Passive Income Geek is a new course from Morten Storgaard..

If you're here you probably are wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you will find everything you need to know about this program including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Passive Income Geek is worth buying by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Passive Income Geek Summary

Creator: Morten Storgaard

Price to join: $299 + $99 per year after

Do I recommend? Yes (but there's better courses)

   Overall rating: 4/5

Passive Income Geek is a quality course that teaches you how to make money blogging and with affiliate marketing.

The training is solid and Morten is a competent teacher. 

Also, the price isn't bad either (except I'm not entirely sure what the yearly cost gets you).

Not the best affiliate marketing course but it certainly is one of the better ones. 

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Who Is Morten Storgaard?

I hadn't heard of Morten before this review and he seems to be a rising star in the affiliate marketing world.

He's apparently been in the affiliate marketing world for 13 years and manages a bunch of different sites.

He runs a small Youtube channel called Passive Income Geek and it has around 6k subscribers:

The videos on this channel are very informative and you can learn a lot from them.

Overall, Morten comes off as someone who is knowledgeable and actually makes money from blogging.

He doesn't just talk about it.

Passive Income Geek Overview

Passive Income Geek is a blogging course that teaches you how to monetize through ads and affiliate marketing. 

Here's an overview of each section in the training:

Module 1: Choosing A Good Niche

A niche is just the topic that you're going to be blogging about.

In the first module you will learn how to select a profitable niche and just as importantly which niches you should stay away from.

You'll get training on brainstorming your niche, how to check earning potential and how to consider competition.

Module 2: Topic Research

This module builds on the last one. 

You'll dive into keywords and topics that have a chance at making you money.. you'll also see which to avoid. 

Module 3: Finding A Good Domain Name

This module is a short and less important one.

You'll learn how to select and buy a domain name. This is a pretty straightforward process. 

Module 4: Setting Up Your Website

Some people here the phrase "build a website" and get scared.. you shouldn't be, though.

Building a website is the easiest step of the process and the most computer illiterate people on earth can build a website with a little training.

Module 4 will show you exactly how to build a website on WordPress.

Module 5: Writing Awesome Content

Here is where you'll learn how to write engaging content that readers will love.

This means understanding what your readers are searching for, how to write good headlines and how to write content that's meant to be monetized.

I like that content meant for ads and content meant for affiliate marketing is separated here. 

Module 6: SEO Tips

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is basically the art of getting good rankings in Google.

This module will teach you how to do that.

This includes optimizing for Google, technical SEO, how to get organic links and how to get indexed quickly.

Module 7: Monetization

Module 7 is when you actually learn how to make money off your blog. 

There's two main methods that are taught in this course.. that is premium ads and affiliate marketing.

You get 10+ lessons for both of these topics combined.

Then you get additional training on monetization methods like creating info products, consulting and email marketing.

Module 8: Social Media

In module 8 you'll learn about social media.

Morten actually believes you don't need social media to be successful and that it's not necessary for his course.

I agree.. for organic SEO and blogging social media is basically unnecessary.

In this module you'll learn about Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. 

Module 9: Outsourcing Content 

The last module goes over outsourcing content which is very important to scaling your blog.

You'll learn about the different kind of writers out there, how to hire, hiring editors and more. 

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Example Of Morten's Sites

The good thing about Morten is he doesn't just talk the talk.. he walks it too.

He has a lot of successful sites and he even shows three of them so you know he's legit.

The firs site is called

As the domain suggests this site is devoted to living a downsized life.. he talks about RVing and Tiny homes there.

This site gets 500,000 monthly pageviews and makes $25,000 per month from ads and affiliate marketing. 

This is a great example of the kind of sites you should be shooting for.

He also talks about two other smaller sites he owns called and

These are smaller but still pretty successful. 

Passive Income Geek Community

When you join you also get access to the Passive Income Geek community.

This community is NOT a private Facebook which a lot of other courses like to offer.

This is a forum community where you can get your questions answered.

This is better for questions because you can categorize topics.. unlike Facebook where it's just the most recent question is what you see.

The only downside is this is still a small community.

It is growing but I wouldn't expect a ton of activity just yet.

Passive Income Geek FAQs

1) Is Passive Income Geek worth $299 + $99 per year after?

It's definitely worth the $299.

This course has a lot of good information in it and comes from a guy that actually knows what he's talking about.

However, the $99 per month doesn't really make sense to me.

Apparently this cost pays for updates that come in the future. Usually you're getting something more than that when you have a recurring fee. 

2) Is Morten Storgaard legit?

No doubt about it.

He has a Youtube channel where he demonstrates his knowledge and he openly shows his websites that make him money.

3) How long is this course?

This isn't the longest course on earth but that's alright.

It's broken up into 9 brisk modules and it doesn't seem like there's much fluff in here.

You learn the most important aspects and should be able to get through the training in a couple of weeks.

4) What does Passive Income Geek teach?

This program is a blogging course.

It also focuses on the monetization methods of ads and affiliate marketing.

This is a very good way to make money online and my personal favorite.

However, you have to be patient. You're not going to get overnight results blogging.

It usually takes at least a year to get good results.

5) How much money do I need to start blogging?

Barely any!

That's why I love blogging and affiliate marketing so much.. it can be done for practically free.

The only thing you absolutely need to pay for besides the training is a domain age and hosting.

A domain name is $10 to $15 per year and hosting is about $5 to $10 per month.

It's basically the cheapest way to create a business.

6) Is there a refund policy?

Yes there's a very good refund policy.

You have 30 days to decide if this course is right for you.. can't really ask for a better refund policy.

7) Does the course get update?

Yes the course gets updated.. which is what you're paying the yearly fee for.

However, I have no clue what these updates include or anything like that.

This is a newer course so you really have to wait to see.

8) How much can I make?

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business model and if you stick with it you can make a full time income.

With this method I think you can get there in a few years. 

9) Are there any alternatives?

Yes there's a lot of affiliate marketing courses out there.

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Passive Income Geek Pros And Cons

  • Good training: This is the most important aspect and Passive Income Geek has good training. You'll know how to start a profitable blog after going through the training.
  • Morten is legit: There's many people that teach making money online who either don't know what they're talking about or only make money through selling courses. Morten opertates that exact kind of sites he teaches you how to build.
  • Good refund policy: 30 days to decide if the site is right for you is excellent.
  • Small community: The community will likely grow but right now it's pretty small.
  • Yearly cost: The yearly cost isn't too big at $99 but it's seems a little unnecessary. There would have to be some pretty cool updates to justify that cost.
Is Passive Income Geek a scam?

Definitely not.

This is a very good course on blogging and affiliate marketing.

I wouldn't call it the best but it's definitely one of the better courses I've reviewed in a while.

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Passive Income Geek is a very solid course but there's better out there.

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