Marc Chaikin has been around for a long time and has been recommending stocks for years now.

In his most recent stock teaser, he hints at 5 AI companies that he's "buying right now."

Marc calls them his "AI Power Picks."

However, Chaikin wants you to sign up for his newsletter to learn the names of these stocks.

The good news is that he left enough clues in the presentation to figure out the names of the stocks, and I reveal them below.

On top of all this, I'll give you some information on each stock so you can determine if they're good or not.

Let's get started!

Marc Chaikin's AI Power Picks Summary

Creator: Marc Chaikin

Newsletter: Power Gauge Report

Stocks: Alphabet, IBM, CrowdStrike, Box and Adobe

This teaser has been running for about 6 months now, and I just wanted to come back and update on how it's performed.

AI stock picks as a whole have done very well and had a good 2023.

All the stock picks that Marc recommended are besides Box, which is down about 20%.

That hurt the overall performance of Marc's 5 Power AI stock picks.

Crowdstrike has been the best performing of these 5 and is up over 50% since being recommended last summer.

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Breaking Down Marc's AI Power Picks

I'm sure if you watched Marc's entire stock teaser you have some questions.

Here's an overview of the stock teaser, along with the picks:

Are We Facing An AI Bubble?

Before Marc gets into his spiel about his picks, he starts with a warning, which he often does with his stock presentations.

Today's warning focuses on the hottest sector in all of investing right now, and that is AI.

Marc believes we're in a mania, and as the chart above shows, no mania lasts forever.

He goes back to the 1970s, when gold faced its bubble, and goes all the way to Bitcoin today.

This is something that I obviously agree with.

You see this with sectors all the time.

Once one sector becomes popular, investors rush into buying stocks in companies they know nothing about.

And this dramatically inflates the value of companies.

Eventually, investors get bored and move their money elsewhere.

I'm sure this is happening to AI right now.

There have been massive surges in stock prices for companies that have very vague-sounding services and are not even close to profiting.

AI Power Pick #1: Alphabet

Marc's first AI pick is Alphabet.

Here's some investing info on Alphabet:

How Alphabet Uses AI to Enhance Its Products and Services

Alphabet, the parent company of Google and a tech behemoth in its own right, stands as a prime example of how AI is not just the future, but the present driving force for success. Their extensive involvement in AI research, development, and implementation paints a vivid picture of how the technology is impacting various aspects of their business, and ultimately, their potential for exponential growth.

Here's a closer look at Alphabet's AI landscape:

  • Search and Advertising: Google Search, the company's bread and butter, is powered by AI algorithms that analyze user queries and deliver the most relevant results in a blink. This personalization, driven by AI, keeps users engaged and reinforces Google's dominance in the search engine market. Similarly, AI algorithms play a crucial role in targeted advertising, allowing Google to show users ads that are more likely to resonate with their interests, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Cloud Computing: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is rapidly gaining traction in the cloud computing market, and AI is a key differentiator. GCP offers a variety of AI-powered tools and services, such as AutoML for building custom machine learning models and Dialogflow for creating conversational AI experiences. This allows businesses to leverage cutting-edge AI technology without investing in their own infrastructure, making GCP a compelling choice for a wide range of clients.
  • DeepMind and Waymo: Alphabet's subsidiaries, DeepMind and Waymo, are at the forefront of AI innovation in two key areas: artificial general intelligence (AGI) and self-driving cars. DeepMind is making significant strides in developing AGI, with its AlphaFold protein folding project being a landmark achievement. Waymo, on the other hand, is leading the charge in self-driving technology, with its robotaxis currently operating in several US cities. These advancements hold immense potential for disrupting various industries and driving future growth for Alphabet.
  • Hardware and Infrastructure: Alphabet invests heavily in custom-designed hardware, particularly Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), specifically optimized for AI tasks. These powerful chips significantly accelerate AI training and inference, giving Alphabet a competitive edge in developing and deploying AI-powered solutions.

Beyond these specific examples, Alphabet's overall approach to AI is noteworthy:

  • Focus on ethical AI: Alphabet has established AI Principles that guide their development and deployment of AI technology, emphasizing responsible use and addressing potential ethical concerns. This proactive approach helps build trust and mitigate risks associated with AI.
  • Openness and collaboration: Alphabet активно участвует в исследованиях ИИ и сотрудничает с другими экспертами и организациями. Это ускоряет прогресс в области ИИ и способствует более широкому внедрению технологии.

In conclusion, Alphabet's deep integration with AI across various aspects of its business positions them as a leader in the AI revolution. Their investments in research, development, and ethical practices suggest a long-term commitment to harnessing the power of AI for growth and positive societal impact.

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AI Power Pick #2: IBM

The second pick from Marc is IBM.

Here's some investing info on IBM:

How IBM Uses AI to Enhance Its Products and Services

IBM, a historical technology titan, is experiencing a resurgence thanks to its strategic embrace of AI. It's a story of a tech giant reinventing itself by becoming an AI powerhouse, positioning itself for significant future growth.

Here's how IBM is leveraging AI across its different domains:

  • Hybrid Cloud Leadership: IBM's hybrid cloud platform, IBM Cloud, leverages AI to optimize workloads, automate data management, and deliver secure, intelligent services. This allows businesses to seamlessly blend on-premises and cloud resources, a critical advantage in the hybrid cloud era.
  • Watson: The AI Powerhouse: The iconic Watson platform plays a central role in IBM's AI strategy. Watson offers a suite of tools and services for natural language processing, machine learning, and automation. Organizations utilize Watson for tasks like fraud detection, personalized customer experiences, and scientific research.
  • Industry Solutions: IBM tailors its AI solutions to specific industries, from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and retail. For example, Watson Health AI helps in drug discovery and precision medicine, while IBM Food Trust uses blockchain and AI to improve food traceability and safety.
  • Quantum Computing: IBM is a pioneer in quantum computing, which promises to revolutionize various fields like materials science, finance, and drug discovery. By integrating AI with quantum computing, IBM is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in technological innovation.

Beyond specific applications, IBM's approach to AI is characterized by:

  • Openness and Trust: IBM actively contributes to open-source projects and collaborates with external partners to advance AI research and development. This commitment to transparency and trust fosters a healthy ecosystem for AI advancement.
  • Focus on Explainability and Fairness: IBM emphasizes the importance of AI explainability, ensuring users understand how AI algorithms make decisions. Additionally, they champion fairness in AI, tackling potential biases and promoting responsible AI development.

In conclusion, IBM's strategic integration of AI across its operations makes it a strong contender in the AI race. Their hybrid cloud leadership, powerful AI platforms like Watson, industry-specific solutions, and focus on openness and trust provide a solid foundation for future growth. With continued innovation and ethical practices, IBM is poised to leverage AI to redefine its legacy and lead the way in the cognitive era.

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AI Power Pick #3: CrowdStrike

Marc's third pick is CrowdStrike.

Here's some investing info on this company:

How CrowdStrike Uses AI to Enhance Its Products and Services

While Alphabet and IBM paint broad strokes on the AI canvas, CrowdStrike takes a sniper's aim, focusing its AI expertise on one crucial domain: cybersecurity. And boy, does it do so with precision. CrowdStrike's story is one of harnessing AI to become the vanguard of digital defense, protecting businesses from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Here's how CrowdStrike leverages AI for cyber-supremacy:

  • Falcon Platform: The AI-Powered Fortress: At the heart lies the Falcon platform, a comprehensive security suite powered by AI. It combines endpoint protection, threat intelligence, incident response, and threat hunting, all woven together by AI algorithms that detect, analyze, and neutralize cyberattacks in real-time.
  • Threat Prevention through AI-Driven Indicators: CrowdStrike doesn't wait for attacks to happen. Its AI continuously analyzes massive datasets of security events, identifying subtle patterns and generating "Indicators of Attack" (IOAs) that predict and prevent breaches before they unfold. This proactive approach is a game-changer in cybersecurity.
  • Threat Hunting with AI-Powered Superhumans: Even with AI-driven prevention, human expertise is crucial. CrowdStrike's Falcon OverWatch™ team, composed of elite threat hunters, utilizes AI-generated leads and advanced tools to scour networks for hidden threats, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Continuous Evolution with AI Feedback Loop: The fight against cybercrime is a constant arms race. CrowdStrike's AI never sleeps. It constantly learns from new threats, evolving its algorithms and defenses to stay ahead of the curve. This closed-loop learning system ensures CrowdStrike stays cutting-edge in the cybersecurity landscape.

Beyond technical prowess, CrowdStrike stands out for its:

  • Focus on Human-Machine Collaboration: AI isn't meant to replace humans, but to empower them. CrowdStrike seamlessly integrates AI tools with human expertise, giving security professionals the insights and tools they need to make informed decisions and combat threats effectively.
  • Commitment to Transparency and Trust: Trust is paramount in cybersecurity. CrowdStrike is open about its AI practices, publishing white papers and conducting independent audits to ensure transparency and address potential ethical concerns.

**In conclusion, CrowdStrike's laser-focused application of AI in cybersecurity makes it a dominant force in the field. The Falcon platform's AI-powered defenses, proactive threat detection, and continuous learning loop create a formidable shield against cyberattacks. By blending AI with human expertise and prioritizing transparency, CrowdStrike is not just securing the present, but paving the way for a safer digital future. 

AI Power Pick #4: Box

Box is the fourth pick from Marc.

Here's some investing info on the company:

How Box Uses AI to Enhance Its Products and Services

Box isn't just a cloud storage provider anymore. They're becoming a content intelligence powerhouse, fueled by AI. Their story is about transforming how businesses interact with and extract insights from their data, paving the way for smarter decisions and increased productivity.

Here's how Box is leveraging AI to unlock the hidden value in your content:

  • Box AI: The Content Understanding Engine: Box AI is the core of their AI strategy. It's a suite of AI capabilities that can analyze documents, images, and even videos, extracting key information, summarizing content, and generating insights. Say goodbye to sifting through endless documents; Box AI does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Automated Content Tagging and Classification: No more manual tagging! Box AI automatically analyzes your content and applies relevant tags and classifications, making it easier to find and manage information. It's like having a personal librarian for your digital files.
  • Advanced Search and Insights: Gone are the days of clunky keyword searches. Box AI understands the context of your content, letting you ask natural language questions and retrieve relevant information with pinpoint accuracy. Think of it as having a super-powered search engine at your fingertips.
  • Content Security and Compliance: Box AI plays a crucial role in keeping your data safe. It can detect sensitive information like PII (personally identifiable information) and flag potential compliance risks, making your content secure and compliant with regulations.

Beyond these specific applications, Box's approach to AI stands out for:

  • Focus on Security and Privacy: Box takes data security and privacy very seriously. Their AI tools are built with robust security measures to ensure your information remains protected.
  • User-Centric Design: Box AI isn't about replacing humans, but about making them more productive. Their tools are designed to be easy to use and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.
  • Constant Innovation: Box is constantly pushing the boundaries of AI in content management. They actively invest in research and development, ensuring their platform stays ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, Box is transforming from a simple storage solution to a platform that uses AI to unlock the hidden value in your content. With its capabilities for automated tagging, advanced search, and content security, Box AI empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, streamline workflows, and ultimately, work smarter. As content becomes the core of modern business, Box's AI-powered approach positions them for significant growth in the years to come.

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AI Power Pick #5: Adobe

Marc's fifth pick is Adobe.

Here's some investing info on this company:

Here is a possible blog post about Adobe’s potential with AI, why it’s a good company to invest in and some challenges this company faces in the future:

How Adobe Uses AI to Enhance Its Products and Services

Adobe, the legendary creator of tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, isn't just clinging to its past. They're boldly embracing AI as a co-pilot, transforming the creative process and paving the way for a more accessible and boundless artistic future.

Here's how Adobe is integrating AI into the creative arsenal:

  • Content Aware Fill: Gone are the days of painstakingly erasing unwanted objects. Adobe's Content Aware Fill uses AI to analyze surrounding pixels and seamlessly patch up the gaps, saving hours of tedious work and unlocking creative possibilities.
  • Neural Filters: Want to instantly turn a photo into a watercolor masterpiece? Neural Filters in Photoshop leverage AI to apply artistic styles with uncanny accuracy, allowing even novice users to explore diverse creative avenues.
  • Firefly: Generative AI Takes Center Stage: This emerging collection of AI models pushes the boundaries of creativity. Imagine typing "a futuristic city at sunset" and seeing it come to life as a stunning image. Firefly empowers artists to collaborate with AI, generating ideas and accelerating their workflows.
  • Content Optimization and Personalization: AI helps Adobe analyze user behavior and content, suggesting relevant tools, layouts, and effects based on individual preferences. This personalizes the creative experience, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Beyond these specific applications, Adobe's approach to AI is characterized by:

  • Augmenting, not replacing, human creativity: Adobe sees AI as a powerful tool to amplify human ingenuity, not replace it. The focus is on collaboration, with AI enhancing creativity and freeing artists to focus on the vision and execution.
  • Ethical considerations and transparency: Adobe emphasizes responsible AI development, addressing potential biases and ensuring transparency in how AI algorithms work. This builds trust and empowers users to make informed choices about AI-powered features.
  • Commitment to accessibility and inclusivity: Adobe wants AI to be accessible to everyone, not just professional artists. Their tools are designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing anyone to explore the creative power of AI.

In conclusion, Adobe's strategic integration of AI across its creative suite paints a vivid picture of a future where technology and artistry intertwine seamlessly. With tools that amplify human creativity, AI-powered content generation, and personalized workflows, Adobe is redefining the creative landscape. This positions them not just as a software provider, but as an enabler of artistic expression, opening the doors to a more inclusive and boundless creative future.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my post summarizing Marc Chaikin's top AI stock picks for 2023.

Marc believes an AI bubble is forming, and you have to be careful about the companies you invest in to get exposure to this sector.

Instead of investing in small-cap AI stocks that have a lot of risk, Marc instead recommends the big boys of AI: Alphabet, IBM, CrowdStrike, Box, and Adobe.

I gave you a lot of information about each company, so you should be able to decide for yourself if they're worth investing in.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these companies!

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