The Social Media Marketing Agency business model is one of the most popular trends in the make money online world.

There's many courses that'll teach you this method and today we're going to be looking at The SMMA Blueprint by David Schlais and Derek DeMike. 

The review will look at all aspects of this course including background information, price overview, content breakdown and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if The SMMA Blueprint is worth it.

Let's get into it!

The SMMA Blueprint Summary

Product: The SMMA Blueprint

Price to join: $749

Rating: 80/100

Do I recommend? Yes, if you want to do SMMA. 

Summary: The SMMA Blueprint is a very well made and thorough course about building a social media agency.

This course will take a beginner and make them competent with this business model. The SMMA Blueprint is certainly one of the better social media agency courses out there.

The founders are well known and very experienced as well.

My only problem here is the price is (sort of) high and SMMA is not an easy way to make money.

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SMMA Is Stressful

Before we get into the course I just want to talk about the SMMA business model first.

This is one of the more involved ways to make money online and it's actually pretty stressful.

If you decide to start a social media agency you'll have to:

  • Do cold calling and cold emailing to get customers
  • Learn Facebook ads and paid traffic
  • Need a paid traffic budget when you start
  • Have to deal with legal stuff like contracts and more
  • Do in person meetings

And more. 

There's ways to make money that are a million times easier than that where you can make as much, if not more than with SMMA. 

I personally turned to making money online because I wanted freedom and I wanted to make my life less stressful.

By taking the right courses and some work I've managed to do that.

I currently make more than I ever before in my life and only work 10 to 15 hours a week now. 

SMMA isn't that kind of business model. This is one that may mean working MORE hours than you do now.

If you're the type of personality that's fine with that then SMMA will work for you. For me, though, I'd rather make money without stressing myself out.

Who Are The Creators?

The world of internet marketing is filled with scam artists and fakers.

A lot of these people will start a Youtube channel, rent fake cars to make it seem like they're rich and just try to sell courses.

Most of the time course sales are the only way these people make money and they don't even make money from the business model they're teaching.

This isn't the case with David Schlais and Derek DeMike.

These two run a very successful social media company called Viral Traffic Labs and they both are good at what they do (both make high six figures from Viral Traffic Labs).

They help companies with million dollar ad budgets make money on social media and these two are clearly social media marketing experts. 

These two are very legit.

The SMMA Blueprint Course Review

The SMMA Blueprint is an update on a previous course David and Derek made called SMMA Hacker.

There's videos that are the same from that course as well as new material.

Overall there's 70 videos and 4 modules that go over every aspect of running a social media marketing agency. 

Along with these training videos you get access to a private Facebook Mastermind Group as well as a weekly Q&A where you can get answers to any questions you have.

Additionally there's an option for private coaching for $2997 but I wouldn't go that far until you know SMMA is right for you. 

Here's a breakdown of each module now:

Module 1 - Operations: Start And Running An Agency

This module is about laying down the foundation of your SMMA business.

Here you'll learn about various topics like setting up a website, building your brand, setting up G suite and creating your email address. 

You'll also get training on setting up a bank account that's specifically for your business and how to take payments.

Module 1 goes over all the legal documents you'll need and cash flow management.

Module 2 - Getting Clients

This is the longest module of all and is definitely one of the most important. 

You can have the perfect looking site and all the legal framework in place but if you can't get clients you don't have a business. 

There's 20 different videos here and you'll learn essential topics like picking a niche.

A niche is just the market you'll be working in. For example, a beauty salon, dental work, etc. 

Additionally you get email scripts to use when you're cold calling and cold emailing potential clients. 

Lastly, you'll learn how to close on clients and how to price you work. 

Even people with a lot of SMMA experience will learn something new here.

Module 3 - Fulfilling Services

Your website is made, you called some potential clients and sweet talked them into working with you and now it's time to deliver.

This is the second longest section and is as important as the last one.

Here you'll learn how to get customers for your clients. 

This involves learning how to properly do Facebook ads, create lookalike audiences, create perfect ads and more.

Also, you'll learn how to market on Instagram and how to do email marketing to get as many customers as possible. 

Module 4 - Scaling Your Agency

The last module is fairly short and is only important if you master the first 3 modules.

Module 4 is about growing your company and learning how to scale your agency to make as much as possible.

This involves getting more clients and outsourcing some of the work to free up time for yourself. 


Along with the course material and Facebook group you also get 5 different bonuses.

These bonuses include:

  • A guide on meeting with your clients
  • An ad template
  • Legal agreements
  • Proposal template
  • Various funnels you can use in different niches

The Price Is A Little Expensive

Here's the thing - there's A LOT of courses on how to make money online and there's absolutely spectacular courses for $200 to $300.

My favorite course is free to try.

SMMA is a new-ish way to make money online and is exploding in popularity. Because it's fairly new there's not a whole bunch of quality courses out there.

Because of this the course price is high.

In a couple years you'll be able to find SMMA courses that are just as good for half the price (there will be more competition, though).

So if you don't feel like spending $749 on a course, you should look into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is much easier than SMMA and it's been around as long as the internet has been around.

Because of this there's plenty of courses that are very quality that won't cost $749.

What I Like About The SMMA Blueprint

There's a lot here to like and the main things I like are:

Creators Are Legit

David Schlais and Derek DeMike aren't just two guys trying to capitalize on the SMMA trend. These guys are legit and have been making money with their own social media agency for quite some time.

Thorough Course

There's a lot of SMMA courses that will skip over an important section or won't full teach an essential topic.

That's not the case with The SMMA Blueprint. This course goes over everything you need to know from about SMMA including setting up your site, getting clients, getting customers for your clients and scaling your business.

This truly is a course that will teach you everything you need to know.

Private Facebook Group And Live Q&A

The training is good and gets better because you get access to a private Facebook Group and Live Q&A.

The first is good because it's essential to learn with other people who can share their experiences. This will speed up the money making opportunity.

The second is good because you'll be able to ask the creators themselves, who are experts, for help.

What I Don't Like About The SMMA Blueprint

There's some things I don't like and the main thing I don't like are:

SMMA Business Model Is Stressful

The last "real" job I had was as an insurance agent for State Farm. Part of the job included cold calling and it's not fun.

It's awkward and is one of the reasons I walked away from insurance and started making money online instead.

I could never get back into cold calling - it doesn't matter how much money could be made. 

Cold calling is essential in SMMA and it's pretty much unavoidable.

You'll also have to cold email, meet with clients, find customers for clients, find clients that know how to close the customers you send them and more.

It's stressful and not an easy way to make money.

Final Thoughts About The SMMA Blueprint

The SMMA business model is hot.

Many people are creating agencies and making good money from them. Plus working with small and local businesses can certainly be fulfilling.

If this is 100% the way you want to make money The SMMA Blueprint is probably as good of a course you can find.

You really need to be sure this is the right business model for you, though.

You are going to have to cold call, meet with clients and there's going to be pressure to deliver customers.

If you don't mind spending hours calling random businesses up, definitely consider buying The SMMA Blueprint.

Here's A Better Opportunity

If you've decided SMMA isn't right for you don't worry - there's plenty of ways to make money online.

The best and easiest way is with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing doesn't require cold calling or getting clients or anything like that.

It also doesn't require a large marketing budget.

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Wealthy is the single best course on affiliate marketing and it's where I learned how to make money online. Because of their training I now work full time from home (and never have to cold call ever again).

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