Xpango is one of the GPT sites that pays you for every completed task or inviting other people to join. But unlike other GPT sites, Xpango has a very limited earning opportunities. 

If you are into gaming, then this could be something you can be interested in. This is because of XPango's unique credit system, wherein you can get rewards such as Free Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, MP3 Players, HDTVs, and Macs/PCs.

That sounds like a good deal, right? Is it really a good one? Is Xpango even legit?

Let's find all of these and a whole lot more in this article.

Xpango Summary

Price to join: Free

Money making method: GPT 

Do I recommend? 

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Xpango is a GPT website which offers a few ways to earn money or gadgets. The site has millions of members and has been around for quite a long time already. 

According to the website, you can earn credits by doing basic tasks that you can exchange for the product of your choice. 

This offer is really interesting, considering that you can get a "free gadget" from it. But despite that, I still do not highly recommend this GPT website. 


First, I find it ridiculous to be required to purchase Clix, which literally means that you'll be purchasing ads that will be placed all over the internet using your Referral ID. 

Second, there's not so much transparency on the website. The price for their Clix package isn't available to the public. Their offers are advertised as free too but can have many different associated costs.

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How Does It Work?

Becoming an Xpango member is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is sign up for an account and choose the electronic or gadget you want to earn. 

You can choose from either Apple products, MP3 players, phones, gaming consoles, computers, HD TVs, and so much more.

Right after choosing what product you want to work for, you'll be given a referral ID. This ID is the one you'll be using for all your transactions with Xpango. 

There are actually four ways to learn rewards with Xpango. These are the following:

Referral Program

Xpango is not different when it comes to the referral program of other GPT sites. By simply inviting other people, you'll get a reward. 

What makes Xpango's referral program is that you can boost it by purchasing 'Clix' or ads. With this, your referral link will be displayed all over the internet, giving you a higher chance to earn more. 

But then again, you have to buy it, so using Xpango is not exactly free. 

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to their referral program is that your referral must earn at least 1000 points by completing offers on the site first before you start receiving credits. 

In simpler terms, you will only get rewarded if your referral remains an active member. 

Offer Walls

Since it's a GPT website, then obviously, Xpango also has different offers where you can earn rewards accordingly. 

Offer walls are the third party advertisers, which are basically mobile and site promotions. 

Generally, you will be offered to install apps, complete surveys, do trials, play games, watch videos, and the like. 

Once you have completed a task, the reward will be automatically credited to your account. 

Keep in mind that sometimes, there are delays in receiving your rewards to your account. Sometimes, it will take days before having it in your account. 

Daily Points

Another way to earn a reward with Xpango is by claiming your daily login bonus. You can get a reward every day by simply clicking the “Collect Free Points” button on the dashboard. 

But the points aren't really that much. After all, it's for free. 

Random Giveaway

Sometimes, Xpango randomly gives away rewards such as gift cards, gaming products, or gadgets. 

But these are simply giveaways. There are certain requirements that you have to meet to join. 

How Do You Get Paid?

For every offer that you complete, a corresponding Xpango point will be credited to your account. 

You can use your Xpango points in exchange for gift cards, PSN codes, consoles, Xbox one games, mice, iPhones, Spotify premium, keyboards, PC parts, mouse mats, headsets, and so much more. 

Unfortunately, you can't get any cash reward. So, if you are looking for some cash, this isn't the site for you. 

Also, these rewards are not always available. 

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How Much Money Can You Make?

Literally, you won't make any money out of Xpango. Instead, what you will receive are gadgets, gift cards, and the like. 

There are offers that are always available, so your earning potential is good. But the question here is on how well they pay with their offers. 

For the record, the payment on their offer walks isn't really that much. Not unless you will devote your time and effort here, then you won't make much. 

Plus, their offers are on their websites too. 

Finally, when redeeming rewards, don't expect that you will receive it after a few days. It will eventually take weeks or months before you will receive your reward. 

Who Can Join Xpango?

Everyone can join Xpango. Regardless of where or who you are, you can always sign up and join. 

Just a little reminder, some of the offers are allotted for certain people only. This means that sometimes, you won't qualify for other offers. 

Also, as mentioned above, there will be giveaways, which you can join if you have met the requirements. 

What I Like About Xpango

Here are the things that I like about Xpango:

Unique Rewards

Xpango offers unique rewards since they don't actually provide cash. You'll get gadgets, gift cards, and the like instead. 

Free Daily Login Reward

This is not much actually, but well, it still is a good thing. 

What I Don't Like About Xpango

Here is the list of things I don't like about Xpango:

No Cash Reward

With Xpango, you won't earn cash, which makes me think that the site is specifically made for gamers. If you aren't a gamer, then think again before using it. 

Delayed Rewards

Redeeming and receiving your rewards with Xpango takes time. You won't have it right away. Anticipate that you'll receive it after a few weeks or months. 

Is Xpango a Scam?

Based on reviews, Xpango is not a scam. Although it's legit,  the fact doesn't still change that you won't get money out of it. 

Plus, earning points isn't that easy. Most probably, you will spend a year or so to earn enough points, not unless you plan to spend most of your time here. 

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