Alpha Money Flow is an expensive service from Andy Snyder.. it can be found over on Manward Press.

Snyder promises to give you crypto and stock picks that will make you rich.

He even guarantees 1000% returns every year!

Is this true or all just one big scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

This isn't the first time I've covered a product from Andy Snyder - I'm vrey familiar with his work.

So take a few minutes to read everything below.

You'll know if Alpha Money Flow is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Alpha Money Flow Summary

Creator: Andy Snyder

Price to join: $2,097 per year

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Alpha Money Flow is overpriced in my opinion.

You're going to get crypto picks that you can find elsewhere for free and the investments Andy has made in the past often do bad.

Additionally, the company that owns this newsletters is very unethical. 

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Never Buy Something From Agora

This is actually the second product I've reviewed from Andy Snyder.. the first being Manward Letter.

In that review I talked about the company that owns Manward Press, called Agora.

I'm going to quickly go over this company again so you don't make the mistake of buying anything from Agora.

Here's why I hate Agora.

They Don't Mind Getting Fined

Agora is the largest distributor of investing newsletters in the country.. they are an absolute behemoth of a company.

They own dozens of publishers and sell hundreds of investing products - Agora also sells health products as well.

They earn hundreds of millions every single year. 

To make this kind of money they resort to some of the scummiest tactics around.

For example, in one marketing campaign they promised elderly people they could cure their diabetes without exercise or a diet change.

In a separate scam they targeted elderly people with financial promises as well.

For a fee they claimed they could help older people get thousands a month from the government.

It was a lie.

Both of these schemes cost Agora millions in fines just over a year ago:

Because they make so much money they don't mind paying these fines.

It hasn't deterred them one bit!

An investigation from Truth In Advertising shows they're still targeting seniors with fraudulent products and unethical marketing:

They even have ads targeting elderly people with cancer!

This is a sick company that you shouldn't trust your money with.

It's All One Big Marketing Funnel

The main reason you should never buy from Agora is their marketing funnels.

Once you buy one product from them they will try to sell you millions more.

You become a mark the second you punch in your credit card details.

Their marketing is so unethical and alarmist too.

Look at this video below showing some of their sales pitches:

Everything is over the top and they constantly use alarmist rhetoric.

They want you to believe the entire world is collapsing so you panic buy from them.

And once you do buy your inbox will be flooded with promotions for products that cost up to $25,000 and more.

The email you used to sign up with will become useless because you'll get so many promotions.

And to top it all of, most of their products suck.

There's only a couple that I would ever recommend and I do so begrudgingly. 

So if you're here because of some hyped up sales presentation about Alpha Money Flow, just realize you're dealing with unethical marketing strategies.

It's meant to make you feel scared or make you feel like you can get rich quick.

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Andy's Track Record Isn't The Best

Agora never provides a verified track record for any of their newsletters or anything like that.

But Andy Snyder has done a lot of teaser campaigns in the past.

These teaser campaigns are supposed to be the best investment ideas Andy has.

Let's take a look at how these investment pitches have worked out in the last few years:

Accuracy (ARAY) In 2018

In February 2018, Andy ran a teaser campaign for a company he claimed was a "$5 cancer killer that's headed to $50."

In this presentation Andy went further to say the stock has the potential to rise 1,250% and that you could turn $5,000 into $60,000 if you buy the stock.

The company he's talking about is Accuracy and they offer targeted radiation therapy. 

Has it performed as well as Andy was hoping for?


The opposite of what Andy was hoping for happened.

Instead of popping to $50 a share it crashed below $2. 

After recovering to nearly breakeven, it's gone down again.

This one is definitely a big loser.

VG Acquisition SPAC And 23andMe In 2021

This investment idea was pitched as one of the best pre-IPO investments for 2021.

It was made in June of that year.

This involved a SPAC merger between VG Acquisition and the genetic research company called 23andMe. 

If you're unfamiliar with a SPAC merger, here's how they work.

A group of investors promise to buy a company within in two years but don't specifically name a company.

If you want in, you're basically investing in the people who promise to buy a company.

Once the SPAC buys a company, your investment in the SPAC (usually $10 per share) becomes whatever the stock price is after the merger.

The reason you invest in a SPAC is you get a warrant.

A warrant locks you into the stock price you paid before the merger.

So if your warrant is $10 and the stock goes up to $20, you can buy it for $10.

VG Acquisition cost around $10 a share in June 2021.. when this pitch went live.

However, once it merged into 23andMe, the stock tanked:

SPACs are bad investments usually.

The real money in SPACs is in creating a SPAC, not investing in one.

So it's not surprising this one did bad.

Limelight Networks In 2020

The last stock teaser we're going to cover is about a company called Limelight Networks.

Apparently this company helps websites load faster, which is important to user experience on the internet.

In July 2020 Andy called this company a "must buy $5 tech stock."

Here's how it's performed:

Another loser.

Remember these stock teasers are big sales presentations.

These are the presentations Andy presents to perspective buyers to get them to buy his products.

The fact that the three I looked at today are all big losers is not a good sign.

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What Is Alpha Money Flow Offering?

Alpha Money Flow has a few different aspects.

Here's an overview of each one:

3 Must Own Coins

The first part of this offer is a guide to Andy's must own cryptos.

Andy has put out a bunch of reports talking about his favorite cryptos in the past and I'm pretty certain the cryptos here are:

  • Cardano
  • Internet Computer

Cardano is an crypto many people like and was created by one of the founders of Ethereum.

This is a good sign because Ethereum is the second biggest crypto and Cardano improves on Ethereum. 

However, Cardano has bean falling in price for a while now:

It's still up 609% from its launch and many people believe the coin can reach $30+.

The second coin is ICP (Internet Computer).

ICP is a public blockchain network that hosts smart contracts.

This crypto opened at over $400 but has plummeted since then:

The last investment is

This one has to do with Ethereum and lending your coins out to earn yield interest.

Crypto Trading Quick Start

This is just a training guide on how to get started investing in crypto.

It's mainly for beginners.

Model Portfolio

This is one of the core aspects of Alpha Money Flow.

Once you sign up you'll get the entire model portfolio and you'll be able to see all the recommendations that have been made in the past.

New Recommendations

Andy created something he calls the Liberty Indicator.

Apparently it helps find new investment ideas.

Once the Liberty Indicator locks on to a new investment idea you'll get an email with how to make the trade.

Weekly Alerts

Every week you'll get an alert about the Alpha Money Flow portfolio.

Theses alerts will tell you if you need to buy or sell on certain assets and you'll get market commentary.

The Power Trading Masterclass

This is another training guide for newbies in the crypto space.

This is a 6 part series that teaches you how to trade crypto.

Alpha Money Flow Monthly Video Call

That last feature you get is monthly live calls with Andy.

These are done in a group setting to all members and you get a chance to ask Andy questions during these live streams. 

Want The Best Stock Picks?

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Alpha Money Flow FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here's some answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does Alpha Money Flow Cost?

Alpha Money Flow is one of the more expensive products at Manward Press and costs $2097 per year.

There's a good chance if you bought a cheaper product from Agora you were marketed this one.

Here's the thing about investing services, though - typically the cheaper ones are better than the more expensive ones.

It might sound counter-intuitive but it's true.

Just because you're paying more doesn't mean you're magically going to get better investment ideas.

To be completely honest Andy's cheaper newsletter will get the same or better results.

You have to remember you're dealing with Agora here.

They just want to make the most money possible from you.

So they sell more expensive products that typically don't perform better.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?


Something Agora constantly does is offer refunds on cheaper products.

So Andy's cheaper investing newsletter (that only costs $49 per year) has a full 365 day refund policy.

But Alpha Money Flow, which costs WAY more, doesn't.

Instead Andy makes a guarantee that he'll give you at least one crypto gain of 1,000% over the next 12 months or you get another year of the service free:

It doesn't cost any more money to run this service than it does to run the cheaper services at Manward.

Andy will gladly comp you a lifetime of this service as long as you pay him $2,000 up front.

3) How Much Should I Have To Invest With?

I'd have a few thousand at the very least.

The main assets you'll be investing in with Alpha Money Flow is cryptos and many are cheaper.

For example, Cardano is his favorite and it currently costs under $1.

If you can invest $5,000 in that and the price hits $30 in the next few years, that would be a nice little gain.

4) Is Andy Snyder Legit?

It's hard for me to say anyone of the characters at Agora are legit.

I think Andy puts in effort and probably spends a lot of time on his investments.

However, crypto is a crap shoot and it's hard to really be a crypto expert.

There's a few well known cryptos that are worth investing in and the rest are worthless.

The majority are ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes.

If you spend 10 minutes in the crypto world you'd know about Cardano.. you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to hear about it from Andy.

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Alpha Money Flow Pros And Cons

  • Learn about cryptos: You'll definitely learn about most of the cryptos worth investing in.
  • Too expensive: There's a million free resources where you can learn about cryptos to invest in. You don't need to spend money to learn about them.
  • Crypto guru: Andy markets himself as a crypto guru but his expertise is overblown. It's impossible to really tell which cryptos will explode and which won't.
  • Big loses: When Andy first started recommending Cardano it was around $3. Now it's under $1. It's a long term play but lots of people lost money. 

Alpha Money Flow Conclusion

Alpha Money Flow is a typical Agora upsell.

They lure people into the marketing funnel by offering a cheap product - in this case it's Manward Letter.

After that you'll be sent promotion after promotion on products that cost thousands of dollars a year.

The upsell is where the real money is for Agora.

The problem is the upsell product is never actually better.

Think about it - it's investment advice, not a consumer good.

You judge an investment product by the returns you get.

It doesn't matter how many extras you get - if you're not making more with an expensive product compared to a cheaper one, it's not worth the price.

I don't think Alpha Money Flow is going to give you extra returns you couldn't find with a cheaper investment product.

Crypto isn't a secret and there's plenty of free resources where you can find crypto investments.

Because of this I wouldn't bother with Alpha Money Flow.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Alpha Money Flow - it's too expensive and it comes with a lot of baggage because it's an Agora product.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

I've reviewed all the best places to get good stock ideas.

To see my favorite (which is very affordable), click below:

Get High Return Stocks!

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  • I HATE AGORA!!!!!!!!!! Once you subscribe to one or opt in for a free report you are in their funnel. I recently did The Oxford Club $49.00. This is all about dividend stocks-%, growth forcasts, history of years paid out. If I only use this instead of weeding through all the div stks available and can short list it, then it will be valuable. Money back for 1 year. I am now getting 10 different Compelling headliners per day. Instead of listening or reading I now google it to find quick info on the analyst and the article. They are also a pain in the ass to cancel, opt out, find even where to do it. I had to find a phone number, and not easy to cancel my international living….I will subscribe again when I get closer to looking at options for overseas. I did find this valuable and unlike the others not trying to sell you a S… more.

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