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Ultimate Amazon Seller Summary

Product: Ultimate Amazon Seller

Price to join: $497 for course and up to $3497 with hot products

Rating: 70/100

Do I recommend? Sort of (read summary)

Summary: Phil Covington, the owner of Ultimate Amazon Seller, is somebody that clearly knows what he's talking about and avoids the common pitfalls of other Amazon FBA Youtubers (he doesn't do clickbait or anything like that).

Ultimate Amazon Seller is a good course if you want to learn Amazon FBA and is definitely one of the better courses on the topic out there.

The price isn't too bad either (if you just get the course).

The problem here is the Amazon FBA business model is VERY difficult and expensive to start. 

You should only get involved if you're comfortable losing a couple thousand and more.

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The Truth About Amazon FBA

People are definitely making money with Amazon FBA but it is by far one of the more difficult and riskier ways to make money online. 

This money making method is STRESSFUL.

You're going to have to deal with suppliers, inventory, reviews, paid advertising, slim margins and more.

One famous Amazon FBA'er said running a Amazon FBA business is very similar to running a restaurant.

I don't know if you know any restaurant owners but that's a tough job and is high stress.

Additionally, Amazon FBA costs a lot to get started with.

First off, you're going to need to spend money on inventory which is going to cost thousands.

Secondly, you have to pay Amazon storage fees and you have to pay them everytime you ship a product (15% which makes for super slim margins).

Thirdly, you most likely are going to have to pay for paid advertising as well. This includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more.

You'll need thousands for that too.

I wouldn't bother Amazon FBA unless you can comfortably lose $5,000. If not, don't bother.

I personally make money with affiliate marketing which can be done for basically free and is very stress-free. 

Who Is Philip Covington?

I really don't like the make money online culture on Youtube.

It's full of clickbait, flash over substance and outright scammers.

Philip Covington definitely DOES NOT fall into this category. There's nothing flashy about his videos and doesn't try to sell a fake life. 

It could just be his age but his videos are basically 100% informational based which is actually refreshing to see. 

Here's an example of the type of content you'll find on Philip's channel:

As you can see you can learn a lot just from watching these videos.

Also, it's clear the Philip actually makes money doing Amazon FBA and actually does quite well.

Here's another video where he goes over how much profit he makes:

He makes hundreds of thousands doing Amazon FBA and has days where he makes several thousands.

So overall I think Philip is definitely legit and a good person to learn from.

Ultimate Amazon Seller Course Overview

Overall Ultimate Amazon Seller is a pretty thorough course and there's 27 different modules with 270 videos. 

You get downloadable resources as well. 

Here's an overview of each section..

Module 1 

This section is an introductory to the course and describes the type of work you'll be doing selling on Amazon. 

Pretty basic but important.

Module 2 

This section may not be fun but it is important.

In this section you'll learn about all the legal stuff you have to do to not get in trouble.

This includes taxes, insuring your stock and filling out paperwork. 

Module 3

This is another section that deals with legal stuff and includes information on checking accounts, sales taxes and things like that.

Module 4

Module 4 is the first module that has to deal with Amazon FBA and this section will teach you how to create your Amazon FBA account.

You get training on choosing a name, how the dashboard works, all the fees you'll come across and more. 

Module 5 to 7

These are modules where things get interesting and fun.

In modules 5 to 7 you'll learn about product research and finding products to sell. 

This is a very important section and you'll get a list of products that Philip believes are hot.

Module 8 to 11

These modules are about sourcing. 

Sourcing is where you actually buy products to sell on Amazon.

You'll learn how to find suppliers in China, USA, Thailand and more.

Additionally, you'll get information on buying products for the best price, negotiating with suppliers and more. 

You'll also get training on making a store logo, taking photos and other things you'll need to do to sell on Amazon.

Module 12

Module 12 is about staying compliant with Amazon. 

It includes policies that have to do with specific products, packaging and more.

This is definitely an important section. 

Module 13

Module 13 is about creating your product listing.

This means creating a good headline, understanding keywords, setting your price and more. 

Module 14

This section is about copywriting and making sure everything is set up to get the most sales.

This includes making your product description easy to read, good pictures, and following up with customers to get good reviews.

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Module 15

This section is about driving traffic to your page so you get sales.

Module 15 is one of the most important sections because without traffic you have no business.

This section goes over Amazon sponsored ads, PPC ad campaigns (Google ads, Bing ads, etc.) and social media marketing. 

Module 16

Module 16 focuses more on Amazon Sponsored Ads. 

You'll learn the ins and out of how these ads work and how to get the most for your money.

Module 17 and 18

These modules are for dealing with common problems you'll come across when selling on Amazon.

This includes competitors stealing your products, listings, dealing with negative reviews and what to do if your Amazon FBA account gets hacked.

Module 19

This section teaches you how to sell on other platforms beyond Amazon FBA like Shopify.

Module 20 to 23

This section is about scaling your business and growing your income. 

You'll learn about financing, budgeting and outsourcing here.

Module 24 to 27

The last sections have to deal with building your brand, Amazon services and other business insights from famous business people like Mark Cuban.

What I Like About This Course

Here's what I like about Ultimate Amazon Seller:

Philip Covington is legit

There's an insane amount of "fake til you make it" types when it comes to making money online. These people rent cars or houses and try to sell a lifestyle.

Philip is probably about as opposite of that as you could possible be.

He's a straight shooter and most of his videos are just straight up information and not just flash.

Thorough course

Everything is covered in this course.

You'll learn the ins and outs of Amazon FBA like finding products, negotiating with suppliers, setting up your store, listing your products and driving traffic.

You'll learn about the smaller things like taxes, budgeting and more as well.

Reasonable price

The course is $497 which I think is pretty fair.

Something about Amazon FBA makes people price their courses really high. Some are $2000 or even $5000+.

So while $497 may seem like a high price it's actually a pretty good value.

What I Don't Like About This Course

Here's what I don't like about this course:

Amazon FBA is tough

I've tried basically all the ways to make money online and Amazon FBA is by far one of the toughest.

There's a lot to think about and take care of like stock, creating ads, dealing with customer feedback, negotiating with suppliers and more.

You'll also need at least $5000 to get started and you're not guaranteed to make your money back. 

So if you're looking to make your life easier, I would probably avoid Amazon FBA. 

Final Thoughts

Overall the Ultimate Amazon Seller is a good course and Philip Covington is a good person to learn from.

He makes good money doing FBA and he doesn't do clickbait or anything like that.

The information is straightforward and easy to understand in Ultimate Amazon Seller as well.

It's also pretty affordable too.

It can get expensive if you buy the hot products but if not $497 is a good price for what you're getting.

The only thing to really think about is if Amazon FBA is right for you.

It's really a "type a" kind of business model. You have to be on top of your game, now how to keep a budget and be pretty anal about stock inventory and things like that.

You also need the capital to start as well and this will require several thousands. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

Ultimate Amazon Seller is a good course but there's better out there. 

If you want to see the very best ecommerce training, check out Ecom Elites

There you will see beginner training on how to do ecommerce without spending thousands of dollars. 


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