Strategic Investor is an investing newsletter from Dave Forest.

He claims he can help you be victorious on the financial battleground.

Is this legit or a scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review!

You'll see a bunch more as well.. including a look at Dave's stock picking performance, an overview of what you get and some warnings.

You'll know if Strategic Investor is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Strategic Investor Summary

Creator: Dave Forest

Price to join: $49 for first year, $129 per year after.

Do I recommend? Sort of (read summary)

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

There's definitely things to like about Strategic Investor.

The price isn't bad and Dave has a pretty good stock picking performance.

On the flip side the company that owns this newsletter is terrible and will try and promote literal scams to you.

If you can avoid the upsells and promotions this newsletter might be worth it.

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Dave Forest's Stock Performance

Dave Forest is the creator of Strategic Investor.

To be honest there's not a ton out there about him or his past.

The only thing you can really find about him is on the Casey Research website.

However, many investing gurus lie in their bio so there's not really much you can take away from that.

The most important thing about Dave is if he can pick good stocks, right? 

The good news is there's plenty of stock picks from Dave we can look at to see if he's legit or not.

Here's an overview of big stock presentations he's done in the past and how well the stocks have performed.

Lion Electric October 2021

This teaser has been running for many months now.. in the past it was called Amazon Warrants and now is called Jeff Bezos' Lucky Deal #7.

I did a whole video on this presentation and dug deep into the stock he's teasing, which is Lion Electric.

The pitch was to buy warrants in a company Amazon just recently made a deal with.

The company, Lion Electric, would be providing tens of thousands of electric vehicles for Amazon.

Dave wanted you to buy a warrant in the company because he believes the stock is going up.

A warrant locks you into a lower price in the future than what Dave believes the stock will reach.

The bad news is tech stocks have tanked since this presentation launched and so has the stock price of Lion Electric:

The stock was at around $12 when he recommended it and it's now at $5.27, which is more than 50% loss in that time.

Additionally, the price of a warrant has dropped as well.

When he recommended the warrant price was around $4 and now it's around $1.3:

So when this teaser first started running warrants were 3 times more expensive.

For these warrants to pay off Lion Electric stock needs to be higher than $11.50 by 2026.

It could still end up being a winner but as of now it's not looking good.

Lynas, Rare Element Resources And Namibia Critical Metals In 2020

In January 2020 Dave ran a presentation called "3 Little Known Stocks To See 60X Gains."

This stock was in the 5g market.

The companies were Lynas, Rare Element Resources, and Namibia Critical Metals.

Here's how they've performed since the recommendations.

First up, Lynas:

This was an excellent pick that quickly saw massive returns.

At one point it reached as high as $8.

That's gains of 600%.

Next up we have Rare Element Resources: 

At one point this stock reached $4.

So if you sold at the peak you're looking at around 400% returns pretty quickly.

If you held onto it past its massive peak you're at about break even right now.

This one has done decently well.

You would have had a chance to triple your money if you sold at the right time.

All in all these three stock picks were very profitable and anyone that invested in them would be happy.

Ivanhoe Mines In December 2019

Ivanhoe Mines is a stock that Dave pitched back in 2019.

His headline for this teaser was "Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare."

Of course this stock has nothing to do with Elon but using his name draws attention.

Here's how Ivanhoe Mines' stock has performed:

This has been another awesome stock pick and has gotten returns between 300% to 400%.

Midland Exploration And Liberty Gold In October 2019

Midland Exploration and Liberty Gold were two stock picks made in October 2019 by Dave.

These were marketed as "penny gold stocks set to soar 1,000%."

Here's how they're performed.

First up, Midland Exploration:

This has been a bad stock pick and has lost more than 50% of its value.

There was a small window to sell for a tiny profit but other than that it's been down.

Certainly not 1000% gains.

Next up we have Liberty Gold:

This is another good stock pick that gave you an opportunity to get 300% returns.

Overall, I'd say Dave is a good stock picker. These stocks span a few years and most did exceptionally well. A couple stinkers but that's expected. Definitely a positive for Dave. 

My BIG Warning With Strategic Investor

So you just saw the good part of Strategic Investor - Dave has a good track record.

However, there's a seriously big red flag with this newsletter..

That red flag is Agora.

Agora is the owner of Casey Research and they're the biggest distributor of investing newsletters in the world.

They own dozens of publishers and sell hundreds of newsletters.

This is a major red flag because Agora is an EXTREMELY predatory company and one that I rarely recommend buying from.

And when I mean predatory, I mean predatory:

Just last year Agora had to pay millions in fines for marketing fraudulent products to senior citizens.

They promised elderly people to cure their diabetes without exercise or diet change and they promised to help old folks make thousands from the government every month.

Both were lies.

The problem is $2 million is nothing to a company like Agora.

They make HUNDREDS of millions selling their products - this is simply the cost of doing business for them.

As Truth In Advertising has proven, they're still selling fraudulent products to elderly people:

When you make hundreds of millions, $2 million isn't enough to deter you.

Take a look at some of the ads they're using.. they target people with cancer!

You have to have zero morals to do stuff like this.

And this should concern you if you intend on buying Strategic Investor.

This newsletter is cheap but they have products that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Once you buy one product from them they target you for more expensive ones.

Your inbox will be flooded with promotions all day long and Agora will use every dirty marketing trick to get you to buy.

This includes shaming, using fear and more.

If you buy Strategic Investor you shouldn't upgrade or pay more for any new services.

Typically the more expensive products don't perform as well.

Agora is going to try and milk every dime you have. Don't let them. If you buy Strategic Investor don't fall for their marketing and avoid any expensive products they pitch to you.

Strategic Investor Overview

Strategic Investor focuses on commodities and investments in natural resource companies.

Overall, though, it's a standard investing product and offers what many other newsletters offer.

Here's a breakdown of each aspect:

12 Monthly Issues Of Strategic Investor

Every month you get an issue of Strategic Investor and this is the main thing you're paying for.

In each newsletter you get a new stock recommendation as well.

Additionally, you'll get information on the market and updates on previous investment ideas.

Model Portfolio

This is the other main part that you're paying for.

The mode portfolio is every open position that Dave has recommended.

This means the second you sign up you'll have access to around two dozen stock picks.

Additionally, you'll get information on each stock like what price to sell at and the stock symbol of each asset.


The market is constantly changing and somethin big can effect your portfolio.

Often you won't be able to wait for the monthly newsletter.

This is where the updates come in.. if something big happens you'll get an alert on what to do.

This can mean selling, buying more, etc.

Special Reports

You also get access to a bunch of special reports when you sign up.

These reports are always changing, depending on how Dave is marketing this newsletter.

Right now the main special report is Jeff Bezos' Lucky Deal #7.

We covered this special report earlier on and the company being pitched is Lion Electric.

Additionally, you get access to all the previous special reports.

Warrant Course

Often times Dave will recommend you buy a warrant instead of buying the stock.

Basically a warrant is a deal between you and the company you're investing in.

The deal is you get to buy the stock of the company at a certain price in the future.. you're betting the stock will be higher than what the warrant price is.

The benefit of warrants is you don't actually have to buy the stock.

So if your bet turns out wrong you don't have to buy the stock.

However, warrants cost money per share.. so if you don't buy you're going to lose the cost of creating the warrants.

In this course you'll how to invest in warrants.

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Strategic Investor FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does Strategic Investor Cost?

If you try to buy Strategic Investor from the Casey Research website it costs $199 per year.

However, there's promos out there where you can buy it for $49 for the first year and $129 every year after.

This is a standard price for an introductory investing newsletter, which Strategic Investor is.

I think this is a good price but make sure to avoid the expensive upgrades - those can cost thousands of dollars and aren't as good.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

There's actually two different refund policies, depending on where you buy the newsletter.

The first is a bad refund policy.. it's 90 days but you don't get your money back.

Instead you just get a credit to use the money for another newsletter.

However, if you buy it through one of the promos you get 60 days to get your money back.

60 days isn't really enough time to test out the stock picks but it's better that you can get your money back.

3) Is Dave Forest Legit?

I have a hard time calling anyone that works for an Agora company legit.

You have to have loose morals to be employed by them.

However, he does have a good track record of picking good stock picks.

So I'll say he's legit but there's certainly red flags.

4) Is Investing In Commodities A Good Idea?

I think so!

Commodities are especially good during inflation which we're experiencing right now.

Additionally, the world will always need oil, gas, silver, etc.

Everything relies on a natural resource.

On the flipside commodities can be volatile and price can be effected by geopolitical events.

Think Russia/Ukraine.

But overall I like investing in commodities.

5) How Much Should I Have To Invest?

It really depends if you're going to invest in the model portfolio or not.

You should probably invest $1000 into each stock you want to buy.

You shouldn't buy every stock in the portfolio but if you want to buy 5, you should have $5000.

Additionally, you'll want money for all new investment ideas.

Again, you'll want $1000 for every new investment. 

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Strategic Investor Pros And Cons

  • Good price: You can find this newsletter for as low as $49. That's a good price for what you're getting.
  • Good investing strategy: I like investing in commodities - the world will always need them!
  • Good track record: Dave Forest has a good track record and a lot of winning stock picks.
  • Bad refund policy: One refund doesn't give your money back and the second doesn't give you time to test the stock picks.
  • Agora owned: Agora is a terrible company and I usually don't recommend them.

Strategic Investor Conclusion

In a lot of ways Strategic Investor is a lot like other investing newsletters.

You get the newsletter, the portfolio, the special reports, the alerts, etc.

This is what every newsletter is offering.

The difference is Dave Forest.

Dave does pick good stocks and I don't like even admitting that.

The reason is I really don't like Agora.. Agora is a terrible company and they're going to try and rip you off once you buy Strategic Investor.

So in the end I recommend this newsletter.

Just don't fall for Agora's marketing.. it'll cost you a lot of money if you do!

Here's A Better Opportunity

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