Enrique Abeyta has been recommending a lot of different stocks lately.

And today he's jumping on the AI train and is recommending his "#1 ChatGPT Stock for 2023."

Enrique even claims this is a stock that he'd bet his retirement on.

The good news is that Enrique left enough clues in the presentation to figure out the name of the stock.

I reveal it below and give you information on the stock so you can determine if it's worth it to invest in it.

Let's get started!

#1 ChatGPT Stock Summary

Creator: Enrique Abeyta

Newsletter: Empire Elite Growth

Stock: C3.ai (AI)

This is a repeat teaser of a presentation that Enrique released last month under a different name.

The previous teaser was called "#1 AI stock of 2023."

The stock Enqriue is pitching is C3.ai.

This is one of the few pure-play AI stocks on the market, and they make AI software for companies.

It collects data and allows companies to run more efficiently.

At one point, the stock was over $160, and it now sits around $20 right now.

There are definitely red flags about this company.

Apparently, people question their accounting practices, and they pay employees in stock options, which can dilute the stock.

Additionally, they're expecting revenue to slow down this year and haven't gotten any big customers to sign on.

This is a high-risk, high-reward stock.

These are the kinds of stocks Enrique recommends in Empire Elite Growth.

However, these stock picks haven't worked out for Enrique, and every stock I've seen from this newsletter has done horribly.

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#1 ChatGPT Stock FAQ's

(This is the second time Enrique has pitched this stock and this is just a repeat of the previous one, under a new name. The rest of this article is just a repeat of the one I wrote last month).

I'm sure if you're here, you want to know everything about this presentation, including the name of the stock being pitched and information about the company.

Here's a bunch of FAQs you might have about "The ChatGPT Stock for 2023."

1) What Is The Theme Of The Presentation?

I've covered a lot of different stock presentations in the past few years.

And they're all pretty much the same.

They start off with a flashy headline, and a stock picker makes a huge announcement about a "secret" stock.

In this case, Enrique Abeyta is claiming he knows a company that's a "potential 10-bagger in the coming years."

And that the industry this company operates in is one of the fastest growing, outpacing crypto, sports betting, and electric cars.

What's the industry?

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short,

Enrique claims this is going to be a $15 trillion industry, and he claims to have the best stock for AI.

In fact, the mystery company that Enrique is pitching is "at the center of it all."

and that a new product release on March 31st "could send its shares soaring."

2) What Are Some Clues About The Company?

These presentations are typically long-winded and can last over an hour.

First, the stock picker has to hype up their abilities, then get the reader interested in the industry, show some similar stocks that have gotten massive returns, etc.

Eventually, though, the stock picker starts dropping hints about the company they're teasing.

In this case, it happens about halfway through the pitch.

Enrique drops the following hints about the company:

  • Contracts with Shell, Bank of America, Raytheon, Google, Microsoft, and the Department of Defense
  • The CEO is a Silicon Valley veteran and owns 4.7 million shares of the stock.
  • The CEO guided his last company to 5,697% gains.
  • provides AI sensors to Shell

Additionally, Enrique mentions the following article from Forbes:

I was able to find this article, and it reveals the name of the company being pitched, which is C3.ai.

The CEO of this company is Tom Siebel, who is a Silicon Valley vet who founded Siebel Systems, which was bought by Oracle.

Here's another article detailing the relationship with C3.ai and Shell.

And finally, an article detailing C3.AI and Raytheon.

So I'm 100% sure the stock being pushed here is C3.AI.

What does this company do?

We'll answer that in the next section.

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3) What Does C3.ai Do?

C3.ai is an artificial intelligence company that creates AI tools for businesses.

Essentially, this company has products that combine big data, advanced analytics, and machine learning to extrapolate insights.

These insights are then used to create smarter business decisions.

The main platform, C3 AI Suite, is mainly used in the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications

Apparently they're launching a new generative AI product on March 31st, which is what Enrique is alluding to when he keeps mentioning that date.

This new product "provides enterprise users with a transformative user experience using a natural language interface to rapidly locate, retrieve, and present all relevant data across the entire corpus of an enterprise’s information systems."

Additionally, it "integrates the latest AI capabilities from organizations such as Open AI, Google, and academia and the most advanced models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-3, into C3 AI’s enterprise AI products."

There are some positives to investing in this company.

We'll cover them in the next section.

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4) What Are Some Reasons For Investing In C3.ai?

There are definitely some compelling reasons for investing in this company.

Here are some that you should consider:

Pure-play AI stock

AI has really lit the world on fire this year when ChatGPT released their newest generative AI tool.

But despite AI being so popular, there are very few "pure play" AI companies.

Meaning there are very few companies that solely focus on this sector.

Instead, you see a lot of major companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, etc. at the forefront of this sector.

However, AI only makes up a small part of each of these companies.

If you wanted to just invest in an AI company, you'd have a hard time doing so.

C3.ai is one of the few companies that allows you to do that.

A lot of cash

Another thing to like about C3.ai is that they have nearly $790 million in liquid assets like cash and short-term investments.

If their current spending were to remain the same, they could fund their operation for three full years.

This gives them some breathing room as they pursue profitability.

AI Optimism

People are high on AI right now.

Electric cars, crypto, renewable energies, the metaverse, and similar markets saw huge bumps when investors became optimistic about them.

That's where AI is right now.

People, including myself, have been blown away by AI's capabilities, and people are starting to see the AI revolution happening.

When people start searching for investments, they'll come across C3.ai.

But there are plenty of reasons to avoid this company as well.

Let's take a look at those reasons now.

5) What Are Reasons Not to Invest in C3.ai?

Despite the optimism about AI, there's still a lot of concern regarding C3.ai.

Here are the top ones:

Concentration Risks

You might be impressed by some of the names of the companies that C3.ai has contracts with.

Some include Raytheon, Baker Hughes, Shell, Google, Microsoft, and even contracts with the military.

However, they only have 236 customers, and 30% of their revenue comes from Baker Hughes.

And C3.ai's contract with Baker Hughes runs out in 2025.

This creates a concentration risk for C3.AI.

If Baker Hughes and a few other companies decide to go another way, you're looking at a loss of 50% of revenue.

Years From Profitability

While it's good that C3.ai has a lot of cash on hand, they're still years away from profitability.

It's always a gamble when a company is a few years away from profiting.

Companies like this one can run into setbacks that can push back their ability to make money.

Usage-Based Model

Another issue for C3.ai is that they're moving to a usage-based revenue model.

This means there will no longer be a flat fee for companies using their services, but instead it will work like electricity.

The more you use, the more you pay.

This makes them much more vulnerable if the economy struggles.

If companies need to cut back, they'll just use the programs less, which means less money for C3.ai.

A flat fee at least guarantees income where usage doesn't.

A usage-based model is definitely better when the economy is strong and companies are willing to pay more for this kind of stuff.

I honestly couldn't tell you where the economy is headed in the next few years, but there's reason to be concerned.

Paying Employees in Stock

Another reason for concern is that C3.ai pays 76% of its payroll in stocks, which comes out to $204 million per year.

This can cause their existing shares to become diluted.

Think of it like this: If C3.ai were paying its employees in cash, they wouldn't have so much cash on hand.

Instead, they're pushing the cost onto their investors, whose shares become diluted.

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6) Is Empire Elite Growth Worthy Buying?


I just did a review of this newsletter the other day and examined a bunch of stocks from this service.

All stocks were down big.

Some of the companies recommended were bankrupt and lost 100% of their value, and most others were down 80% to 90%.

Plus, the price is too high, and there's no money-back guarantee.

You'll just lose money if you sign up for this service.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my post outlining Enrique Abeyta's "#1 ChatGPT Stock for 2023."

The company he's hyping up is C3.ai.

C3.ai has reasons to invest in it, but there are definitely concerns.

The company seems to have gotten off to a horrific start, as the stock has lost nearly 90% of its value since the company went public.

The company has had some solid years of growth, but things have slowed down, and now the company says to expect only 5% growth this year.

C3.ai is a long way from profitability, and that causes a lot of risk.

But those are the kinds of stocks that get recommended in Empire Elite Growth.

High risk, high reward.

Smaller companies like this can be harder to predict but tend to have higher gains.

Under the right circumstances, this stock could take off.

Or it could crash.

Plan on investing in this company?

Let me know below what you think!

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