The Lead Generation Blueprint is a course offered by Ryan Wegner that teaches you how to do social marketing for local businesses.

If you're here you're probably wondering if this product is a scam or worth its price tag..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, training breakdown and more.

You'll know if Lead Generation Blueprint is right for you by the time you're done.


The Lead Generation Blueprint Summary

Product: Lead Generation Blueprint

Business model: SMMA, social media agency

Price to join: $497

Do I recommend? Sort of. 

Overall rating : 3.5 / 5

Lead Generation Blueprint is a very well made course that will teach you how to build a social media marketing agency (SMMA).

The price is also good and apparently Ryan Wegner does a lot to help students succeed.

Plus it comes with a lot of solid bonuses that make the price even better.

My only problem is SMMA is hard to succeed with.

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The Price Is Excellent Here

SMMA exploded onto the scene a couple years ago and since then more and more courses have started to pop up.

The one thing most SMMA courses have in common? They're all really. really expensive.

Most cost well over $1000 and some cost several thousands. 

The great thing about The Lead Generation Blueprint is it's every bit as good as the best SMMA courses out there but doesn't cost thousands of dollars.

It's only $497 and is packed with awesome information. 

I'm telling you I reviewed and researched all the best SMMA courses (it's what I do for a living) and you're not going to find a better price for a SMMA course.

Who Is Ryan Wegner?

Ryan Wegner is the creator of this course and he seems like a pretty good guy.

The make money online culture on Youtube can be pretty disgusting at times.

You see a lot of fake it until you make it types who rent cars and try to sell a lifestyle. You also see a lot of guys who aren't actually making money in what they teach and just make money from Youtube and selling their own courses.

Judging by Wegner's videos he actually does make money doing SMMA and seems successful at it. 

Also, I like that his videos aren't just showing off new lambos and cars. There's so many of those people in the world it's annoying.

Wegner's free content on his Youtube channel is actually loaded with good training and it seems very informational in nature.

Definitely a good person to learn from. 

The Lead Generation Blueprint Overview

Overall Lead Generation Blueprint is a concise and shorter training. 

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though.

There's just no fluff that some other course creators like to put in. 

Here's the modules you get in the training:

Module 1 - Introduction To Lead Generation

This is a short introduction module explaining the business model and who the course is for.

There's 3 videos in total.

Module 2 - Things You Need To Know

This is a primer module where you learn important aspects of the SMMA business model. 

Ryan gives you his thoughts on pricing your services and other essential aspects like that.

Module 3 - Prospecting

Module 3 is all about getting clients to work with. You'll learn about which niches are best to target and getting businesses onboard.

There's 4 videos here.

Module 4 - Contacting The Prospects

This module is about getting in touch with potential clients. This includes cold calling, cold emailing and using Facebook and Instagram to get leads. 

Module 5 - The Meeting

Module 5 is all about meeting with potential clients. 

Here you'll learn various strategies to use to get clients to agree to work with you.

Module 6 - Building Your Funnel

In this module you'll learn how to create a funnel to get the most leads for your clients as possible.

Module 7 - Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the main way you'll be getting customers for your clients.

This is one of the longer modules in the course and also one of the most important.

If you can't get clients then you won't have any success with SMMA. 

Module 8 - Wrapping Things Up

This module is just 3 videos long and goes over how to scale your business, the affiliate program and a bunch of funnels to use in your business.

Bonus Module - The Ultimate Cold Email Strategy

This is another long module and is an in depth strategy on cold emailing.

You'll learn how to write good subject lines, following up, getting email addresses and more. 

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Extra Bonuses

Along with the training you get extra bonuses which include:

A To Z Of Facebook Ads

When I first went over the Facebook training in the course I was a little disappointed because it was so short.

But the Facebook Ads training in this bonus is very good.

There's Facebook ads courses out there that cost hundreds that aren't as good as this one.


When learning a new way to make money online you need mentorship or you're going to suffer needlessly. 

A good mentor cuts down on how long it takes you to make money.

You get mentorship through Facebook messenger with Ryan and that's very valuable.

Lead Generation Blueprint Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and don't like about this course:


  • Good price and refund policy: SMMA courses are usually very expensive and most of the better ones cost $1000+.Lead Generation Blueprint is much cheaper than the majority of quality SMMA courses and only costs $497.Additionally, you can get a 30 day refund as long as you only access 20% of the course. 
  • Quality training: The training is really good here and straight to the point. I was a little concerned about the Facebook training being too short but there's a bonus you get for free that makes up for it.
  • Mentoring: Having guidance when learning something new is priceless. A person that's already successful can teach what to do and what to avoid. Having direct access to someone like Ryan is a good feature.
  • Responsive: Another thing I like is Ryan and the support you get. I sent Ryan a message and asked him a question and he answered in about 30 seconds.


The worst part about this course is the business model is tough. I personally would rather making money in less stressful ways. 

Is Lead Generation Blueprint A Scam?

Definitely not.

This is a good, affordable course taught by a legitimate teacher and teaches a business model that works.

There's definitely a need for social media marketing for local businesses too and it's probably going to keep growing.

If you're you're driven this course can work for you.


Lead Generation Blueprint is a good course but there's better out there.

I've reviewed HUNDREDS of courses and programs that teach making money online and from home.

Some are good but most aren't.

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