Porter Stansberry is one of the big shots in the stock-picking world, and he's back with a new stock teaser.

In this teaser, Porter claims billionaires are rushing to invest in a new "controversial technology."

He goes on to say that "The AI keystone" is keeping AI from collapsing.

Of course, Porter wants your money to reveal the "AI Keystone" stock, but I have good news!

He left enough clues in the presentation to figure out the name of the stock he's pitching!

I reveal it below and give you all the information you need on the stock so you can determine if it's worth investing in.

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I created a video that reveals the name of the stock Porter is pitching. If you'd rather just read my analysis, skip past this section.

Breakdown Of The Teaser

I'd say 90% of stock pickers are all pitching AI stocks these days.

It's a huge trend, and it gets attention.

There's a lot of ways to pitch this sector; for example, some will recommend pure-play AI companies, and others will recommend semiconductor stocks that power AI systems.

However, Porter is going a different route in this teaser.

He's focusing on the power consumption AI computers use:

Porter claims that if we don't increase how much power we can generate, AI will fail.

To reiterate this, Stansberry says nuclear power will grow, and this is especially true for small modular reactors (SMRs).

Here's a breakdown of the teaser:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our world, from self-driving cars to facial recognition and language translation. But behind the magic, there's a hidden cost: energy. Training and running complex AI models requires massive amounts of computational power, translating to a significant thirst for electricity.

Here's a glimpse into the AI's energy guzzling habits:

  • Training: Think of it as teaching a child. Training a large language model can consume the same amount of energy as several hundred homes over a year! This is because it involves processing vast amounts of data, requiring powerful computers running 24/7.
  • Running: Once trained, AI systems still need power to operate. Data centers housing these models are notorious energy hogs, responsible for a growing share of global electricity consumption.

So, how much power are we talking about? Estimates suggest the IT sector, including AI, already accounts for 7% of global electricity demand, and this figure is expected to rise.

This raises a crucial question: how can we sustainably power this ever-growing AI beast?

Enter the Small Modular Reactor (SMR): A Potential Game Changer?

Small modular reactors (SMRs) are emerging as a potential solution. Unlike their large-scale counterparts, SMRs are smaller, more flexible, and can be built in factories, reducing construction time and costs. But their most exciting feature for the AI world is their carbon-free energy generation.

Here's how SMRs could be a game changer:

  • Clean and reliable: Unlike fossil fuels, SMRs produce no greenhouse gas emissions, making them a cleaner alternative for powering AI systems.
  • Scalability: SMRs can be deployed in smaller units, allowing for gradual expansion to meet the growing energy demands of AI.
  • Safety: Modern SMR designs incorporate advanced safety features, addressing concerns often associated with traditional nuclear power plants.

However, it's important to acknowledge the challenges:

  • Technology maturity: SMRs are still under development, and their widespread adoption will require further advancements and regulatory approvals.
  • Cost: While potentially cheaper than large reactors, the upfront cost of SMRs might still be significant.
  • Public perception: Nuclear energy still faces public concerns, which SMRs will need to overcome.

The Future of AI: Powered by Sustainability?

SMRs represent a promising solution for powering AI's future growth while minimizing its environmental impact. However, it's not a magic bullet. Continued research, development, and public acceptance are crucial to unlock their full potential.

So what is the company that Porter is pitching?

BWX Technologies!

What Is BWX Technologies?

BWX Technologies, Inc. is a diversified company operating in the nuclear industry with a rich history dating back over 60 years. Its core mission revolves around providing critical components and services to both government and commercial customers. Their areas of expertise encompass a wide range, making them a key player in various sectors within the nuclear field. Here's a breakdown of their main activities:

1. Government:

  • Naval Nuclear Propulsion: BWXT is the sole supplier of nuclear reactors and fuel for the U.S. Navy's submarines and aircraft carriers, playing a crucial role in national security. They also provide maintenance and operational support for these vessels.
  • Complex Operations Management: The company manages and operates several high-consequence sites for the U.S. government, including environmental cleanup projects at nuclear facilities.
  • Strategic Nuclear Materials: BWXT produces key components for nuclear weapons programs, ensuring the safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

2. Commercial:

  • Commercial Nuclear Components: BWXT manufactures steam generators and other critical components for commercial nuclear power plants around the world. They are the only North American company to continuously manufacture nuclear steam generators since the 1950s.
  • Commercial Nuclear Fuel: The company fabricates fuel assemblies and components for commercial reactors, contributing to clean energy generation.
  • Nuclear Medicine: BWXT is a leading producer of medical isotopes used for diagnosing and treating various medical conditions, including cancer.

3. Advanced Technologies:

  • Research Test Reactors: BWXT designs, builds, and operates research reactors for national laboratories, supporting scientific advancements in nuclear energy and other fields.
  • TRISO Fuel: The company is developing accident-tolerant TRISO fuel for both commercial and space applications, offering enhanced safety features.
  • Space Power: BWXT is involved in projects to develop nuclear reactors for space exploration, aiming to provide reliable power sources for future missions.


It's important to acknowledge that the nuclear industry is subject to various debates and concerns regarding safety, proliferation, and environmental impact. BWX Technologies operates within this complex landscape, and their activities generate diverse opinions. This analysis strives to remain neutral by presenting a factual overview of their core businesses without endorsing or critiquing their specific actions or positions.

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What Are The Pros Of Investing? 

The world of nuclear energy is complex, but for those seeking long-term stability and potential growth, BWX Technologies might be worth a closer look. As a leader in nuclear components and fuel, BWX boasts a unique position in a market poised for expansion. But before you dive in, let's explore the potential pros of this company. 

Industry position:

  • Leader in nuclear: BWXT is a global leader in the supply of nuclear components and fuel for the U.S. government and commercial markets. This positions them well to benefit from potential growth in the nuclear power industry, driven by factors like energy security and decarbonization goals.
  • Diversified business: The company operates in different segments, including nuclear operations, medical isotopes, and environmental technologies, which can provide some diversification and mitigate risk.

Financial performance:

  • Consistent revenue growth: BWXT has a history of consistent revenue growth in recent years, indicating steady demand for their products and services.
  • Healthy margins: The company boasts healthy profit margins, suggesting efficient operations and cost management.
  • Stable dividend: BWXT offers a stable dividend, which can be attractive to income-seeking investors.

Growth potential:

  • New technologies: BWXT is investing in new technologies like advanced nuclear fuel and medical isotopes, which could unlock new revenue streams and markets.
  • Government contracts: The company has significant government contracts, which can provide stable and predictable revenue sources.
  • Expanding footprint: BWXT is expanding its global presence through acquisitions and partnerships, which could open up new growth opportunities.

Other factors:

  • Strong track record: BWXT has a long and successful track record in the nuclear industry, which can instill confidence in investors.
  • Commitment to sustainability: The company emphasizes its commitment to sustainability through its nuclear and environmental technologies, which could resonate with environmentally conscious investors.

Cons Of Investing

While BWX Technologies presents potential advantages, it's crucial to acknowledge the cons before making any investment decisions:

Industry Risk: The nuclear energy sector, despite its potential, faces inherent risks. Public perception, safety concerns, and regulatory hurdles can create volatility. Imagine investing in a sector with uncertain future regulations.

Technological Dependence: BWX's success heavily relies on advancements in nuclear technologies. Delays or setbacks in these advancements could impact their growth potential. Think of it as putting your eggs in the basket of technological progress.

Competition: Although a leader, BWX faces competition from established players and newcomers in the nuclear space. Intense competition can squeeze profit margins and limit market share. Imagine facing off against other industry giants for a piece of the pie.

Project Delays: Large-scale nuclear projects are prone to delays and cost overruns, impacting BWX's revenue and profitability. Imagine waiting longer than expected for projects to deliver returns.

Environmental Concerns: Despite sustainability efforts, nuclear energy remains a contentious topic due to waste disposal and potential accidents. Negative public perception could impact investor sentiment. Imagine facing potential public backlash due to the industry's environmental concerns.

Geopolitical Volatility: The global political landscape can significantly impact BWX's operations, especially with reliance on government contracts and international expansion. Imagine political instability disrupting your investment's stability.

Regulatory Environment: Stringent regulations and licensing processes can hinder progress and increase operational costs for BWX. Imagine navigating a complex regulatory maze that might slow down growth.

Financial Risk: Like any investment, BWX carries inherent financial risks like debt levels, market fluctuations, and economic downturns. Imagine your investment being affected by broader economic forces beyond your control.


So that's the end of my post covering Porter Stansberry's newest stock teaser.

He's bullish on nuclear and wants you to invest in the SMR company, BWX Technologies.

Also, you now know the pros and cons of investing in this company.

So, what do you think?

Do you believe SMR is the future?

Let me know in the comments!

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