, and that's Order Flow Pro.

There's a free course, but it's your typical webinar that's part of a larger sales funnel.

Basically, it's meant to just hype up Order Flow Pro and convince you to buy that course.

Overall, Order Flow Pro is a pretty typical day trading course.

Here's a breakdown of everything that you get:

  • Getting Started: This is just an introduction to the course. Here you will learn how everything works, get access to the Discord chat, and learn a little about trading psychology.
  • Context Module: Here's where you'll learn some standard day trading concepts like trading volume analysis, moving averages, and Adam's pre-market analysis.
  • Pattern Module: This is where you'll learn some technical analysis and chart patterns to predict price movement (remember, Buffet says this is all BS).
  • Strategy Development Module: In this section, you'll learn important day trading strategies. This includes risk management, back testing, and things like that.
  • Preparing to Go Live: In this section, you'll take the steps needed to start trading a live account. This means learning how to simulate our trades and create a trading journal.

And that's pretty much it.

Honestly, the course isn't anything special, and you can find this stuff all over the internet for free.

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Jumpstart Trading FAQ's

Still have some questions about this trading program?

Here are answers to any questions you might have.

1) How much does Jumpstart Trading cost?

The main course that we covered in the last section will cost $1497.

Honestly, I think that's way too much for what you're getting.

The course covers the basics of day trading and is the same stuff you can find on a million free YouTube channels.

The concepts of day trading are well known.

Get some risk management strategies, learn some price movement patterns, and stuff like that.

If this course were $200, I think it would be much more reasonable.

2) Are there refunds?

It doesn't really look like it.

This is what I found in the terms of service:

So it seems like there's a promotion version of this course that goes out that comes with a 7-day refund.

However, if you just go right to the Jumpstart Trading website, you won't see anything mentioned about a 7-day refund.

So unless you buy the special promotion, it looks like you won't be getting a refund.

3) Are there any customer reviews?

There are some testimonials on the Facebook group, but I wouldn't really trust them.

Many of those are beginners who just signed up and haven't really had success yet.

Outside of this Facebook group, I couldn't find any testimonials or reviews.

4) How much do I need to get started?

So there's the price of the course, which is $1497, but you'll need money to trade with as well.

There are many laws and regulations covering day trading in America.

If you want to trade more than three times a week, you'll need $25,000 in your trading account.

Anything less, and you're restricted to three or fewer trades per week.

As a day trader, you'll need to trade more than three times a week.

I've reviewed dozens of day trading courses and programs, and I've never once seen a guru mention you need a minimum of $25,000 to get started.

I guess they know most of their customers don't have it.

5) Are there trading signals?

No, which is a good thing.

I've never seen a signal program that actually made people money.

And the only way a signal program can have any chance of working is if you lock in the trade the second the signal goes out.

Otherwise, the price will change by the time you make the trade.

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Jumpstart Trading Pros And Cons

  • You'll get the basics: If you truly want to defy the odds and be successful with day trading you will get the basics here.
  • Too expensive: The course isn't anything special yet the price is a premium. No need to pay so much to learn day trading.
  • No refunds: It seems only special promotions get refunds. That's not good.
  • Day trading success rate: Day trading has a 1% success rate. It's not worth doing. 
  • Adam doesn't show results: I have no clue how well Adam trades because he doesn't show his results. 

Wrapping Things Up

This isn't the first time that I've reviewed a day trading course.

Most of them are pretty much the same.

They're either a young kid who just learned what day trading is or some "experienced" guy who doesn't prove his results.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what you learn when it comes to day trading.

The success rate is 1%.

This makes it one of the hardest things in the world to succeed at.

Why torture yourself trying to learn day trading?

There are easier ways to invest and make money.

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