The Last Amazon Course is a product that talks about Amazon FBA and selling on Amazon by Brock Johnson.

This course is very cheap and this might have you wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review answer.

Below you'll see everything about The Last Amazon Course including background information, price, course overview and more.

You'll know if this course is right for you by the time you're done. 


The Last Amazon Course Summary

Product: The Last Amazon Course

Price to join: $1 per month, $10 per year or $18 for lifetime access

Rating: 85/100

Do I recommend? Yes, if you want to do Amazon FBA

Summary: Usually when a course is very cheap it's really only bait to try to upsell you for a much more expensive course down the road.

But that's actually not the case with The Last Amazon Course.

Remarkably you get 45 hours worth of training and 350 videos for $18 (if you chose the one time payment option).

This is particularly crazy because most Amazon FBA courses cost thousands.

So if you're interested in Amazon FBA I would definitely recommend buying this course.

My only issue is the Amazon FBA business model is difficult and will cost thousands to get started with.

Better opportunity: There's ways to do dropshipping and ecommerce that won't cost you thousands of dollars. Click below to see how this is possible.

The Truth About Amazon FBA

The Last Amazon Course is very affordable but Amazon FBA is not a cheap way to make money online.

You'll need to buy products, pay a portion of each sale to Amazon for shipping, and pay for advertising to drive traffic to your Amazon page.

This is going to require thousands to get started and you'll probably need around $5000 in the beginning (with no guarantee you'll make your money back).

It's also quite difficult and stressful work.

One of the more famous Amazon FBA'ers said running an Amazon FBA business is like managing and running a restaurant.

Ask anyone who runs a restaurant and they'll tell you it's not easy work.

I personally turned to making money online because I wanted to make my life easier, not tougher.

That's why I do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be done for basically free and it's very stress free.

So if you're just looking to make money on the internet I would check out affiliate marketing before jumping into Amazon FBA. 

Who Is Brock Johnson?

I really like Brock Johnson.

Brock Johnson is someone that's made millions selling on Amazon and overall is very optimistic person. 

He comes off a little "guru-ish" and talks about making the world a better place and stuff like that.

That kind of stuff isn't for me but he seems like a guy that loves to give things away without charging for it.

At one point he had a very popular Youtube channel but quit the business because he didn't like Youtube culture.

He's against clickbait and creating funnels that are meant to steal your money.

This is actually the reason I don't do Youtube or do clickbait or anything like that.

Here's the video of Brock actually explaining why he left Youtube:

The internet is full of predators and I mean REAL predators. 

People that will take thousands from you by offering a scam and not think anything of it.

People will lie, manipulate and do whatever it takes to get your money.

Brock is CLEARLY leaving money on the table by not doing Youtube and charging so little for his course.

But I guess he figured out scamming people and overpricing products doesn't fulfill you.

It's definitely something I believe which is why I only market things I believe in.

So if you're going to learn from someone, learn from someone like Brock or me : ).

The Last Amazon Course Overview

This course is one of the longer courses on Amazon FBA that I've reviewed and it has about 45 hours worth of content and 340 videos.

Below is a screenshot of what happens when you buy the course (so you know I actually bought it):

One of the things I really like is he has a smaller course that's set aside just for beginners. 

So if you're brand new to Amazon FBA you won't feel overwhelmed or anything like that.

You even get a video where Brock explains the steps he took from $100 to $3,000,000 in 3 years.

Another aspect that I LOVE is there's text training below the video training and downloadable resources:

The reason I like this is it's hard to go back to a video to find a piece of information. I've taken training in the past where there's 40 minute training videos and a week later I'll go back to find one small piece of information.

It would take a half hour just to find this one piece of information.

Text training under the video just recaps the main parts and it makes going back very easy to find specific things.

After the beginner course (21 videos) you get into the main course.

Here's breakdown of each section in the main course:

Product Research

This section is very thorough and if I had to guess there's around 80 videos regarding product research.

There's a lot of information here and you will truly learn what it takes to find a winning product here and get more advanced level ideas on picking products. 

For example, there's a video on game theory and how to predict certain trends. This is pretty advanced stuff that you're not going to find in many other places.


This section is another one that has a lot of videos and it's about finding good suppliers. 

You'll learn about finding suppliers in China, USA and how to negotiate a good price with them.

Additionally, you'll learn about setting up your company logo, packaging, ordering, shipping and Amazon fulfillment. 

Perfect Listing

This section isn't quite as long as the previous two and is about setting up your listing on Amazon. 

Here you will learn about keywords and how to find keywords that will drive you free traffic.

You'll also learn about listing your product so it shows up in Amazon's search on page 1.

Product Photography

This section is shorter as well and is about making your products look as good as possible.

In one of Brock's earlier videos he talks about how he could charge extra because he did well with photography for his products.

While this isn't the most important section it is important.

People are visual and you'll get more success if your products look visually pleasing.

In this section you'll get the top tricks to make everything look good in your listing.

Launch Your Product

This section is about launching your product and includes information on setting your price, how to prevent negative reviews, and other tips to maximize your sales.


This section is about paid per click marketing (Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads) and how to drive traffic to your listing.

This section could be a little longer in my opinion because it's so important to your business. 

You'll probably want to buy an extra Facebook or Google ads course to supplement the training here.


This section only has 4 videos and it's about building your brand.

Business Fundamentals

This section is just general business tips and includes information on taxes, picking a brand name and more. 


Eventually when you start making real money you can hire virtual assistants and workers to do some of your daily tasks.

The good thing about making money online is you can get workers from all over the world and who work for pretty low wages (costs are lower in their countries).

This section will teach you how to hire people effectively.

Brock actually hires from the same website that I hire from as well ( 

Defense And Maintenance

This section is about keeping in compliance with Amazon and how to deal with people that are stealing your products.


This section only has two videos and it's about growing with a second seller account on Amazon.


This section is about dealing with returns and tools to assist with this.

Legal And Taxes With Master Of Law, Paul Rafelson

This section is all about the laws and taxes you'll have to deal with in your career doing Amazon FBA.

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What I Like About This Course

There's A LOT to like here and the main things I like are:

Brock actually makes money doing Amazon FBA

There are so many fake it until you make it types in the make money online world.

Brock is clearly not one of them and has made millions doing Amazon FBA. 

The course is affordable

This kind of relates to Brock actually making money doing Amazon FBA.

If he was truly hurting for money this course would be between $2000 to $5000 but it's only $18 for a lifetime membership.

This is as good of a price you'll find for a course this well made. Seriously. You're not going to find better.

Thorough course

Despite being so affordable this course is jam packed with good information.

You will learn everything there is to know about Amazon FBA and Brock doesn't hold back at all. 

Frequently updated

The course material is always being updated and there's livestreams as well where you can hear right from Brock himself.

What I Don't Like About This Course

There's nothing here to not like. You couldn't ask for more at the price. Maybe a little extra on PPC training specific to Facebook or Google but there's plenty of courses out there to teach that.

Final Thoughts

Almost every Amazon FBA course I review is $1000+ and many are more than $5000.

To see a course this good by someone that's legitimately made millions on Amazon for only $18 is so refreshing.

The explanation Brock gives makes perfect sense and is something I've already come to terms with before going through this course.

It doesn't feel good to rip people off or nickel and dime people.

If you're already making millions doing Amazon FBA why put out a course for $3000?

Is a $500,000 extra going to make you that much happier?

By putting the course at $18 Brock is creating more happiness in other people and that in return will give you more joy than an couple hundred thousand would.

So good on Brock for putting out an amazing course like this that is affordable to EVERYONE. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

The Last Amazon Course is good but there's still better courses out there. 

If you want to see the very best ecommerce training, check out Ecom Elites

There you will see beginner training on how to do ecommerce without spending thousands of dollars. 


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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