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Kevin Talbot Ebay Course Summary

Course: Kevin Talbot Ebay Course

Business model: Selling on Ebay

Price: $397

Do I recommend? Yes, but there's better out there. 

Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

Kevin Talbot is a Youtuber who also sells on Ebay.

He's apparently done quite well doing so and I think is course on Ebay is pretty well made.

The main problems is it's short and skips over some important concepts like taxes, dealing with returns, scaling and anything like that.

Plus there's better ways than Ebay to sell online.

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Ebay Vs. Dropshipping

At one point selling on Ebay was one of the best ways to make money online..

But that was a while ago.

Ebay isn't really the place people go for products anymore unless you're trying to buy something that's out of stock elsewhere.

People obviously will check Amazon or Walmart or Target or one of these mega corporations before heading over to Ebay.

The problem is you can't sell on Walmart or Target and selling on Amazon is pricey.

That's why most people who start selling online try dropshipping instead. 

With dropshipping you create a store on Shopify for $29 per month and you import products into your store.

The good thing is you don't actually buy the products or ship them.

That's done by a third party.

You just have to drive traffic to your offers.

This is a much easier and cost effective way to sell online.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out this affordable course that teaches how to do this. 

Who Is Kevin Talbot?

Kevin Talbot is a pretty interesting guy.

When doing research I expected to see his main Youtube channel about Ebay and making money online.

To my surprise it wasn't about that, though.

It's about remote control toy trucks and it's a HUGE channel.

In fact he was over 600,000 subscribers and has videos that have millions of views.

He posts everyday and his videos regularly get 100,000 views.

He runs a little ad for his course in each of his videos.

Kevin also has a Youtube channel that teaches selling on Ebay.

This channel is called Kev Talbott:

This channel is half information and half clickbait.

You'll get tips on selling on Ebay and you'll also get videos on mindset and his lamborghini. 

Course Overview

Overall, this Ebay course is brisk and there's 11 modules in total. 

Here's a breakdown of each section.


This is a typical introduction module and just goes over what you'll be learning, the content of the course and how much you can make.

Step 1 - Getting Started

Step 1 just has two videos and goes over the legal aspects of selling on ebay.

Step 2 - Accounts To Set Up

This is a simple section on creating different accounts necessary if you plan on selling on Ebay.

This includes creating an email, bank account, Ebay account, Paypal account and an Aliexpress and Alibaba account. 

Step 3 - Ebay Store

This is a very short section and only has one video that's a little over 2 minutes long.

It's just about how Ebay works. 

Step 4 - Feedback

This section is another short one and only has one 4 minute video.

It's about getting feedback that way you can build trust between yourself and potential customers. 

Step 5 - Finding Products

This is the longest module in the course and it's broken into two parts.

Finding products is obviously very important so it's a good thing this section has the most training.

In all there's 13 videos and you'll learn the following:

  • Finding products from China (Aliexpress and Alibaba)
  • Spying on Ebay competition
  • Brande products
  • Different product research tools
  • Markup ideas
  • A look into Lego

Step 6 - Taking Photos

This is a one video section and quickly goes over how to take photos of your products to make them sell more.

Step 7 - Edit Pictures

This section is only one video long and goes over how to edit your photos to make them look as good as possible. 

Step 8 - Keyword Research

This section will teach you how to get free traffic in Ebay. 

Basically you target keywords and when people look for that keyword (product) in Ebay your store will show up. 

Step 9 - List Creation

This is the second longest module from this course.

You'll learn how to make your listing look as attractive as possible in this section which will increase sales.

In this module you'll get training on:

  • Adding images
  • How to list an item
  • How to sell products at a higher price than your competition
  • Creating urgency
  • Making yourself stand out
  • 11 things you must do to sell your items

Step 10 - Postage

Step 10 has two videos and they're about shipping your products.

Step 11 - Customer Service And Template Email Responses

The last section is just a quick overview on how to do deal with customer service and email templates.

30 Day Refund Policy

The refund policy here is really good. 

Apparently it's a no questions asked refund policy and all you have to do is request one.

According to Kevin no one has ever been denied a request for a refund.

This Is A Short Course

At first I thought this course was going to be actually pretty long because it had so many modules.

Most courses only have 6 or 7 and this one has 11 plus some bonuses.

But once you look at the course content you realize this is actually a very short course.

Most section only have one or two videos and some sections are only about 2 minutes long.

This course is missing a few topics like dealing with taxes, dealing with returns and things like that. 

Step 3 (setting up your store) was WAY too short and definitely needed to be longer than 2 minutes.

For $397 you would expect more than what you're getting here.

Kevin Talbot Ebay Course Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about this course


  • Successful teacher: Kevin clearly is a successful seller on Ebay. He may make money from his RC channel but you can tell Ebay is bringing him a lot of money.
  • Good refund policy: Many online courses will have a refund policy but you have to prove you took action and all of this other stuff. Kevin claims everyone who asks for a refund within 30 days of purchasing will get a refund. 


  • Way too short: This course needs to be a little more thorough. Some sections, like setting up you store, could have been 3 times as long. 
  • Pricey: If this course was $99 or $199 I would think it would be fair. But at $397 this price is too much for what you're getting.
  • Dying business model: Ebay used to be king. Used to be. Not anymore, though. Most people probably wouldn't even consider buying off Ebay at this point. I'd learn Shopify or Amazon instead.

Is This Course A Scam?

Definitely not.

This is a legitimate course from a legitimate teacher - selling on Ebay is a legitimate way to make money too.

I think this course can help you make money online.

I just don't think it's the best course to do that or the best business model to do so.

There's other options that are better today and easier to do. I would look into them instead.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Kevin Talbott's Ebay course isn't bad but there's better out there.

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Ecom Elites teaches ecommerce and this business model is much better than selling on Ebay.

Plus this course is cheaper than Kevin's and comes with a lot more training.

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