7 Figure Seller Summit is an ecommerce program from Gary Huang.

I'm guessing you want to know if it's a scam before buying it.

I'll show you whether it is or not in this review.

After reading you'll know how much 7 Figure Seller Summit costs, what you get and whether I recommend it.

Let's get into it now!

7 Figure Seller Summit Summary

Creator: Gary Huang

Price to join: $199

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3/5

7 Figure Seller Summit is a pretty decent program.

It's mainly for Amazon FBA and for beginners. If you want to learn Amazon it may be worth it.

However, if you're just looking to make money with ecommerce there's much cheaper and easier ways to do it. 

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Who Is The Creator of 7 Figure Seller Summit?

Gary Huang is the creator of 7 Figure Seller Summit.. he also runs a website called 80/20 sourcing.

To be honest there's not too much out there about him.

He claims to be an ecommerce expert that's based out of Shanghai.  

He's been an ecommerce seller on Amazon, eBay and his own websites.

Gary calls himself a sourcing expert and uses the 80/20 principle when it comes to sourcing.

The 80/20 rule means 80% of your good results come from only 20% of your work.

If you can identify what produces your results you can expand on it and cut out what isn't working.

Gary believes 20% of your sourcing produces 80% of your profit.

What Does 7 Figure Seller Summit Teach?

7 Figure Seller Summit is for people looking to get into ecommerce. 

It seems to focus on Amazon FBA the most.

There's definitely pros and cons of Amazon FBA.

On the plus side Amazon FBA produces a lot of millionaires. Amazon is the largest online retailer so there's obviously money to be made.

Additionally, if you find the right niche you can get free sales because people instinctively go to Amazon to buy things.

However, it's a pricey to get started with.

Of all the ways to make money online Amazon FBA is one of the most expensive ways to do it. 

You probably need $25,000 or so to get started.

You need to buy thousands of dollars worth of products and you need a marketing budget as well.

There's no guarantee you make money either.

Additionally, supply chains are a mess right now from Covid. This means prices for products are more expensive and shipping times are slow.

There are ways to sell products online without buying products first and without spending thousands of dollars.

To see how to do this, click below:

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7 Figure Seller Summit Overview

7 Figure Seller Summit is an ecommerce training program and comes with a few bonuses.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get:

30+ Training Videos

The first thing you get in this program is 30 videos taught by different ecommerce experts.

This is spread out over 5 days:

  • Day 1 (Mindset And Fundamentals) - The first day you'll learn about the basics of Amazon FBA. This includes logistics, shipping, delays, Amazon and more. You'll also learn about keyword research, getting products, etc.
  • Day 2 (Marketing, Branding And PPC) - In order to make sales you'll need to learn marketing and paid advertising. In day 2 you'll learn how to convert traffic into sales.
  • Day 3 (Scaling To 7 Figures) - Once you start to have success it's time to scale. You'll learn how to scale up to 7 figures in day 3.
  • Day 4 (Profitability) - Day 4 teaches you how to save money on sourcing, logistics, shipping and more. You'll also learn how to restock inventory before you run out.
  • Day 5 (Exists And Selling Your Business) - Eventually you may want to sell your business. You can get huge profits if you have a business if you make money.

Additionally, you get audio downloads of each of the days. This way you can revisit them later if you need to.

Private Facebook Community/Post Q&A

When you're starting something new or starting something complicated like Amazon FBA you need to be in a community.

The reason is you're going to have questions along the way.

When you're in a like minded community you can ask questions and get answers.

There's also a post-event Q&A session with Gary Huang. 


There's a bunch of bonuses that come with this program as well.

There's honestly too many to list.

Mainly it's just discounts and free trials to different services.

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Who Is 7 Figure Seller Summit For?

7 Figure Seller Summit claims it's for ecommerce people of all levels (including people who make 8 figures per year).

I personally don't think that's true.

A lot of this stuff is pretty basic and only beginners would benefit.

You're learning about the basic fundamentals of Amazon FBA like shipping, sourcing, paid advertisement and things like that.

If you're making 8 figures you learned all of this stuff years ago.

So if you have any knowledge of Amazon FBA you won't really benefit from this program.

Additionally, like I mentioned before you need a decent amount of money to get started.

$25,000 minimum.

Lastly, this is a very involved business model.

Some people compare running a FBA business to running a restaurant... and running a restaurant is a lot of work.

So you need a lot of time per week to make this work.

How Much Does 7 Figure Seller Summit Cost?

This course is reasonably priced at $199.

Amazon FBA courses are typically expensive and most of them are several hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars.

Another thing that I like is that you get a no question asked money back guarantee.

It's only 14 days which isn't too bad.

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7 Figure Seller Summit Pros And Cons

  • Good price: There's plenty of FBA courses that are 10 times more expensive than this. $199 definitely isn't bad.
  • Good refund: There's a no question asked refund policy. 30 days is better but it's still not too bad. 
  • Only for beginners: This course is not for experts or people with knowledge of FBA despite what they claims. It's only for beginners.
  • Expensive business model: Amazon FBA is not cheap to get started with and you'll need around $25,000 to get started.
  • Shipping problems: Most of the products you source will come from China. Shipping is a nightmare right now and is very expensive. It also takes a lot time to ship right now. 

Is 7 Figure Seller Summit A Scam?

Definitely not.

This is definitely a legitimate program and the trainers are legitimate too.

It's also well priced.

The only downside is Amazon FBA is a tough business model to get started with and pricey.

Here's A Better Opportunity

7 Figure Seller Summit isn't a bad program.

You just need a lot of money to succeed with Amazon.

I personally like dropshipping more because you don't actually need to buy products to sell them online.

If you're interested in learning about dropshipping, click below:

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