Officeless Agency Masterclass is the latest course from Modern Millionaire's Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony.

If you're here you're probably wondering if this program is a scam or not..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Officeless Agency Masterclass including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

You'll know if this course is right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into!

Officeless Agency Masterclass Summary

Creator: Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony

Price to join: $9.94 + upsells

Do I recommend? No!

   Overall rating: 1/5

Officeless Agency Masterclass won't teach anyone how to make money online.

It's an extremely short course and there's a lot of upsells which means the real cost of the course is much more than $9.94.

If you truly want to make a full time income from home, you'll need better training than this.

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This Course Is Too Good To Be True

It may be a cliche but it's true.. if something sounds too good to be true it is.

This explains Officeless Agency perfectly. 

The creators behind this course are really just trying to sell you a dream. Work from home and make MILLIONS.

And it will cost you under $10 to learn!

Come on..

I started this website a couple years ago because a lot of internet marketers prey on naive people.

The truth of the matter is you can make money online and you can even make serious money online but it won't happen overnight.

I wouldn't call it easy either.

It takes as much work as any other type of business. 

Most people won't make millions or be able to buy lamborghinis or anything like that.

So anyone trying to sell you the dream you'll make millions with ease and without a lot of work is misleading you.

You're not going to learn how to be a millionaire with this course. Any course with those secrets would cost more.

Here's What Officeless Agency Teaches

There's many different business models you can do online.

Officeless Agency teaches you how to build a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency fills in the gap between small and medium size businesses and social media marketing.

A lot of businesses don't know how to properly leverage the internet to get new customers.

That's where you come in with a digital marketing agency.

You get in touch with businesses and workout a deal to bring in customers.

You do this by leveraging Facebook, Google, etc.

This is one of the TOUGHEST internet business models.

You have to cold call businesses and convince them to work with you. You'll have to spend money getting customers.

You'll have to learn the skills necessary to get customers online.

I know I first started making money online because I wanted to make my life easier.. not harder.

That's why I do affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money and takes the least amount of work to do so.

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Officeless Agency Masterclass Overview

Overall, this training program is really, really low quality.

You only get a couple hours of training and nothing is taught in depth.

If you want to succeed with a digital marketing agency you need to know what you're doing.

There's several complicated steps you need to learn to be profitable.. 

You're just not getting that here.

The only training you get is very broad and doesn't actually show you how to do anything.

Here's what you actually get with the course:

  • 2 hour training video that goes over setting up your business
  • 1 hour video about running a business during a recession
  • A sales funnel to get customers
  • "High paying client secrets"
  • Different niches you can start your agency in
  • Travel tips (for some reason this in the course)

Again, none of these topics are explained well.

You can't possibly cover something as complicated as building a digital marketing agency in a couple of hours.

But you shouldn't expect much for just $9.94 anyway.

Beware The Upsells!

Remember when I said if something is too good to be true it probably is?

Well here is where that comes into play. 

Immediately after you purchase the course you're brought to the next page where you're forced to watch a video.

In the video you're prompted to buy an upsell that costs two payments of $97 (they hide the fact you need to pay twice).

But here's the thing.. you can't click away from the upsell.

There's only a button that says to buy and nothing else.

This is meant to purposely confuse people.

A lot of people will just buy the upsell because they don't know better. 

You actually have to go to your email that you put in to get to the course.

The upsell isn't worth it either. It's just some ad copy and templates that aren't sophisticated or advanced or anything like that.

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There's Another Upsell Too

On the sales page it's stated that this business model "carries very low overhead costs" but that isn't necessarily true.

When I first started making money online I paid about $30 a month.

I made over 6 figures by paying that little too.

Once you're in the Officeless Agency course you're prompted to sign up for a service called Highlevel.

Highlevel is a quality product and helps digital agency owners get leads easier.

The problem? It costs a MINIMUM $297 per month!

The next lowest package is $800 per month.

That's a lot of money for a beginner to shell out and this kind of service should not be used by complete beginners.

So why do they recommend you use it? They're an affiliate for the service!

They get half of the commissions for everyone they get to sign up.

So if you get the $297 per month package, Abdul and Chance get nearly $150 per month as long as you're a member. 

Fake Trustpilot Comments

Trustpilot is a website where consumers share complaints on products.

Back in August Officeless Agency had an average rating of 2.5/5.

Most of the comments there said the course was basically a scam or that it wasn't worth it.

Many complained about the upsells too.

There were some positive comments but they were (to me) clearly faked.. most likely from the owners of the course.

However, if you look now the course has an average rating of 4.4/5.

I've reviewed HUNDREDS of courses over the past few years and this course is among the lower quality ones that I've come across.

I know for a fact this course wouldn't naturally get this high of a rating.

When you search for this course on Google Trustpilot shows up near the top.

My guess is the owners of this course paid to get positive comments to make it seem like the course is quality.

Officeless Agency FAQ's

1) Is this course worth its price tag?

I mean the course is only $9.94 which is basically nothing. However, you're not going to learn anything that will help you make money online. You'll need more training after.

The upsells are definitely NOT worth it, though.

2) Is Abdul and Chance legit?

You know I'm not really sure..

Maybe they make money with digital agencies but this isn't there first course.

They had another more expensive course called Modern Millionaire. 

This wasn't a quality course either. I wonder how much they make from course sales vs. actually doing what they teach?

3) How long is the course?

The course is very, very short. 

You get a 2 hour video and a lot of it isn't even training. A lot of it is just self promotion.

A good digital agency course would probably have 40 hours of training or more. This course is clearly too little.

4) What does te course teach?

This course teaches digital agency marketing.

This is a legitimate business model and people are making money getting online leads for businesses.

However, this course won't teach you how to do it properly.

5) Are there any testimonials?

There's some on the sales page but I wouldn't trust them. I review courses that fake testimonials all the time.

I'm 100% sure they're faked on Trustpilot.

6) How do you pay for the course?

You can either pay with your credit card or Paypal.

7) Is there a refund policy?

There's a 30 day refund policy.

However, I read a few different places that people were having a hard time getting their money back.

Who knows if your refund will actually be honored or not.

8) How much can I make?

From this course? Nothing.

The training isn't really meant to make you money.. it's meant to get you to buy the upsells and make the course creators money.

In general you can make good money with a digital marketing agency.

A full time income is a good goal.

9) Are there any alternatives?

There's many courses that teach making money online.

Click below to see my favorite:

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Officeless Agency Masterclass Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about this course:

  • It's only $9.94: As long as you don't get the upsells this course is very cheap. It won't help you make money but you're not really risking a lot.
  • Low quality course: The training in this course just isn't good. There's barely any training and it's all very broad.
  • Bad upsells: The way the first upsell is presented is scummy. They don't give you a chance to proceed without buying it. You need to close out (which they don't explain) and go sign in through your email.
  • Tough business model: The creators make it seem like this will be easy to do but building a digital agency is tough work.
Is Officeless Agency a scam?

It's close.

Big promises are made and the course just doesn't deliver. Also, the way the upsells are used is pretty scammy.

At the end of the day this course will not help you make money.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I would definitely pass on Officeless Agency.

I've reviewed HUNDREDS of courses and programs that teach making money online and from home.

Some are good but most aren't.

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