Ron Legrand is a real estate guru and he has a bunch of courses and offers (Fast Track To Wealth, Gold Club, etc.)

If you're here you're probably wondering if his programs are scams or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about these trainings including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Ron Legrand is worth buying from by the time you're done.

Let's get into it!

Ron Legrand Summary

Products: Fast Track To Wealth, Gold Club, various seminars and more.

Price to join: Hundreds to thousands

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 3/5

Ron Legrand has been around for a while and he has a ton of different training programs.

While I think there's some value in these courses I don't really recommend them.

Some of the trainings are cheaper but it leads to more expensive offers that cost thousands.

Plus real estate is tricky and is expensive to get started with.. there's much better ways to make money if that's what you're looking to do.

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Can You Make Money In Real Estate?

A lot of people are drawn to real estate because it can create passive income.

Passive income is when you don't trade time for money.. if you're collecting rent your earning money without working.

You can definitely make money with real estate but you can also lose really big.

You can invest in a bad property, you can get bad tenants and you can lose tens of thousands of dollars. 

If the market tanks you can lose serious money as well.

Additionally, you'll need money to get started that most people don't have.

There's many ways to create passive income without needing tens of thousands (like you would with real estate)

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Fast Track To Wealth Overview ($99)

 Fast Track To Wealth is a 1 day live training program.

Here's what you get here:

Fast Track To Wealth Course

This is a step by step training that Ron goes over.

The goal here is to teach you how to invest in real estate and make money without using your own money or credit.

How Build Your IRA

An IRA is retirement investing and allows you to save our money without getting taxed (as long as you don't withdraw too early).

Ron will show you how to build an IRA here.

How To Take Title And Protect Your Privacy

This section goes over land trusts and Ron will answer any questions you have on this topic. 

Dealing With Contractors

You'll need to deal with contractors when homes need updates and repairs.

You'll get the Do's and Don'ts of dealing with contractors in this section.

Securing Private Lenders

This entire method is for people that want to secure money from other people to invest with.. not to use your own money.

In order to do this you'll need to be able to pitch your investments to lenders.

You'll learn how to do this and close deals in this section.

Live Call To Seller

Here you'll learn all aspects of closing a deal with a seller.

This includes building rapport, verifying information, getting email addresses and sending out paperwork. 

Virtual Assistants Video

You'll learn about virtual assistants in this section.

Virtual assistants are people you hire to do some of the minor tasks of real estate (paperwork, emailing, etc.)

Virtual assistants are very cheap because you can hire internationally and can really free time for yourself.

Parade Of Champions

Here you'll see past students share the successes they have had and walk through some of their deals.

How To Complete Contracts In Minutes Video

You'll get an overview of all the contracts needed in this sections.

Ron Legrand's Gold Club

Another popular Ron Legrand product is his Gold Club. His Gold Club comes with training, mastermind community and more.

What you get depends on the membership level you choose.

Here's a look at the different membership levels:

Gold Club Membership ($59 per month)

The cheapest membership offer is the Gold Club Membership.

In this membership level you get the following:

  • Gold Club Membership - You'll find various training and discussions on real estate here. 
  • Ron Legrand's Lessons Videos - You'll get access to all of Ron's new training videos where he talks about a variety of real estate topics.
  • Webinar And Events - Any time there's an online event or webinar you'll get access to it.
  • Group Q&A's - Every monday you'll be able to ask Ron questions.
  • The Gold Club Weekly Report - The weekly reports are various articles, videos and more delivered to your inbox.
  • The Mentor Newsletter - Every month you'll get a newsletter in the mail and training CD's. 

Gold Elite Membership ($297 per month)

With the Gold Elite Membership you get everything in the last section as well as the following:

  • Digital Real Estate Automated Management Solutions - This is an all in one system that allows you to run your real estate business and communicate with buyers. You get websites, email service, autoresponders and more. 
  • VA service - they'll train a virtual assistant for you to call for sale by owner opportunities.

Gold Elite VA Membership ($697 per month)

You'll get everything in the last two sections and you'll get 25 hours a month of VA service. 

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Ron Legrand FAQ's

1) Is Ron's programs worth their price?

Ron offers a lot of different products so it's hard to really say yes or no.

I think some are priced decently like Fast Track To Wealthy and the VA offer isn't bad either.

But he also has other courses that are thousands of dollars and that seems pricey.

2) Is Ron Legrand legit?

It really depends on who you ask.

Some people think Ron is merely tricking people into giving him their money and is just selling dreams.

Other speak highly of him.

I guess it depends on how much real estate he really does have.

Some claim he has hundreds of millions in real estate and if that's the case I'd say he's legit.

3) Are there payment plans?

Yes, most of the programs come with a payment plan.. this way you can pay monthly instead of all at once. 

4) Are there better alternatives?

Yes, there's many ways to create passive income streams that are less expensive and easier.

To see my favorite way to do it, click below:

#1 Recommended Passive Income Strategy

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd probably pass on Ron Legrand's products.

Real estate is expensive to get started with, risky and comes with a lot of headaches.

There's plenty of online passive income streams that are cheap to get started with and are perfect for beginners.

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