Karim Rahemtulla is out with a new stock teaser for his newsletter.

The headline is "The Nuclear Miracle," and Karim is calling a certain mystery company "the last great value stock."

The good news is that Rahemtulla left enough clues in the presentation to figure out the stock, and I reveal it below.

Plus, I'll give you a little information on the stock so you can determine if it's worth investing in.

Let's get started!

The Nuclear Miracle Summary

Creator: Karim Rahemtulla 

Newsletter: Trade Of The Day Plus

Stock: Rolls Royce

Karim Rahemtulla is pitching Rolls Royce in this new stock teaser.

He focuses mainly on their ability to create small modular reactors, but that's a small part of their business.

Rolls-Royce is mainly known for their luxury cars and for creating engines for different commercial airlines.

This is a stock that many investors like at the moment, and most analysts believe it has the potential to hit around $3 to $4 this year.

They were down significantly due to COVID, but as air travel picks up again and China starts to reopen, revenue is growing.

There's a new management team in place now as well, and they seem focused on growth.

On the downside, Rolls-Royce has very slim margins and carries a lot of debt.

Getting loans, growth, and research could be hampered by this.

So it's a risky bet, and if you buy, you should expect a lot of volatility.

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The Nuclear Miracle FAQ's

Still have questions about this stock teaser?

These FAQs should answer all your questions:

1) What is the theme of this presentation?

Rahim Rahemtulla's "nuclear miracle" stock teaser is a pretty standard one.

Mainly, Rahim is focusing on energy and how a $1 stock is going to revolutionize nuclear energy.

According to Rahim, nuclear fission is expensive and doesn't produce enough energy.

He believes this technology is decades away from being a viable option for the public.

Rahm believes a certain company has the answer, though, and is creating products that can power over a million homes.

And he claims this is a company that we've all heard of!

2) What clues does Karim give about this company?

This was actually a pretty easy stock to figure out because Karim gave us a lot of clues.

The clues are:

  • Forbes' top 50 most admired companies
  • Make jet engines for the Airbus A330.
  • $2.6 billion deal to supply F130 jet engines to the Air Force
  • Build methanol engines for ships.
  • Build fishing boats and luxury yachts.

And more.

All clues lead to the luxury brand Rolls Royce being the company Karim is recommending.

Here's a screenshot from the Rolls Royce website showing their modular reactors, which is the technology that Karim is talking about:

So is this a company worth investing in?

We'll tackle that in the next section.

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3) Is Rolls Royce worth investing in?

Rolls-Royce is a British manufacturer of premium automobiles and aircraft engines.

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce created the company in 1904, and it is known for producing some of the most prestigious and expensive automobiles in the world, including the Phantom, Ghost, and Wraith models.

Rolls-Royce, in addition to its automotive branch, designs, develops, and manufactures engines for a wide range of aircraft, including commercial jets, military planes, and helicopters.

Rolls-Royce is regarded as a symbol of elegance, quality, and craftsmanship, and its products are greatly desired by discerning buyers worldwide.

While Rolls Royce does make module reactors, that's not a major source of their income.

The main source of Rolls Royce is luxury cars and jet engines.

So is it worth investing in?

Here are some pros of the Rolls Royce:

Pros for Rolls Royce

A good number of analysts are predicting the stock to get to around $3.50, with some aiming higher.

Karim believes the stock has a shot at getting to $50, but I doubt that happens any time soon.

This stock has never really gone over $20 before, and while there was a major sell-off because of the pandemic of this company, people were already selling the stock.

But with air travel returning to normal and China reopening, Rolls-Royce is expected to grow.

Additionally, earnings are up 80% from the previous year.

Again, this is due to the world's reopening from COVID.

Lastly, the management team is new, and the CEO seems focused on growth.

Cons for Rolls Royce

On the flipside, there are concerns about this company.

The main thing to worry about at Rolls-Royce is that they carry a lot of debt and their margins are super thin.

The debt makes it harder to get loans, and without loans, it's harder to fund research.

And without doing research, you can't grow.

Additionally, the company had $11.22 billion in revenue and a gross profit of $2.14 billion.

Rolls-Royce has to work on those margins to grow into the future.

4) Should I buy Trade A Day Plus?

Now that you know the stock, you don't need to buy this newsletter to figure it out.

However, you might still be interested in this newsletter.

Is it worth buying?

I haven't actually reviewed this newsletter yet, but it is an Agora newsletter, which isn't good.

Agora is a predatory company, and most of their newsletters stink.

The cost of Trade A Day Plus is very cheap and can be bought for $49.

However, the sales funnel you'll be put into is very aggressive, and Agora will try to nickel and dime you.

So I personally don't like to buy from Agora.

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Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my post detailing Karim Rahemtulla's "nuclear miracle" stock teaser.

He's recommending Rolls Royce based on their products in energy.

However, that's just a small part of the company.

Their main business is luxury cars and jet engines.

A lot of people like Rolls-Royce, and the stock has surged 80% in the last few months.

Is there still room to grow?

Many analysts think so, but there are definitely risks.

Are you thinking about buying this stock?

Let me know below what you think!

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