Sam Ovens Uplevel Consulting Reviewed

Have an established business and solid customer base, but want to scale up? Have you been looking for an online training program that can help you scale your business?

You've probably come across Sam Ovens's Uplevel Consulting online course, and you're wondering if this is something you'll find useful. Plus, you want to know if it's just a scam or it's legit.

In this Uplevel Consulting review, you're going to learn what it is all about, the course contents, and how much it costs.

We're also going to determine if it is a scam or not.

Ready to learn more? Then read on!

Uplevel Consulting Summary

Product: Uplevel Consulting

Price to join: $6,000

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: The Uplevel Consulting is an online course created by owner, Sam Ovens. This training program contains 59 modules and over 100 hours of video content.

Members can study each module every week, and there will be several action plans and two Q&As with Sam Ovens.

But at $6,000 this course is way to expensive.

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What is Uplevel Consulting?

You already have an established and thriving business. You've experienced some ups and downs, but your customer base has largely been the constant. But you're dissatisfied, and you want to grow and scale your business with new strategies.

You've been looking for a training program that will help you achieve this, and you finally came across one while browsing videos on YouTube or endlessly scrolling through Facebook. It's called Uplevel Consulting, and you're wondering if it's worth your time and money.

But first things first. What exactly is Uplevel Consulting?

Uplevel Consulting is an online course created for entrepreneurs who already have an established business but want to scale using modern strategies. The whole course lasts 9 weeks and includes videos that you can watch online plus some physical workbooks that you can work on as you study.

It also includes mp3 recordings, as well as transcripts of the audio. You can access all of these via your desktop, tablet, or phone. Plus, you can also engage with like-minded entrepreneurs of the Uplevel Consulting community.

Mentoring is available through the live Q&A sessions, interviews, and live stream hosted by Sam Ovens. Plus, you can access customer service and receive support all year round.

Uplevel Consulting is a part of It has an office in New York City and another in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

What's Inside Uplevel Consulting?

The Uplevel Consulting Course, which lasts up to nine weeks, contains 59 modules and over 100 hours of video content. Here's a rundown of each week's course content.

Week One: Mapping Your MVC

The first week is all about the basics of a consulting business. Here you'll be introduced to the content of the Uplevel Consulting course, its objective, the "rules of the house," and the differences between the Uplevel and other courses offered by

You'll learn about the fundamentals of a consulting business, the difference between traditional and the new model of consulting, and introduce you to the "hybrid model" program.

Other topics that will be covered include mapping your minimum viable course or MVC, managing workflows, crafting an irresistible offer, and of course, the obligatory "mindset" portion of almost all courses available right now.

At the end of every week, you'll have action items to tackle, as well as two live Q&A calls with Sam Ovens.

Week Two: Sell Before Build

The second week's module is all about Sell Before Build, a strategy that has worked for Sam Ovens himself. It contains six modules where he teaches why it's better to sell a product before building it, how to get clients and discuss "new age" attraction.

He will also discuss scientific selling, crafting your script, and action and iteration. There will be 14 action items, as well as two rounds of live Q&A portion.

Week Three: Building Version One

The topic that will be covered in the third week of the course is building version one. The topics that will be discussed include the anatomy of a program, systems, and creating the perfect content.

You'll also learn about portal and community, as well as program operations. There will be 13 action items and a couple of live calls with Sam Ovens.

Week Four: 6 Rapid Promo Strategies

Week four is all about the different rapid promo strategies tried and tested by Sam himself. There are modules during this week. These topics include the art of war, organic attraction methods, paid attraction methods, and cross-pollinating promotions. There are 8 action items, and as usual, two rounds of live Q&A calls with the creator.

Week Five: Three Proven Conversion Funnels

It contains seven modules that last anywhere between 17 minutes and 51 minutes. Some of the topics covered here include VSL, JIT, and 2KA pages and automation. There are 8 action items at the end of the modules, plus 2 live question and answer portions.

Week Six: Facebook Ads Unleashed

This particular week is jam-packed. It contains 10 modules, some lasting up to 2 to 3 hours. Here you'll have a deep dive into Facebook and how you can use it to grow your consulting business.

Other topics that will be covered include tracking conversions, going live, daily workflow, and retargeting. It also covers horizontal scaling and what Sam Ovens call "ninja shit." It includes 12 action items, and of course, the live Q&A calls.

Week Seven: Developing Your 8-Figure Mindset

Week seven is all about becoming more ambitious. Some of the topics that will be discussed include your principles, as well as crafting your vision and mission.

You'll learn how to understand yourself (if you haven't already) and how to achieve a monk-like discipline. You'll learn how to think outside the box, and how to systematize your life.

Week Eight: Hiring Your All-Star Team

This particular week is all about building your team and recruiting the right people for the job. The modules include how to replicate yourself, team evolution, and employer culture. Other topics that will be covered include systems, workflow, hiring generalists, and hiring sales reps.

Members will have access to a total of eight live Q&A calls during this particular week.

Week Nine: Building the Ultimate Course

Week nine is composed of seven modules which last up to fourteen hours. In this section, Sam will talk about when's the best time to rebuild your program, the principles of design, and crafting better content.

He will cover social science and migrating users. As usual, there are 10 action items and a couple of live Q&A calls.

Who Created The Uplevel Consulting Course?

The man behind the Uplevel Consulting is Sam Ovens, creator of SnapInspect and the website At 21, he landed his first-ever job at telecoms giant Vodafone.

According to his bio, he is a millionaire and has been hailed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur. He also created other courses such as Consulting Accelerator and Quantum Mastermind.

How Much Does Uplevel Consulting Cost?

So, how much does Sam Ovens's Uplevel Consulting course cost?

The whole course costs $6,000.

Not $600.

Not $60.

Yes, you heard (or read) that right $6,000.

Pricey? Definitely.

Worth it? That's what we're going to determine.

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What I Like About Uplevel Consulting

The overview of the modules is already laid out on the website

The good thing about Uplevel Consulting is that you don't have to search high and low for the course information. It's right there on the website. This is so unlike other training courses that make you search high and low for information about their content.

The course overview lets you decide if this is the right training program for you. It is neatly divided into "weeks" and modules. The number of hours you're going to spend in each module is clearly stated. Plus, there's a summary of each module on the website.

Action items and live Q&A calls at the end of every week

There are many factors why a lot of people do not learn anything from the online courses they've purchased. A majority of the training programs have virtually useless content, while others are poorly structured and there's no way for you to apply the principles at the end of each module.

Uplevel Consulting is different. You get to apply everything you've learned at the end of every week through several action items. There are also a couple of live question and answer sessions if there's something you misunderstood or if you need help in a particular module.

What I Don't Like About Uplevel Consulting

Several refund disputes

Uplevel Consulting's (or technically, OVENS International, LLC's) Better Business Bureau page is inundated with complaints about the refund. There is either a willful intent by Mr. Ovens to mislead individuals who purchased the course or there has been some misunderstanding between the creator of the Uplevel Consulting and the buyers.

According to some ex-members, Mr. Ovens has stated that there is a 42-day money-back guarantee. To the surprise of some members, this 42-day money-back guarantee does not really exist. What did not say is that the money-back guarantee is only honored when the member requests a refund before the 30th day from the date of purchase.

Even when you have requested a refund before the 30th day hit, some former members accuse OVENS International, LLC of ignoring their emails or calls, thereby ensuring that their claims would not be honored.

It is pricey

I've come across many training programs similar to Uplevel Consulting. Some are cheap and undoubtedly of poor quality, while others are reasonably priced even though their contents are fantastic and effective.

Uplevel Consulting is surely the most expensive online training program I've ever come across. You better get your credit or debit card and your blood pressure meds on hand because you need to fork out a stroke-inducing $6,000. No wonder Mr. Ovens became a millionaire.

Is Uplevel Consulting a Scam?

In my opinion, Sam Ovens's Uplevel Consulting course is not a scam. The course contains a great amount of information that entrepreneurs will find helpful as they scale their business. It is also comprehensive, with modules running up to nine weeks.

But my main gripe with it is that it is too expensive at $6,000. While it's true that quality content IS expensive, it should remain accessible for many people. If you're just starting out or if you were recently laid off and looking for a way to change your financial situation or if your business is not doing so well, then the Uplevel Consulting is not for you.

Make sure that you double-check the refund terms before you purchase the course. There have been some complaints about's customer service reps and their lack of response to queries or refund requests, so reaching out to them can be a pain.

Is Uplevel Consulting by Sam Ovens worth your time and money? Maybe, if you can afford to lose $6,000 and if you're sure that you can apply its principles in the real world. If you can't afford the $6,000 fee, however, then there's no sense for you to go into debt just to purchase this course.

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