Ministry Of Freedom is an affiliate marketing course from Jono Armstrong.

If you're here you're probably wondering if this program is a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Ministry Of Freedom including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

By the time you're done you'll know if this course is right for you.

Let's get into it!

Ministry Of Freedom Summary

Creator: Jono Armstrong

Price to join: $1997

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 3/5

Ministry Of Freedom isn't a bad course.

It actually has some decent training and has some newer strategies that can work for you.

However, the strategies don't work as well as advertised and the price is WAY too high at $1997.

I'd skip over this course.

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Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is a Youtuber and he makes money with a strategy called "launch jacking."

A launch jacker is when a person writes a review of a product before it comes out or just as it comes out, in hopes of getting traffic when someone searches up a review for the product.

Jono does his reviews on Youtube where he has over 40k subscribers:

Jono does his reviews and adds some bonuses to them as well (like software and other stuff).

He puts his affiliate link with the bonuses to the product review and makes a sale every time someone purchases .

The problem here is the products he reviews are usually very, very low quality.

He's just giving them positive reviews to make sales which is pretty deceptive to me.

If he were reviewing high quality products it would be different but he isn't. 

This is what you're going to be learning to do in Ministry Of Freedom.

Ministry Of Freedom Overview

Overall this is an interesting course and goes over things that other courses miss.

However, there's some flaws to this strategy which I'll talk about later in the review.

Here's a breakdown of what you get in Ministry If Freedom:


The first section of the course is a typical mindset module.

It's not that important and just goes over how to approach affiliate marketing and what to avoid mentally.

Tool And Applications

This section just lets you know which tools you need to be a successful affiliate marketer.

This includes website builders, trackers and autoresponders.

Launch Jacking Basic And Advance

This is the most important module and describes the strategy that you'll be using to make money.

I described launch jacking in the last section but just to sum it up it's reviewing products before/as they launch.. this way you get traffic from people looking up the review.

Launch jacking works and Jono clearly has been using this strategy effectively for years.

However, you're going to be launch jacking low quality products and making sales from them.

I personally launch jack but don't give positive reviews unless I really like it. Otherwise I'll just recommend a different product.

You need to decide how you want to do this. Launch Jack like Jono and just recommend everything or actually give legit reviews.

Soft Launching

Soft launching is a strategy to get email signups.

Basically you give away a free course and in the process get someone's email.

This is important for making sales in the future.

Email Marketing And List Building With Paid Traffic

This email is all about building your email list.

This module focuses on paid traffic and how to interact with your email list.

It's important to earn a level of trust before you start selling them hard. 

Product Launching

This module is very important as well.

Here you'll learn how to create your own products to make big profits.

Apparently Jono makes 7 figures a year doing this.

Paid Traffic

In this section you'll learn how to use paid traffic to get people to sign up for Jono's webinar.

You'll get $900 commission for every lead you send that turns into a sale.

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Along with the training you get some bonuses with Ministry Of Freedom.

Here's what you get:

Private Facebook

If you sign up for Ministry Of Freedom you get access to a private Facebook community.

Here you'll get to interact with other members and get questions answered.

Live Calls

You get 3 calls a week.. 2 from Jonas Lindgren and 1 from Jono Armstrong.

I don't know how often you get a call from Jono, though, outside of the first one.

It would seem hard for Jono to constantly be calling people who buy this course every week.. he'd be spending all of his time doing that.

Rotator Sales

Apparently if you take action Jono will market your affiliate links every 7 to 10 days.

This means you'll get commissions without really doing anything.

Review Access

Many programs don't share product information until it's time to launch.

Because Jono is known in this kind of stuff you'll get product review access every time.

Flaws With The Strategy

I'm going to focus on the launch jacking right now since it's where most people are going to start off.

I already talked about how these products are usually low quality.

They're just products that people put out for cheap and then have massive upsells after someone buys.

These are products I wouldn't recommend that anyone buy. 

But the strategy involves you actually recommending these low quality products. 

The second problem is everyone is going to be reviewing these products.

A lot of the products come from places like Warrior Plus, JVzoo and Clickbank.

Everyone knows about these places. 

You and a thousand other people are going to be reviewing the same products.

This Course Is Expensive

There's a lot of courses that teach making money online.. some are good but most are bad.

I think Ministry Of Freedom is decent and is pretty unique.

Do I think it's worth $1997, though?

It really depends.

If you're an absolute beginner I would say no. There's plenty of quality courses that are 1/10th the price.

If you're already making money and want to try some different affiliate marketing strategies then it may be worth investing in.

Ministry Of Freedom Pros And Cons


  • Jono is legit: I've been on Jono's email list for a long time. He does exactly what he teaches and he's definitely making a lot of money doing it.
  • Course is unique: This course is definitely different than others. You're going to be learning about techniques that most courses don't cover. 


  • Expensive: I wouldn't recommend most people spend $1997 on this course. The only people I would recommend are those that already are making money.
  • Not a fan of launch jacking: I like launch jacking to get traffic but you should only recommend products you like. This method of launch jacking seems to just be recommend everything which is not ethical in my opinion.

Is Ministry Of Freedom A Scam?

No, definitely not.

This is a legit course that teaches legit traffic methods.. the course creator is well known and is very successful.

I just don't think most people should buy it because of its price.

The sales page makes it seem like you'll be making $10K per month fast but for 99.9% of people that's not going to happen.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Ministry Of Freedom isn't a bad course but there's better out there.

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