The Pizza Money System is a video-based 5-part training course that exactly shows how to consistently bank big by building your own SMS marketing system, which you can sell to businesses, specifically restaurants, who are going through a challenging time in this pandemic. 

Or can it?

The system was built by Ben Adkins, who is also the head of Serial Progress Seeker, a service provider for offline firms. He has been in the business for more than ten years already. 

In this review, we are going to find out if the Pizza Money System stays true to its promise or if it's a scam.

Is the system seamless? How can you set up an account? How much does it cost? Is this worth your time and money?

All of these, and a lot more will be answered in a little while, so keep on reading!

Pizza Money System Summary

Creator: Ben Adkins

Price to join: $77

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 3/5

In the course, you will first learn how to set up your own SMS list and broadcast system. With this, you are able to build a list of dedicated customers, which you can contact in case you have special offers, promotions, and any other important messages you want them to know. 

After that, the system will show you how you will pinpoint probable clients that have a high interest in your product. They will then be brought on board for $200 a month. 

Basically, Pizza Money System is an advertising agency business, wherein you can recruit clients.

This system is harder thina it sees, though, and is not my favorite way to make money online.

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Pizza Money System Overview

Pizza Money System is divided into five parts, which are the following:

Part 1: SMS List And Broadcast Service Creation

The first part of the course will show you how to set-up the SMS List and Broadcast service. This may seem hard and very technical, but it isn’t. Besides, no coding is required at all. 

This section also contains key resources, which include the following:

  • SMS List Building Ideas for restaurants

  • SMS List and Broadcast Service Setup Guide; and 

  • SMS Broadcast Templates

Part 2: Pinpointing Prospect Clients

A business wouldn’t be successful without clients, and the Pizza Money System exactly knows how to play the game. 

In this section, Ben will reveal the exact process they use to identify ideal clients. Here, a 5-item checklist will be given to you in order to ensure that you are approaching a suitable business. In other terms, the checklist will help you figure out if the businesses you are approaching are really interested in what you have to offer or not. 

Part 3: Approaching Prospects

After learning how you will pinpoint your prospective clients, it makes sense that the next part of the course is to help you approach clients. 

In the third part, you will learn the best ways to put your offer in front of your clients, even without stepping your foot inside their business. 

With this, your clients will see how the system you are offering works, without the need to call them at all. This part also includes email campaigns, FB campaigns, and messenger campaigns. Fliers are included too. 

Part 4: Closing Clients

The part 4 of the course will exactly show you how to successfully run a sales meeting that will make the client sign up for your $200/month service in just six steps. The sales meeting can either be done online or offline.

This section contains DFY sales presentation slideshow presentation templates. 

Part 5: Maintaining Your Client Base 

The last part of the course is about taking payments, setting up your business, and onboarding clients. This section is broken down the full “First 3-Months Timeline” to give you detailed tips that will help you show why your client should avail of your services during his first three months after getting on board. 

Once you have successfully brought a client on board, you will have lesser work already. With this, you are given more time to reach out to prospective clients.

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Pizza Money System Cost

The Pizza Money System has four-panel structures. These are the following;

Front End: The Pizza Money System

The front end, otherwise known as the Pizza Money System, is worth $27. This will give you access to a 5-part video training where you can learn the things mentioned above. 

Oto 1: The Pizza Money Agency

The Pizza Money Agency is much more expensive than the Pizza Money System. Specifically, it will cost you around $47. In here, you will get additional resources for your business. 

Oto 2: The Double-Your-Fee Package

If you want to bring your game to the next level, you can try out this one for $97. Here, you will find out the secrets on how you can charge clients not just $200 but $400. 

Although this is a more expensive option, it will only take you, one client to have it back.

Pizza Money System Pros And Cons


  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Decent money making system
  • Step by step training


  • Poor customer support
  • Can be difficult to get clients on board
  • Might be uncomfortable to approach businesses if you aren't experienced

Final Thoughts About Pizza Money System

Generally speaking, I admire agency business models. They can be a good source of income if you are able to recruit a team of sales representatives to work for you. But what if that isn’t the case?

For me, getting the system, especially now, is just too risky. We all know that businesses are on the rocks right now. Will they be able to afford it? If you get the system, how sure are you that you will get clients?

Approaching local businesses right now seems inappropriate. More so, most restaurants are closed or complying with strict regulations, which means their income is limited. 

Getting a local business to invest in such a system while trying to make ends meet with the capital they have is tough. Also, the current situation gives you nothing but a smaller prospect list to work with.

Better Money Making Opportunity

Yes, the system is promising, but the timing is wrong. Instead of risking your hard-earned money on such, why don’t you just invest it into that can actually help you earn more like what I did? 

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