Zero To Brand is a course that teaches Amazon FBA from Matt Loberstein.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Zero To Brand including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

By the time you're done you'll know if this course is right for you.

Let's get into it!

Zero To Brand Summary

Creator: Matt Loberstein

Price to join: $997

Do I recommend? It depends (read summary below)

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Matt Loberstein has had some good successes in Amazon FBA and his course Zero To Brand is well made.

The training is thorough, the price isn't totally crazy and it comes with a good refund policy.

However, the Amazon FBA business model is tough to crack and requires a lot of startup money.

There's ways to sell products online that are much cheaper and less stressful.

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The Problem With Amazon FBA

There's a lot of different online business models out there.

Some are more laid back and some are more stressful.. Amazon FBA is more stressful.

In fact, out of all of the most popular online money making methods I'd say Amazon FBA is the most stressful.

The reason for this is it takes a lot of time to run an Amazon business.

You have to keep products stocked, talk to suppliers, deal with customer service, run ads to get traffic and more.

A popular Amazon seller once said it's comparable to running a restaurant. I don't know if you know any people that run a restaurant but it's a lot of work.

Plus you need a lot of start of money. You need to buy the products to ship to Amazon's fulfillment centers. This will cost you thousands.

On top of this you're going to most likely need money to run paid ads to your products.

Lastly, your sales margins are going to be thin. Amazon charges you a fee for every sale which will leave little left for you to profit.

There's actually ways to sell online WITHOUT having to buy products or pay fulfillment fees. 

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Who Is Matt Loberstein?

Matt Loberstein is fairly well known in the Amazon FBA world.

There's not really a ton out there about Matt besides his own Youtube channel.

There he has over 27k subscribers but hasn't posted a video in about 5 months (he was posting much more before:

Matt's videos are a mix of informational and clickbait videos which is what most Youtubers in the make money online world do.

Matt seems to have been more into showing off his cars and stuff like that in the past but sticks mostly to training now.

I'd definitely say Matt is legit and knows what he's talking about when it comes to Amazon.

Zero To Brand Course Overview

Overall Zero To Brand is a thorough course that comes with over 100 training videos.

Here's a breakdown of each module and what's taught in each one:

Module 1: Intro And Mindset

This is is just a typical mindset video that come with a lot of courses.

You'll learn common reasons people fail as well as the mindset of a 7 figure seller.

Module 2: Business Fundamentals

The second module is more about the legal stuff involved with starting an Amazon FBA business.

You'll learn what an LLC is, getting insurance, tax information, sales tax and more. 

Module 3: Amazon Fundamentals

This is the first module where you get training on selling on Amazon.

Here you'll learn about Amazon basics like creating an Amazon account, Amazon fees and more.

Module 4: Product Selection

Module 4 is a very important and is where you'll learn about selecting a product to sell.

There's 20 videos here and you'll learn everything Matt knows about selecting a product.

You'll also learn which products you should avoid (like ones that are restricted).

Lastly, you'll learn how to use the product research tool called Jungle Scout.

Module 5: Sourcing

Module 5 deals with sourcing. 

Sourcing is where you get your products from. 

You'll learn how to find suppliers that sell quality products and how to communicate with suppliers.

Additionally, you'll get tips on negotiating and how much of your product you should order. 

Module 6: Shipping

Module 6 deals with shipping.

You'll learn about all the terms you need to know, different shipping methods (air, sea, etc.) and import duties.

You'll additionally learn about cost saving strategies Matt uses.  

Module 7: Building Your Foundation

Module 7 focuses more on listing your product.

In this module you'll learn how to pick the right images, write product descriptions and how to price your product.

You'll also learn about keyword research and email marketing.

Module 8: Day 1 Launch

Module 8 goes over what needs to be ready on the day you launch.

It also looks at paid traffic and how to use it to make sales.

Module 9: Traction

Module 9 expands on the module 8.

You'll get more training on PPC as well as strategies to convert higher.

This module will teach you about customer service, refunds and maintaining good reviews.

Module 10: Scaling

The last module is all about scaling your business when you start making money.

This includes setting up sales funnels, hiring virtual assistants, using Instagram influencers to make more sales, etc.

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Price And Refund Policy

Amazon FBA courses are always expensive.. more expensive than other business models.

My guess is because it's more complicated so it just costs more.

Zero To Brand costs $997 which is on par with other Amazon FBA courses.

There's many FBA courses that cost 5 times more.

So while $997 seems expensive it's really not that bad (Amazon FBA does have a lot of business costs, though, so you should have $5000 to $10,000 to start).

One thing I definitely like is the refund policy.

You get 30 days to decide if this course is for you and there's no hoops to jump through to get your money back.

That's a good thing.

Zero To Brand Pros And Cons

  • Good course: At the end of the day this course is quality. It is very thorough and you can definitely learn to be successful from it.
  • Matt is legit: There's a lot of people that are fakers online. Matt is successful, though, and it's pretty easy to prove.
  • Good refund policy: You're not really going to find better than a 30 day refund policy that is no questions asked. 
  • Amazon FBA is tough: Of all the online business models I find Amazon to be the toughest. It's costly too. 
Is Zero To Brand A Scam?

No, definitely not.

This is a legitimate course that teaches Amazon FBA. Some people are going to make a lot of money taking this course.

However, most people aren't going to succeed.

The Amazon FBA business model requires a lot of money and there's other business models that are less expensive to try and you can make just as much money.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Zero To Brand isn't a bad course but there's better out there.

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