Youtube For Bosses 3.0 is a course from Sunny Lenarduzzi.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Youtube For Bosses 3.0 is legit by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Youtube For Bosses 3.0 Summary

Creator: Sunny Lenarduzzi

Price to join: $397 (going up to $597)

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

This is a really basic course that only people that know nothing about Youtube will benefit from.

There's nothing new or exclusive in the training that you couldn't find in other courses or even for free on Youtube.

I'd save your money and invest it into a good mic if you want to get into Youtube.

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Who Is Sunny Lenarduzzi?

Sunny Lenarduzzi is the creator of Youtube For Bosses and the good news is Sunny does have a big Youtube channel.

A lot of people put out courses and aren't actual experts in the topic but Sunny is.

Apparently Sunny started out in broadcasting and reported from the 2010 Olympics.. she also worked as a weather girl for a little while.

However, she decided that life wasn't for her and she decided to turn her energy to Youtube.

Around five years ago she started making tutorials to grow online businesses and things started to take off for her.

She's accumulated over 500k subscribers in that time and posts a few times a month now:

Besides the Youtube channel and Youtube For Bosses she also has a coaching program called The Authority Accelerator. 

What Does Youtube For Bosses Teach?

Youtube For Bosses, like its name suggests, is a course about Youtube.. specifically how to make a Youtube brand focused around you.

The questions is.. is making money on Youtube viable still?


Youtube is the second biggest search engine and it's only growing.

Many people are making serious money on Youtube and it's definitely a good opportunity.. and will be for a long time.

However, Youtube has its downsides as well.

First off, Youtube is constantly demonetizing videos and channels.. people have lost their channel's ability to make money overnight.

Additionally, creating content for videos is a very time consuming process and a lot of people get burnt out from it.

I personally like to make money in ways that are more laid back and less time consuming.

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Youtube For Bosses Overview

Youtube For Bosses is a short course and has 8 different modules.

Here's a breakdown of each section:

Module 1: Let's Get Started

The first module is just an introduction to the course and Youtube in general.

You'll get a video on the mindset you'll need to succeed with Youtube as well as the Youtube For Bosses Master Checklist.

Module 2: Content

The next module goes over your content plan and how to choose a niche to create content around.

You also get tips on picking your brand name.

Module 3: Optimize

This section is about making your videos as effective to your end goal as possible.

You'll get tips on optimizing your descriptions, thumbnails, video performance and more.

This will all help you get more conversions. 

Module 4: Develop

Eventually you're going to have to actually make videos.. that's what this section covers.

Module 4 will teach you how to develop your videos.

This includes creating a script, filming, editing, and how to develop a 60 day Youtube launch plan. 

Module 5: Expand

After you learn how to create videos you need to come up with a plan for growth.. Module 5 will show you how to do this.

You'll learn how to upload your videos, distribute for more views, different ways you can monetize your videos and more.

Module 6 And 7: FAQ's

The next two modules cover sharing your wins and frequently asked questions.

Some questions you'll get answers to include:

  • What equipment you need
  • How to add a channel manager
  • How to embed videos into Active campaign
  • Affiliate disclaimer

And more.

Module 8: Mastermind Call Replays

The last section is just a collection of the mastermind calls. 

Want To Create An Online Business?

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This Course Is Very Basic

There's some business models on Youtube that are complicated and you need to take training to make money with them.

For example, there's a way to make money on Youtube making viral videos without your face on camera.

This involves outsourcing work and stuff like that.. it's not really something you can do without training.

Also, if you want to enter the make money online niche on Youtube you should probably get training.

However, the stuff covered in Youtube For Bosses is stuff you can find free on Youtube.

There's really nothing new or special about the training in this course.

You basically just learn how to create videos, edit them and come up with a content plan.

That's stuff you can just look up. 

Youtube For Bosses FAQ's

1) Is Youtube For Bosses For $397?

It's not that high but I honestly don't think it is.

The training is just too basic for me to tell you to buy it. This really is the most simple Youtube training imaginable.

I can only imagine it helping people who have zero clue how Youtube works and have no clue how to find free training.

2) Is Sunny Lenarduzzi legit?

I think she is.

Her brand is to help people build Youtube channels and she has a pretty large Youtube channel.

She's definitely making a good amount of money from it too. 

3) What will I be learning in Youtube For Bosses?

This course is a Youtube course.

It doesn't really go into advanced strategies or anything unique.

You'll learn the very basics.. how to pick a niche, how to create videos, how to upload videos and some growth tips.

4) Is there a payment plan?

Not that I could find.

5) How much do I need to get started on Youtube?

The strategy taught in Youtube For Bosses is to create a brand so you'll likely need a camera and have to show your face.

That will cost around $500.

Additionally, you'll definitely need a good mic to record your voice and a good video editing program.

This will likely cost another $500 at the very least.

So bare minimum you'll need to spend $1000 on equipment. 

6) Is there a refund policy?

I couldn't find one.. so if it's there Sunny doesn't advertise it.

7) Is there better alternatives?

Yes, there's plenty of courses that will teach you how to make money online.

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Youtube For Bosses Pros And Cons

  • Sunny is legit: Sunny has a large social media following and is definitely someone worth listening to when it comes to building a Youtube brand.
  • Youtube is growing: There's a lot of people making money with Youtube and it's only going to keep growing.
  • Basic training: You don't really need to pay to learn what's taught in this course. It's all stuff you can find for free.
  • Couldn't find a refund policy: If there's a refund policy Sunny doesn't want you to know about it.
  • Youtube can be difficult: There's a lot of landmines to deal with when it comes to Youtube.. you can get a copyright strike, demonetized or just plain burnt out. 
Is Youtube For Bosses A Scam?

I don't think so.

I wasn't blown away with the training but you'll learn the Youtube basics here.. the price isn't crazy either.

I just think you can find basically all the training for free on Youtube, though.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd personally pass on Youtube For Bosses.

There's a lot of different ways to make money online.. there's even more courses that teach you how to do this.

I've made 6 figures online and reviewed all the top programs that teach making money on the internet.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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