Teeka Tiwari is out with his yearly crypto presentation, shilling the newest coins.

He's calling this presentation "The Crypto Panic of 2023."

Last year, he ran the exact same teaser but with different coins.

The good news is that after sleuthing around for these picks, I was able to figure them out.

I reveal them below, along with some information on them, so you can determine if they're worth investing in.

Additionally, I'll give you some insights into Teeka so you know if you should be listening to him or not.

Let's get started!

Crypto Panic Of 2023 Summary

Creator: Teeka Tiwari

Price to join: Palm Beach Crypto Income


It's a new year, and that means Teeka puts out an "urgent warning" telling you to invest in new cryptos.

This is a yearly tradition, it seems.

Last year's picks absolutely crashed, with most losing about 70% to 80%.

This year's theme is "crypto staking," which allows you to earn passive income on your crypto.

You essentially lend out your crypto to back a blockchain operation and earn income as you're doing so.

The coins Teeka wants you to invest in are Ethereum (ETH), MATIC, LIV, GNS, gDAI, and STG.

Teeka is not someone I trust, and I've been following him for a while.

His crypto picks always seem to do very poorly, and he has a very sketchy background in finance.

This includes working for companies shut down by the government, and Teeka managed to earn himself a lifetime ban from Wall Street for his shenanigans.

So I personally won't be investing in these coins.

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Teeka's Crypto Panic Of 2023 FAQ's

I'm sure if you watched Teeka's entire presentation, you had some questions.

This section will answer any questions you might have.

1) What is "Teeka's Crypto Panic of 2023" about?

Teeka Tiwari is someone that I regard as absolutely shameless.

If I had to come up with a list of stock pickers that give the industry a bad name, he'd be on it and competing for this #1 spot.

Every year he comes out with a presentation he claims is the "most urgent" of his career.

and this year is no different.

What's funny is that we ran the exact same teaser last year, and basically all the picks bombed.

For example, one of his picks, ATOM, is down about 75%.

Another one, SOL, is down about 80%.

The rest of the picks from that presentation are down a similar amount.

But Teeka is back this year and claims an event will bring back crypto buyers and cause a surge in prices for a bunch of cryptos.

What's this event?

Ethereum's Shanghai update

2) What is the "Shanghai Update" and crypto staking?

This presentation came out in March 2023 and was referencing an event called the Shanghai Update, which allowed Ethereum users to withdraw their staked Ethereum.

Staking means you can deposit your crypto into a wallet for a fixed amount of time to secure and confirm new data blocks.

Users do this because it allows them to earn passive income on the staked crypto while it's being lent out.

The Shanghai Update happened about 10 days ago, and not much has changed for Ethereum in that time. The price is up a little, but not much.

Teeka believes (or at least is selling the idea) that this ability to earn passive income on your crypto will usher in a new wave of crypto users.

3) What are the risks of crypto staking?

The benefits of crypto-staking are pretty obvious.

You lend out your crypto, and you get rewarded for doing so.

It kind of acts like dividend stocks do, and everybody loves a good dividend stock.

However, there's risk involved with staking, and it is still very different from dividend investing.

The main reason it's different is that you have to lend out your crypto for a fixed time and have no way to get it back until the staking period is done.

I don't know if you've been following the crypto market this past year, but it's very volatile.

Large coins have essentially crashed and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

If this happens again, you won't have a chance to sell your staked cryptos.

You'll just have to take the loss, and I doubt the rewards you get will outweigh an 80% loss of value.

Staking only works if you believe the price of your crypto will stay the same or go up while it's staked.

Additionally, staking isn't always a simple process.

You might be required to own certain hardware and have pretty advanced knowledge of blockchain to get involved.

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4) What are the coins being pitched by Teeka?

This presentation from Teeka is especially long and runs for hours.

In it, he gives away one of the coins, Ethereum, for free, but it takes nearly 2 hours for him to give away the pick.

Ethereum is a well-known crypto and is the second-biggest crypto by market cap, next to Bitcoin.

However, he doesn't drop any clues about the rest of the cryptos.

So I had to go searching through comments and forums to get the answer.

Luckily, there are plenty of people sharing the crypto.

Here are two separate people sharing the name of the coins:

So the picks are ETH. MATIC, LPT, GNS, gDAI, and STG

Here's a brief explanation of the smaller cryptos:

  • (MATIC) - This is a crypto built on the Ethereum network and is meant to provide a scaling solution for Ethereum. It does so by lowering transaction fees and making them faster.
  • (LPT): LPT is associated with the Livepeer Network, which is a decentralized platform that enables video streaming and transcoding. Its goal is to lower the cost of live streaming. LPT is used as a payment in the Livepeer network.
  • (GNS): GNS is associated with the Gains Network, which helps crypto traders and investors. This includes automated trading bots, trading signals, portfolio tracking, and more.
  • (gDAI): gDAI is a stable coin pegged to the US dollar. You earn gDAI when you invest DAI into the compound network. The gDAI represents the DAI invested and the interest earned.
  • (STG): STG is associated with Stargate Finance, which is a decentralized platform that provides financial products and services. You earn STG through yield farming and staking.

5) Are these coins worth investing in?

I usually like to give my opinion on the assets being recommended in these teaser presentations.

However, I really don't like doing that when it comes to crypto.

I'm not really involved in crypto and don't have high opinions of it.

It's too volatile, in my opinion, and there are too many scams in the industry.

I'd also imagine crypto regulation will happen pretty soon because of these high-profile crypto scams.

Who knows what the industry looks like after that?

Ethereum seems like the best crypto, if I had to make a recommendation.

But the other cryptos I really have no opinion on.

It looks like crypto got a slight bump from the Shanghai Update, but nothing too major.

There wasn't a giant wave of new investors like Teeka promised.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my review of Teeka's crypto-panic presentation.

Teeka is a bit of a scoundrel, in my opinion, and not someone you should trust.

I also wouldn't recommend investing in these small cryptos either.

I personally don't have the stomach for the volatility.

But maybe you're different.

Are you thinking about investing in these coins?

Let me know below in the comments if you are.

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