Project Thunderbolt is the latest course from Steven Clayton And Aidan Booth.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this program including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Project Thunderbolt is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Project Thunderbolt Summary

Creator: Steven Clayton And Aidan Booth

Business model: CPA marketing

Price to join: $1997

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

Project Thunderbolt is a course that teaches CPA marketing.

This is a legitimate way to make money and one of the best for beginners.

However, Steve and Aidan have a history of selling courses that are way too expensive.

That's the case here.. the course is just too expensive for what you're getting.

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Who Is Steve Clayton And Aidan Booth?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are business partners and they've sold a lot of different products together.

The last big product they launched was called Kibo Code, which was an ecommerce course.

These two are always putting out different courses.

Here's a little background information on both.

Aidan Booth has been around in the internet marketing world for a long time and got his start in the early 2000's.

He became successful by cranking out thousands of small affiliate marketing websites.

He also created ecommerce sites as well. 

in 2013 he partnered with Steve Clayton.

Steve started out in the corporate world but didn't like the lack of freedom.

He eventually turned to the online world to make money so he could have freedom as well.

Both of these guys are successful and legit.

Is CPA Marketing Legit?

CPA marketing stands for cost per action.

Basically you sign up for offers and they pay you depending on a certain action.

This doesn't even mean a sale. An action could be getting someone to sign up with their email, fill out forms, download an app and more.

CPA is definitely legitimate and it's one of the best ways for beginners to get started making money online.

The only downside is CPA typically requires money to get started with.. you need to pay for traffic.

But that's the only thing you'll really need to pay for.

You won't have to buy products to ship or anything like that. 

I'd say you need around $500 to get started.

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What Do You Get With Project Thunderbolt?

The course offers 8 different components.

Here's a look at everything you get:

Component #1: Thunderbolt Blueprint

This is the core of the training and where you will learn the step by step training for this system. 

The goal with the training is meant to get you to $100 per day profit in 30 days.

Component #2: The Blackbox Sessions

The second component is weekly live training sessions.

This is done with Steven, Aidan and other members of the Project Thunderbolt team. 

You'll also get assignments to help you learn the process.

Component #3: Commission Launchpad

Component 3 is called the Commission Launchpad. 

Here you'll see how to create a high converting website and landing page. 

Component #4: DFY Speed Files

These are scripts and templates that you can plugin into your business.

This helps you convert better and saves you time on testing things. 

Component #5: Instant Traffic Supremacy

Traffic is the most important part of making money.. if you can't get traffic you'll never make money. 

Here you'll learn the various traffic sources you can use as a CPA marketer.

This includes Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Native Ads and more. 

Component #6: Million Dollar Offers

Here you'll get real life examples of CPA campaigns that were both simple yet very profitable.

Component #7: The Stratosphere Code

These are various methods that will help you reach your income goals.

Component #8: Support And Coaching

The last component to the training is support and coaching. You'll have access to coaches to answer questions and expert coaching. 

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Project Thunderbolt FAQ's

1) Is Project Thunderbolt worth $1997?

That's a lot of money to learn CPA marketing.

Now you can make millions doing CPA marketing.. so if you were to make that from this course it would be worth it.

However, there's cheaper programs out there that'll teach you how to do CPA.

It's not like it's a secret or anything like that.

2) Is Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth legit?


They've been around in the internet marketing world for a long time and they've sold a lot of different products.

They've also had a lot of success with internet marketing.

3) How much do I need to get started?

Besides the training the main cost will come from paid traffic.

They claim you can get started with $5 to $15 but that's not true.

You'll be testing a lot of offers until you find one that's successful (the successful ones will make much more than your losing test offers).

But you'll need hundreds to do this.. it'll be better to have thousands.

4) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you get 30 days to get your money back. 

5) Is there better alternatives?

Yes, there's better places to learn how to make money online. To see my favorite place to learn this, click below:

#1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online

What I Like About Project Thunderbolt

Here's what I like about Project Thunderbolt:

Legitimate business model

CPA marketing has been around as long as the internet has been around.. plus it has the potential to make a lot of money.

This is definitely a good way to make money online.

Legit founders

Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth have been around for awhile.. they're legit and have had good success.

What I Don't Like About Project Thunderbolt

Here's what I don't like about Project Thunderbolt:

Too expensive:

There's a lot of CPA courses out there.. there's no need to pay $1997 to learn how to do it.

Misleading about expenses

You can't start CPA marketing with $5 like this course claims you can.. you can test one offer with that much money and you won't test it well.

You'll likely need $1000+ to comfortably be able to do CPA marketing.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Project Thunderbolt is a good course but very expensive.

The good news is there's plenty of much more affordable courses that teach making money online.

I've reviewed hundreds of these courses.

To see my favorite course that teaches this, click below:


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