Sovereign Man is an investing and lifestyle brand that comes from Simon Black.

He claims he can help you protect your assets and navigate this chaotic world.

Is he telling the truth, or is this all one big scam?

I'll answer this question in this review.

Additionally, we'll cover any red flags, and you'll get an overview of what's being offered.

You'll know if Sovereign Man is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Sovereign Man Summary

Creator: Simon Black

Price to join: $995 to $1995

Do I recommend? Sort of

   Overall rating: 3/5

I put Sovereign Man in the category of cool but not exactly practical.

How many people are looking to gain residency in foreign countries and move halfway across the world?

Again, it's cool to learn the stuff, but this newsletter is $995 to $1995 per year.

There are books that cover this same topic at a fraction of the price.

I can't really justify the cost of this newsletter just to learn some travel and residency hacks.

If it were $99 per year, I'd be more willing to recommend it.

At the current price, I just don't see the value.

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7 Things To Know About Sovereign Man

Before you buy from Sovereign Man, there are things you should know about this service.

Here are the top things to know about the sovereign man:

1) What Is a Sovereign Man?

Sovereign Man is a company that gives its readers tips on how to protect their wealth and financial freedoms.

Mainly, this is done through internationalization, asset protection, and investment strategies.

This is done through offshore banking, second citizenship and residency, and international asset protection strategies.

This allows people to protect their assets, increase their financial privacy, and diversify their investments globally.

The main threats to your wealth, according to the sovereign man, are excessive government regulation, currency devaluation, and political instability.

2) Is Simon Black A Real Person?

So I did a bit of digging into "Simon Black," and there are a lot of unanswered questions about just who Simon is.

The first thing to consider is that Simon Black isn't his real name and is just a pen name.

Apparently Simon's real name is James Hickman, but other than that, we don't know much about the real person behind Sovereign Man.

Here are some things that Simon claims about himself but that are very hard to verify:

  • Graduated from West Point and was an army intelligence officer.
  • Started The Black Knight Group, which provided consulting services to high-net-worth individuals.
  • Started Medellin Realty, which was a real estate company based in Medellin, Colombia.

But again, I looked up The Black Group and Medellin Realty and couldn't find anything about them.

I have a rule about the internet and especially people selling you financial stuff:

Never trust anything someone says about themselves unless you can verify it.

Maybe Simon has done the things he's said; maybe he hasn't.

I've just caught so many people lying on the internet before that I simply can't trust people blindly.

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3) "Simon" Holds Very Libertarian Views

I've read a lot of libertarian viewpoints in the last year, and "Simon" definitely holds strong libertarian views.

For example, many Libertarians promote buying farm land in South America, which is what "Simon" has done.

He apparently has an organic farm in Chile.

At one point, Chile was a very libertarian society, and libertarians loved recommending moving there.

However, last year they took a turn to the left and elected a de facto socialist as their leader.

Anyway, it's important that you understand some core libertarian principles; this way, you can understand Sovereign Man better.

Some libertarian ideas you'll see promoted through Sovereign Man include:

  • Distrust towards governments and foreign policy
  • Disdain for paper money
  • Promotion of buying gold, silver, and other previous metals
  • Individual rights
  • Against central planning

There's a pretty good amount of fear mongering that comes from libertarians as well.

This includes the idea that the dollar is going to collapse, there will be out of control inflation (this is actually happening), all individual liberties will be stripped, and things like that.

Here's an interview with "Simon" where he talks about a lot of these things.

He's talking to a silver bullion dealer, so he makes the case for investing in real assets like gold and silver.

4) Sovereign Confidential Is The Flagship Service

The main product at Sovereign Man is Sovereign Confidential, which costs $995 per year.

There are many books that teach the same stuff and are much less expensive (I'll get into that in the next section).

Sovereign Confidential helps you in the following ways:

  • Fighting inflation through legal tax mitigation and asset protection strategies
  • Finding personal freedom through a second residency
  • Protecting your assets
  • How to spot and seize opportunities around the world
  • How to find the right country to live in

You get the following features as a member of Sovereign Confidential:

  • Get monthly newsletters that cover current trends.
  • Sunday mailers that cover current risks and events
  • Monthly Q&A's
  • You can read full reports and archives.
  • Rolodex of vetted service providers

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5) There's Many Cheaper Alternatives To Sovereign Confidential

I think the stuff that's included in Sovereign Man and Sovereign Confidential is cool.

Who doesn't want to know about secret global tax tricks and how to get residency in freer countries?

But I would not pay $995 per year to learn this stuff.

There's so much information out there and different communities that you can find the same stuff for free or much cheaper.

For example, Nomad Capitalist is a popular book that covers basically the same stuff.

It costs $9.99 for the Kindle version:

This book has been bought hundreds of thousands of times and has really good reviews.

"Simon Black" doesn't have access to secrets that Andrew Henderson doesn't have.

And any topic that's not covered in Nomad Capitalist will be covered in another cheap book.

6) The 4th Pillar Is The Investment Service

While Sovereign Confidential is about asset protection, the 4th Pillar is about building wealth through investing.

This service focuses on buying foreign companies that are selling for less than the amount of cash they have in the bank.

Overall, this service seems to get pretty good reviews from customers.

Over on Stock Gumshoe, 100+ people have rated this service, and it gets an average rating of 3.7/5.

One of the stock recommendations this newsletter made back in February 2019 was for a closed fund called Pershing Square Holdings.

This asset was promoted as the "highest conviction idea in years" and a way to "buy some of the highest quality stocks in the world at a massive 26% discount."

This did turn out to be a good recommendation, and the fund has more than doubled since being recommended:

So this does seem like a quality investing service.

And it comes with a 30-day refund policy, which you don't typically see with expensive investing services.

But the price makes it so that only people with a large portfolio should buy it.

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7) Don't Buy The 4th Pillar Unless You Have $200,000 To Invest

There's a rule when it comes to paying for investing research:

Never spend more than 1% of your trading account on research.

Because if you pay more than that, the cost will eat into your gains too much.

The 4th Pillar is $1995 per year, so you'd need around $200,000 to invest for this newsletter to make sense.

For example, if you only have $50,000, this newsletter would represent about 4% of your account.

It's going to be hard to beat the market when you're already 4% in the hole.

Sovereign Man markets itself as a service for high-net-worth individuals.

So kudos to them for that.

Sovereign Man Pros And Cons

  • Good reviews: Most customers of Sovereign Man seem to be happy with what they've gotten.
  • Good refund policy: You get 30 days to get your money back and that's pretty good.
  • Cool ideas: I like the idea of offshore banking and buying foreign businesses. Definitely unique.
  • Too expensive: The services at Sovereign Man are pricey and you need to be high net worth individual to truly benefit from them.
  • Cheaper alternatives: Every service at Sovereign Man has a much cheaper alternative that's just as good.
  • Not enough known about Simon: Simon Black should be more open about his past considering he's selling expensive products. 

Sovereign Man Conclusion

Sovereign Man is an interesting brand.

Typically, I just write about investing services, and they're all more or less the same.

In fact, most investing newsletters are owned by about three companies.

So it's nice to see someone take a different approach.

At the end of the day, I'm just not sure how practical this lifestyle "Simon" promotes is for most people.

You have to make a lot of money for these services to have any value, and you have to be pretty adventurous for the tips to work.

Are you ready to live in a different country?

To buy farmland in Chile and start farming?

These are all nice fantasies, but they would take some sacrifices on your end.

I personally like living around my family and friends.

It would be hard for me to just get up and leave everyone.

And saving money on taxes isn't a big enough incentive for me to want to move.

My family and friends are worth more than that.

But some people might have different lifestyles and not be attached to one place.

If so, these services can help.

But just understand that there are books that cover all of these topics and cost under $10.

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