The SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) business model is one of the biggest make money at home trends in the last couple of years.

Every week you see new gurus and new courses being put out and many are scams. 

If you're thinking about dropping nearly $1000 on Agent Incubator you probably want to know if it's legit or not.

That's what this review will answer. 

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Agency Incubator including background information, a look at price, course overview and more.

You'll know if Agency Incubator is right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get started.

Agency Incubator Summary

Product: Agency Incubator 

Price to join: $991

Rating: 50/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Iman Gadzhi is well known in the SMMA space and it's clear he's done very well for himself in the last couple of years.

However, doing well for yourself and being a good teacher are too different things.

Agency Incubator is an average course that's way too overpriced for what you get. There's key parts missing that you'll need to know to be successful.

Overall I think there's better SMMA courses out there and other ways of making money that are much easier.

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What Is SMMA?

SMMA is a popular way to make money online and it stands for Social Media Marketing Agency.

You see a lot of local businesses and small business never learned social media marketing.

There's a huge gap in the market for people who can successfully generate online leads for various smaller businesses.

This is where you come in. You create a SMMA business and try to get clients to run their social media marketing campaigns. 

This would include Facebook ads, Google Ads and other ads like that. 

There's definitely a huge need for people to do this and that's why SMMA is growing in popularity.

It's definitely worth it if you don't mind that kind of work but you don't need to spend $997 for a SMMA course.

My favorite SMMA course is only $497.

Who is Iman Gadzhi?

Iman Gadzhi is one of the more popular people in the SMMA space and apparently dropped out of high school at 17 to start his own businesses. 

He's very active on Youtube and has over 100,000 subscribers. It seems he started out with fitness and eventually made the switch to social media marketing.

In that time Iman has become a multi-millionaire, launched a very popular course called Six Figure SMMA, and has a business called Grow Your Agency. 

I definitely respect what Iman has done and his accomplishments for someone that's only 20 is pretty crazy.

Agency Incubator Overview

Overall there's about 20 hours of course material here and 7 weeks of training.

These training go from the foundations of SMMA, mindset training, training on getting leads and sales, delivery and more.

My overall feeling about this course is it's more about making Iman money and less about making you money.

There's unnecessary training about "mindset" and motivational stuff that kind of just seems like fluff. 

Iman's previous course Six Figure SMMA is better in my mind and Agency Incubator may be good for a beginner if it weren't so expensive. 

Overall there's key training missing if you truly want to start a SMMA business. 

Here's an overview of each weeks training now:

Week 1 - Fondations

The start of Agency Incubator is training that goes over the very basics of SMMA and how to succeed with the training. 

You'll learn about niches that you can get involved with and some niches that Iman thins are the best.

Week 2 - Mindset

This section is kind of a fluff section in my opinion. Here you get the typical motivational talk about being your best and how to overcome obstacles. 

There's also training on your health, focus and other guru-ish type topics. 

It's pretty clear Iman has taken self improvement courses in the past and this is his attempt to do the same.

Week 3 - Systems and Process

This part of the training is mostly on how to do deal with different accounts and how to communicate with different clients.

You'll also learn the difference between a good client and a bad client. 

This section may not be exciting but it's definitely essential. 

Week 4 - Finding Leads And Meetings

In this section you'll learn how to get clients and the different techniques people in the SMMA world use.

The main methods Iman teaches here is cold calling and cold email/messaging. Cold calling kind of sucks and I've done it before in previous jobs.

But if you want to land clients you're going to have to learn how to do it. 

Week 5 - Sales

This section is when you actually make contact with potential clients and different scripts you can use to convince them to work with you.

You'll learn techniques for those that don't seem interested and people that are lukewarm to your offer.

Week 6 - Service Delivery

This is a very important section and you'll be learning how to get customers for your clients. 

In week 6 you'll learn how to manage your Facebook ads account and how to create Facebook ads.

You'll learn how to create audiences (very important) and you'll learn copywriting tips. 

Lastly, you'll learn how to get the most for your money and how to scale ads to get the most customers as possible. 

Week 7 - Operational Supremacy

This is the section where you learn how to create a team to work for you and how to outsource. 

If you're good you'll find yourself with more work than you can handle. Week 7 will help you when this happens to free up time so you can enjoy your life. 

Agency Incubator Is Too Expensive

If this course was between $100 to $300 it would have gotten a better grade from me but nearly $1000 is just too high.

There's key information missing here like how to handle unsatisfied clients, how to generate leads in full detail, contract examples, etc.

Most importantly there's not really any real life examples or any live walkthroughs.

Additionally, there's just not enough here on lead generation and Facebook ads.

Getting customers for your client is basically the most important thing you can do and the lead generation training here just isn't enough. 

If you want to see a much cheaper course that goes over everything missed in this course, click here.

What I Like About Agency Incubator

Here's what I Like about Agency Incubator:

  • Bi-weekly live Q and A's: Apparently Iman Gadzhi charges around $2000 per hour if you want to consult with him. You get a 2 hour live Q and A with Iman every two weeks. 
  • Decent course for beginners: If you want the very basics of SMMA and how to do it, this course will help you.

What I Don't Like About Agency Incubator

Overall there's more not to like here than to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Not enough on lead generation: There's only 4 videos on Facebook ads and this is a topic that needs to be addressed more. There's also no information on other ways to get customers you could use. You'll most likely need another lead generation course to pair with this one.
  • Not enough live examples: It's one thing to just read what to do and another to actually see it live. This course could have benefited from having more live examples of cold calling, closing and to hear from successful students.
  • Short course: There's a lot missing here like how to keep a client in the long run and contract templates. It's worse because week 2 is completely unnecessary and could have been used better. 
  •  Too Expensive: At the end of the day this course is just overpriced. There's courses that cost half as much that do a much better job. 

Is Agency Incubator A Scam?

At the end of the day I don't think Agency Incubator is a scam but I don't think it's worth your money.

Iman Gadzhi is a very successful person and he clearly makes good money with SMMA. 

However, he makes a lot of money selling courses in the last year and he's released a ton of them.

To me it seems like he's mainly trying to make money for himself, especially with Agency Incubator.

There's some good information in this course but you can find the same info in less expensive courses.

In fact, I've reviewed other SMMA courses that were cheaper and provided much more content.

Hopefully Iman's next course is a complete course with live examples and information on keeping clients happy down the road. 

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