Market Rebellion sells various investing services and is run by two brothers named Pete and Jon Najarian.

They hype up their products a lot and claim they can help you seize the power of the trade.

Is this all legit or is this one big scam?

You'll get answer to that in this review. 

Additionally, you'll get more insights into Market Rebellion including background information, an overview of what you get and any red flags that I find.

You'll know if their services are worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Market Rebellion Summary

Creator: Pete and Jon Najarian

Price to join: Depends on product (thousands per year for most)

Do I recommend? No!

   Overall rating: 2/5

Market Rebellion is an option service run by the Najarian brothers.

It's popular but only because the Najarian brothers are good promoters.

There's zero proof these two can trade and make money.

Additionally, they've worked with scammers in the past and customer reviews aren't good.

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The Many Market Rebellion Red Flags

One of the main reasons I don't suggest getting involved with Market Rebellion is there's so many red flags.

Here's the most alarming that I found:

1) Worked With Criminal Scammers 

One of the most serious red flag in the Najarian brother's past is they pitched a crypto money making scheme from two criminals.

Back in 2018, a man named John Caruso, who just got out of fail for extortion, started a company called Zima Digital Assets.

The other creator of this company was Zach Salter who is another life long criminal.

The scam wasn't subtle and any person with a day of experience in the investing world would be able to tell how fraudulent the business was.

Essentially the two fraudsters behind Zima Digital Assets were claiming to get absurd monthly returns of 25% from crypto trading and claimed to have a secret algorithm that could make trades.

They rented expensive cars and houses to make it seem like they were rich.

Again, if you have experience in the investing world you know this is all a scam.

However, a normal person might not know better.

As a result Caruso and Salter were able to swindle million from people.

They were able to do this, in part, because the Najarian brothers endorsed their company.

Jon Najarian cut a promo video calling John Caruso "the crypto king" and claiming John Caruso can help you get rich.

At one point in the video he even says John "the crypto king" makes videos so incredible you won't believe them!

Talk about a Freudian slip.

You can watch the video here if you're interested.

It's embarrassing that Jon would be promoting such an obvious scam and to me shows he'll do anything for money.

2) No Track Record 

Another thing that should keep you away from Market Rebellion is they don't offer any sort of track record for their trades.

If you're a successful trader wouldn't you want to show off your returns?

Or keep track of your winning trades?

My favorite investing newsletter keeps track of all their investing recommendations from the last 20 years!

But if you call the customer service team at Market Rebellion they'll tell you they don't have a track record for "compliance reasons."

What a load of crap!

Additionally, if you keep pressing them on their track record you'll be told because they are on TV they're legit.

This is obviously not true and there's many con artists on TV.

There's a reason trust in mainstream cable news it at an all time low - it's not because they're brining on brave truth tellers, that's for sure.

3) Possible Trouble With The FTC

Back in October 2021 Market Rebellion received a letter from the FTC about concerning, deceptive or unfair conduct around endorsements and testimonials. 

This list was sent to hundreds of businesses and doesn't actually indicate wrong doing.

However, the Najarian brothers must have thought something was wrong because they went on a mass Twitter deleting spree.

Before the notice went out Jon Najarian had Tweeted over 80,000 times:

If you look at his Twitter now he has less than 1,000 Tweets:

So while the FTC isn't saying they did anything wrong yet they took this letter very seriously.

It must have taken a lot of effort to delete 800,000 Tweets. 

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This Is All Just Investing Entertainment

The reason the customer service person at Market Rebellion claims the Najarian brother's appearances on TV as proof of their legitimacy is because they're nothing more than investing entertainers.

To people like this ratings, likes on Twitter, TV appearances are the most important thing.

And it's also why they'll never show you their returns.

I mean look at these two characters:

Do these look like guys that spend all day looking up trade ideas.

They're constantly showing off their lambos, wear expensive jewelry and cut WWE style promotion videos.

At the end of the day they're just entertainers.. in the way that WWE wrestlers are entertainers and not real wrestlers.

I personally wouldn't take these two seriously.

And to be completely honest Pete and Jon aren't really involved in the services.

Almost all of the investing products are un by two guys named AJ Monte and Ryan Mastro.

Pete and Jon seem to just do the marketing and build hype - to their credit they are actually good at these two things.

What Is Market Rebellion Offering?

Market Rebellion has a ton of different products for sale at different price points.

I doubt Pete and Jon are successful option traders but they definitely make a lot from selling these services.

Here's an overview of everything they offer:

Unusual Options Activity Essential/Pro

Most services come with a basic package and a pro package.

Unusual Options Essential costs $99 per month and the pro version costs $5,000 for the year.

This service gives you one option trade a week along with a buy price and a sell price.

Additionally, you get:

  • Weekly webinars
  • Member forum
  • Customer service

The pro version is for swing traders and then you get ten investment ideas instead of just one.

TNT Options

TNT Options costs $49 per month if you get the basic service and it costs $1500 for the year if you get the pro one.

TNT Options gives you stocks picks that are meant to be bought and sold pretty quickly.. within a couple weeks of buying.

The pro version of TNT Options comes with more option ideas.

Oracle Hour

Oracle Hour is a quick show that runs about 6 minutes a day.

A few dozen stocks are covered during this brief session.

Options Oracle

Options Oracle seems to be the pro version of Oracle Hour.

Here you get option picks that you can sell over a couple of months.

However, there's no price given for this product and you have to call up to get a price.

This usually means it's expensive.

Equity Oracle

This is the third product in the Oracle line of services.

It's run by AJ Monte and he's the guy running the other two Oracle products.

Equity Oracle gives you trade ideas that you need to sell in 3 to 6 months.

Time Bandit Options Pro

This service costs $2000 per year and revolves around the Iron Condor Strategy.

I'm always a little suspicious of these trading strategies..

Regardless the Iron Condor Strategy involves multiple call and puts and is best in a sideways market

You get two to four option trades a week based on this strategy.

Cash Flow Portfolio

The Cash Flow Portfolio costs $3500 a year and allows you full access to Pete Najarian's portfolio.

You will see when he makes picks and get updates on the portfolio as well.

Smart Spreads

Smart Spreads is run by Ryan Mastro and revolves around premium trades.

When a company's stock is inflated it's trading at a premium.

You can expect two premium trades per week.

Phoenix Portfolio

This is $1400 and is marketed as a program only for experienced traders.

Here you will learn how to buy puts against stocks you own.

You will get weekly webinars covering this strategy.

Market Rebellion Crypto

Market Rebellion Crypto is $49 per month and is run by CJ Reichel and Matt Montemayor.

You get weekly crypto trading ideas and crypto education here.

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Market Rebellion FAQ's

Still have some questions about Market Rebellion?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) Are The Prices Fair At Market Rebellion?

The basic services seem to be priced decently.

They typically cost less than $1000 per year which is what you'd expect from an option trade service.

The pro version of each product is pricey, though.

You have to remember that every dollar you spend on services and alerts is a dollar you start in the red.

So if you're paying $5,000 a year for alerts you'll be starting down $5,000.

If you profit $4,500 for the year you still technically lost money.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

You can only get a refund if you pay the yearly price and it's only for 30 days.

This isn't nearly enough time to test out the alerts long term to see if they're profitable or not.

Additionally, you have to call to get a refund.

You can't just email or hit a button to do it.

This is definitely a strategy to reduce the amount of people that are going to call for a refund.

3) Are The Najarian Brothers Legit?

I mean.. I don't know how you can come to this conclusion.

Strip away all the marketing, the nice cars, the hype, the TV appearances and what are you left with?

Nothing that indicates that they're successful traders.

Sure they have money but that's coming from selling alerts and courses on their website.

There's zero evidence they are successful traders and refuse to show their trading results.

There's only one reason a stock picker wouldn't advertise their results.

It's because it wouldn't help them if you knew their true results.

4) What Are Customer Reviews Like?

There's definitely more negative customer reviews compared to positive ones.

For example, here's one devastating customer review where a person talks about losing hundreds of thousands of dollars:

Another customer explains Market Rebellion's strategy pretty well on Reddit:

There's some positive customer reviews here and there as well.

For example, here's one of someone saying they made 25x per year:

However, I don't know how much to trust this comment.

I looked into their comment history and this is the only thing they've ever posted on Reddit.

Sounds like an inside job to me!

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Market Rebellion Pros And Cons

  • No record of success: If you call Market Rebellion and ask for proof the Najarian brothers are profitable traders you will just be given excuses why you can't see it.
  • Too expensive: Not all the products are overly expensive but some are way overpriced.
  • Worked with scammers: It seems like the Najarian brothers will push anything on their customers. They value getting paid over everything else.
  • Just entertainment: At the end of the day this all just seems like investing entertainment and not that serious. 

Market Rebellion Conclusion

Market Rebellion is pretty popular and the Najarian brothers are good marketers.

In another universe they're both popular WWE wrestlers.

But investing is not about being entertaining or good at marketing.

It's about making money and that's it.

If you're not making money nothing else matters and you're doing it wrong.

I seriously doubt you can make money long term if you buy Market Rebellion's products.

There's zero proof indicating otherwise and enough customers have lost money that I definitely don't recommend Market Rebellion

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