Matt McCall is out with a new stock teaser.

And this time he claims to have figured out the stock that will finally launch the electric car revolution.

He claims one company will enable "Elon's $1200 car" to come to fruition, and whoever invests in this company can get gains as high as 1000%.

Of course, Matt wants you to pay him to learn the name of this stock, but I have good news.

He left enough clues in the presentation to figure it out, which I'll reveal below for free.

Additionally, I'll give you information on the stock so you can determine if it's worth investing in.

Let's get started now!

Elon's $1200 Car Summary

Creator: Matt McCall

Newsletter: The McCall Report

Stock: BorgWarner

The stock Matt is pitching in this teaser is BorgWarner and this is a hardware and software company that McCall claims will help bring in more revenue for electric vehicle manufacturers.

BorgWarner is an American multinational automotive component supplier based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company supplies a wide range of parts to the automotive industry, including turbochargers, transmissions, and powertrains. BorgWarner is a major player in the electric vehicle (EV) market and supplies a variety of components to EV manufacturers.

BorgWarner's EV components are used by a variety of automakers, including:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Stellantis
  • Volkswagen Group
  • Toyota Motor Corporation

BorgWarner is a key supplier to the EV market and is helping to drive the adoption of EVs. The company's EV components are helping to make EVs more efficient, powerful, and affordable.

Is this company worth investing in? Read on to learn!

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Breaking Down The Teaser

In this teaser, Matt is using the heading "Elon's $1200 Car," and he obviously isn't hinting at the cost of EVs dropping to that price.

Instead, it's a hint at how EV cars will work in the future.

Instead of picking your car's upgrades when you buy them at the dealership, you'll instead pick what you want through a subscription.

You'll pick and choose the car features you want, and that will cost up to $100 per month or $1200 per year.

The reason car manufacturers would do this is because electric vehicles cost more to make.

And McCall believes car companies will be looking for ways to increase revenue to offset the price of making these cars.

And one company that McCall believes will help do this is BorgWarner.

What Is BorgWarner?

BorgWarner is a prominent player in the automotive industry, specializing in the development and manufacture of technologies that drive the world's mobility forward. The company is actively participating in the industry's shift toward electrification and sustainable mobility solutions, aiming to create a cleaner and more energy-efficient world. They have pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2035 and are committed to innovation and sustainability in their operations.

The company has a significant focus on the electric vehicle (EV) market, positioning itself as a partner in electrification and propelling the transition to eMobility. They have a global presence, allowing them to customize solutions across the world, adapting to various stages of the eMobility transition.

Financially, BorgWarner is making strides in the EV market, expecting its 2023 electric vehicle sales to reach $1.5 billion to $1.8 billion, a substantial increase from $870 million in 2022. They are on track to achieve approximately $4.3 billion in electric vehicle sales by 2025. This growth is part of their "Charging Forward" initiative, which includes focusing on organic and inorganic opportunities in the EV sector. They have also made commitments to reducing their environmental impact, including a promise to cut their absolute Scope 3 emissions by at least 25% by 2031 from a 2021 baseline. Moreover, BorgWarner is expanding its technology offerings, such as supplying 800V silicon carbide-based inverters for a major OEM and providing innovative battery cooling plates to a major German vehicle manufacturer for their next generation of electric vehicles.

BorgWarner's history spans over 130 years, during which they have been a transformative global product leader. Their current mission is to accelerate the world's transition to eMobility and contribute to building a cleaner, healthier, and safer future, which they are actively pursuing through their investments and product development in the EV market.

Reasons To Invest In BorgWarner

Investing in BorgWarner could offer several potential advantages which can be categorized as follows:

Strong Market Position

  • EV Market Growth: BorgWarner expects significant growth in EV sales, with projections of reaching $1.5 to $1.8 billion in 2023, suggesting a robust position in a rapidly expanding market.
  • Innovative Technologies: The company is at the forefront of developing EV technologies like 800V silicon carbide-based inverters, which are critical for modern electric vehicles.

Financial Performance

  • Revenue Growth: There is a clear trajectory of increasing revenue from the EV sector, indicating a potential for good financial returns.
  • Strategic Focus: The planned spin-off of its Fuel Systems and Aftermarket segments could streamline the company’s focus on electric mobility, potentially increasing operational efficiency and profitability.

Commitment to Sustainability

  • Emissions Targets: With commitments to reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, BorgWarner is positioning itself as a sustainable company, which might attract investors interested in environmental responsibility.

Historical Legacy and Innovation

  • Proven Track Record: Over 130 years of industry experience demonstrates resilience and the ability to innovate and adapt to market changes.

Global Footprint

  • Worldwide Reach: The company’s global presence means diversified risk and the ability to cater to different markets, offering a broad platform for growth.

Investors should consider these aspects alongside their own investment criteria and risk tolerance, and perform thorough due diligence before making investment decisions.

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Reasons Not To Invest In BorgWarner

While BorgWarner shows promise as an investment, there are potential drawbacks to consider:

Market Volatility and Competition

  • The EV market is highly competitive and subject to rapid technological changes, which may affect BorgWarner's market share and profitability.

Financial Risks

  • Debt Levels: BorgWarner's expansion and acquisitions might increase its debt, posing a risk to financial stability1.
  • M&A Integration: The challenges of integrating acquisitions can lead to unexpected costs and disruption.

Spin-off Uncertainties

  • Ambitious Spin-off: The plan to spin off the Fuel Systems and Aftermarket segments is ambitious, and its success is not guaranteed1.

Operational Risks

  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Global supply chains are vulnerable to disruptions that could affect manufacturing and distribution.
  • Regulatory Changes: Shifts in environmental policies and regulations could impact operational costs and product demand.

Before investing, it's crucial to weigh these risks against potential benefits, and consult with a financial advisor.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my post summarizing Matt McCall's newest teaser.

Just to recap, there won't be $1200 cars coming unfortunately.

Instaed, that's just the extra cost you'll be paying in the future to get all the upgrades in your car.

Do you think this is the future for electric cars, and will you be investing in BorgWarner?

Let me know in the comments!

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