7 Figure Accelerator (created by Philip Johansen) is a course that caught my eye.

Philip is promising big money with little work needed to be done on your part. - all you have to do is pay him a couple thousand.

Is this a legit money making opportunity or just one big scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

Additionally, you'll get some background information and a look at red flags that you won't find anywhere else.

You'll know if 7 Figure Accelerator is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

7 Figure Accelerator Summary

Creator: Philip Johansen

Price to join: $1497

Do I recommend? No!

   Overall rating: 1/5

7 Figure Accelerator is a load of BS.

The idea you can make $50,000 a month in a short amount of time with little work is a lie.

Any program promising something like this is a complete scam.

There's a whole bunch of misleading statements made by Philip - it's crazy.

The refund policy is absolutely worthless and there's no chance you'll get your money back if you sign up.

All third party customer reviews I found are negative and the testimonials are most likely fake.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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There's No Such Thing As Easy Money Online

If you're new to the world of making money online, think of me as your trusted guide.

I've been in this space for almost 8 years now and have reviewed thousands of courses that promise to help you make money online.

Most are low quality and many are straight up scams.

There is one sure fire way to know you're dealing with a scam, though.

And that's if big money is promised fast while simultaneously claiming you don't need to work a lot to get the results.

100% of the time this means the product is a scam.

Making money online is the same as making money in the real world (except it's cheaper to make money online).

You still needs to put in effort and time.

After you've mastered making money online and start earning good money, you can start automating things to free up your time.

However, Philip promises that you can make $30,000 per month in 90 days or less only working 20 minutes per day.

It's a complete lie.

The rest of this review should be able to convince you of this.

The Income Promises Are Illegal

The first thing you need to understand is the huge income promises made by Philip Johansen are completely illegal.

This is an actual statement from the sales page of 7 Figure Accelerator:

You can't make income claims like this.

First of, there's zero chance this is true. There's no affiliate marketing system where the average person is making $50,000 per month.

That's insane.

And even if this happened one time you can't promote outliers as typical results.

That's why you always see "results not typical" when people make income claims online.

A similar opportunity called Operation Income Illusion was just fined millions of dollars by the FTC for doing this same things:

If your read the details of the lawsuit you'll see it's almost identical to 7 Figure Accelerator.

Income Illusion claimed to automate affiliate marketing for customers and offered big commissions:

This is exactly what Philip is promising to do for you.

7 figure Accelerator promises to automate your affiliate marketing business and then offer you big commissions for driving them leads:

So Philip is definitely playing with fire here.

The funny thing is Philip has an income disclaimer at the bottom of the page that shows what the real earning potentials are:

Social media platforms demand you include these kind of warnings to advertise on their platforms.

It doesn't make what Philip is doing legal, though.

You can't promise $50,000 per month in big bold font and then hide the real results in the fine print.

But the disclaimer is closer to the truth of what you can expect.

When you add up the costs of the course and the cost of advertising you'll end up losing money.

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The Refund Policy is Worthless

Philip advertises a refund policy that seems too good to be true.

Here's what Philip promises on the sales page:

Any normal personal will read this and believe that if they aren't making $30,000 per month in under 90 days Philip will pay you $10,000.

Again, I've been reviewing courses like this for years and know for a 100% fact no one will be making $30,000 per month in 90 days with this system.

So I went searching in the fine print to find the details of the guarantee.

Here's what I found (all you need to know is highlighted):

So the first part highlighted shows that the second you sign up you become illegible for a refund.

But the second part is more important to know because it deals with the $10,000 guarantee.

Basically if you get a sale, a lead, a view, a DM or any followers you become ineligible.

I doubt you get a sale but you'll definitely get a "view" on some of the stuff you do.

That's just how social media platforms like Instagram are set up.

You'll also get a follower or even possibly a lead (whatever they mean by that).

But it's important to understand the $10,000 guarantee isn't about you making more than $30,000 per month in 90 days.

The guarantee is set up so nobody could ever meet the requirements.

Another scummy and misleading move from Philip Johansen.

Ask Yourself What They Need You For

7 Figure Accelerator is different than most make money online offers that I come across.

Most offers promise to teach you a money making method and then leave the work up to you.

However, 7 Figure Accelerator promises they'll do all the work for you.

So you pay and they create the funnels and give you the information to copy to your social media accounts.

So an obvious question you need to ask yourself is why do they need you?

If everything is automated and they claim the average affiliate is making $50,000 per month with this system, why are they just giving it away for $1497?

Why wouldn't Philip and is team just replicate the system for themselves over and over again and make millions of dollars per year?

The answer should be pretty obvious.

It's because the system doesn't work the way they claim it does.

I promise you Johansen isn't doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

He's doing this because it makes him loads of cash at the expense of his customers.

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Don't Believe The Testimonials

At this point you should believe that Philip will do whatever it takes to convince you to buy 7 Figure Accelerator.

He'll mislead you with how much you can make, mislead you with a worthless refund policy and he'll mislead you with fake testimonials.

His sales page is loaded with what I believe are fake testimonials.

For example, here's a student named Dan Khan that Philip claims made $4,000 fromm his system:

I was actually able find Dan Khan on Facebook.

It turns out Dan is an affiliate marketer that sells his own products.

His product is called Affiliate Legion and the sales page is almost identical to 7 Figure Accelerator.

And guess who does a testimonial for Khan's product?

Philip Johansen!

I'm guessing the two must be in cahoots or something like that.

Affiliate Legion seems to be the exact same offer but just WAY cheaper (only $7 per month).

So if you're interested in this course just go to Affiliate Legion and sign up there.

7 Figure Accelerator FAQ's

Still have some questions about 7 Figure Accelerator?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) What Is The Money Making Strategy?

The strategy here is to make viral content on Instagram to get traffic and send the traffic to the pre-built funnels Philip sets up.

This is a strategy that can work but it's not going to make you $30,000 or $50,000 per month in 90 days.

These kind of strategies take years to develop and to see good results.

But more importantly you don't need to spend thousands to learn how to make Instagram Reels.

Watch some Youtube videos and you'll learn all that you need to know.

2) Is Philip Johansen Legit?

I think he's a good marketer.

It's obvious he does understand digital marketing and knows how to sell things.

But he has some bad morals that's for sure.

Nobody should be making the type of income claims he's making.

It's irresponsible, unethical and illegal.

So if I had to bet Philip probably is pretty rich himself but it was done at the expense of tricking customers with false promises and worthless refund policies.

3) Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?


I love affiliate marketing and this is the primary way I make money online.

I've personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars online with affiliate marketing.

So the concept of affiliate marketing is legit.

Additionally, affiliate marketing has been around a long time.

And in that time a lot of quality affiliate courses and programs have been created.

Most are much more affordable than 7 Figure Accelerator.

So if you ever come across an affiliate marketing courses that's over $1000 you're likely being ripped off.

There's not too many secrets left in the industry so you'll just be paying for information that's already out there.

4) Is There Anything You Like About This Course?


Maybe if Philip was offering $7 per month like his partner does I'd be more open minded.

Additionally, if Philip stopped with the insane income promises I'd be less harsh.

5) What Do You Dislike Most About 7 Figure Accelerator? 

I basically dislike everything.

This is a classic example of a person getting rich by tricking naïve customers.

Any person would love to make $30,000 to $50,000 per month.

You'd be rich anywhere in the world making that kind of money.

And you don't have to work a lot?

This kind of promise is very seductive to beginners who don't know any better.

But truth is making money online is the same as making money with a real life brick and mortar business (besides cost).

If someone promised you a brick and mortar business that could make you $50,000 a month and you didn't have to work you'd be suspicious.

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Here's What To Do If You've Been Scammed Online

Unfortunately when I write a review about products like this people have already been scammed.

And in many instances people will come to the review asking what they should do if they already bought the product.

7 Figure Accelerator explicitly states there's no refunds.

What you can do is file a report with the FTC which you can do right here.

If enough customers file a report the FTC will look into it.

It may take a while but the FTC could bring a lawsuit and get your money back that way.

If you're looking for a faster way to get your money back you can always just threaten Philip that you'll go to the FTC unless you get your money back.

If he's smart he'll just give you the money back because there's a good chance he's breaking laws with his marketing.

7 Figure Accelerator Conclusion

So that's the end of my review of 7 Figure Accelerator.

You might be thinking I came off harsh in this review but people like Philip Johansen deserve your disdain.

The main reason is Philip is a good marketer.

He doesn't need to resort to misleading people about how much they make and using completely useless refund policies.

With some changes this offer could be acceptable.

To do so Philip needs to do the following:

  • Stop lying about what the average person makes with 7 Figure Accelerator
  • Stop promising fast money
  • Stop promising little work being done on your part
  • Get rid of the phony refund policy
  • Bring the price WAY down

Until then I don't recommend this product for anybody.


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • Great review and I happen to agree that this kind of marketing is deplorable and Philip should be ashamed of himself. A marketer I know and respect sent this to me in a referral email and it claimed that Philip is making “one million per month” with his methods. Not a year, a MONTH! I kid you not! I am surprised because this guy I know who sent this to me usually does not send such nonsense.

    • 👆 Here is an example of Philip’s arrogance. I’ve reported him to the FTC as he clearly doesn’t care about anything but money. Scammed me out of $10k for “1:1 mentoring”. For the extra $10k he is supposed to give you personalized mentoring, but he already had my “plan” written up before knowing anything about me. And his plan is to just copy all the successful people’s IG Reels, word for word. Even copying exact words and placement, color, etc. Oh, and an Elite coaching call once per week (which is the exact same as the regular call). And you get access to Copycat Phil’s Whatsapp, where he might reply in a few days. I tried to get a chargeback but his refund policy is written for scammers like himself, so my bank did not allow the chargeback.

  • Thank you… very honest and straightforward legit review. A friend is currently in his program, and actually doing pretty well at the moment, so naturally, I wanted to see what it is all about.. Thing was, the only thing I could see that they were promoting was his course… nothing else, nowhere else. That was a red flag for me. I kept asking them what are you selling and they would not say, I said are you just selling his course? and they said no… but then said yes, after they tried to get $3K out of me… so for me, it’s a giant pyramid scheme. Here’s how you make money, you pay him $3K and he shows you in his course how to promote his course, and that is how you make money and then you sell the next person and so on…and the circle goes round and round. I already came across a link for another course he had that leads to a page in click funnels saying it was shut down due to breaking the TOS.

    • That’s definitely how it works. Glad to hear your friend is making money but I doubt he’s making $50,000 per month like Philip claims you will in just a few months.

  • thank you for your review! for a second i thought he was legit seeing his following on socials.. guess being desperate to make money makes us go blind on some days.. Could you give me your review on Jonathan Montoya Freedom breakthrough if only that’s okay with you?

  • Hi Dylan, is there another way I could have a chat with you? I purchased this program a month ago and requested a refund and I satisfied the requirements but they still refused. I have evidence of my conversation with the program and wanted to show you privately. I need help in what to do with this situation 🙁

    • There’s not much you can do. I’d alert the FTC and other government agencies. If enough people complain they’ll do something.

  • Oh god, i literally put all my life savings into his course and so far have made exactly $0. It’s so sad bc on his fb group ive seen others who too have put their life savings in. I was really banking on that $10k guarantee.

    Good thing I asked him in DMs and he confirmed in writing that i’d get $10k back if I didn’t make $10-30k/month for the first 3 months, although it might’ve been ambiguous..
    Our exact copy & pasted convo:
    me: “Hey! So I just finished rewatching! So you’re saying if I don’t make $10-30k/month for the first 3 months I’ll get $10k?

    him: that is what i say on the video haha”

    I just hope that’s enough to report & file a claim of fraud. Before this article I had no idea the way he was promoting his product was illegal. I wouldn’t have thought to threaten him with reporting his illegal business to the FTC. But will for sure now!! Finding this article was a godsend <3 thanks so much for getting the word out there!!

    • Yeah, if you read the fine print if you get a single click you don’t get the refund. Threaten him with the FTC, though. That should scare him enough.

  • Nooooo wayyy I was already thinking I’d be living the dream life in a month or so… I already saved up and everything to get his course. You saved me big time, thank you so very much man!!!!

  • My understanding is that his course provides the sales funnels, websites, emails, etc already built and all you have to do is create the audience. Are there other programs that do this? I also understand that you can use the sales funnel that’s built to promote your own products its just that a lot of people are promoting his to start. My guess is that they will likely build their own and use what they’ve learned and the audience they’ve built to then market those products.

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