Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 is a course and mentorship program from the Mikkelsen Twins.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Audiobook Income Academy2.0 including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

You'll know if this program is worth investing in before you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Summary

Creator: Mikkelsen Twins

Price to join: $1497 

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 is a decent course that teaches you how to sell audiobooks on Amazon.

The main problem here is the business model and price of the course.

There's a lot of ways to make money online and I just don't think creating audiobooks is one of the easier ways to do it.

Also, the price is very high..

I don't think it's worth $1497.

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Who Are The Mikkelsen Twins?

There's not a ton of information out there about the Mikkelsen Twins.

Apparently they spend a lot of time traveling and teach people how to make audiobooks for profit on Amazon.

They have a Youtube channel where they show their travels and give information to potential to entrepreneurs.

It currently has 28,000 subscribers:

They seemed to have taken a nearly year long break from uploading but they are back to posting regularly again.

With people like the Mikkelsen Twins you have to ask whether they make more money from doing what they teach or from selling courses..

My guess would be they make much more from selling courses and their Youtube channel than they do from audiobooks.

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Overview

This course is broken up into 7 different weeks and comes with a few different bonuses.

Here's a breakdown of what you get:

Week 1: Millionaire Mindset

I'm never a big fan of mindset training in courses that teach making money online.. it always to me seems like fluff.

Basically in week 1 you'll get training on success habits and how to approach this business mentally.

Not really all that important.

Week 2: Picking Your Niche

A niche is the market that you're going to be working in. For example, if exercise is your passion you would choose exercise as your niche.

Week 2 will show you how to choose your niche.

You'll also get training on accounting, setting up publishing accounts and forming a LLC.

Week 3: Creating Your Book

Week 3 goes over the actual creation of your audiobook.

Here's some of the training you'll get here:

  • How to build your brand
  • Knowing your customer
  • How to create a book outline
  • How to create a title
  • Copywriting tips
  • How to outsource the writing
  • How to create an eye catching book title

Week 4: Growing Your Audience 

After you create your audiobook you need to promote it and get traffic to it.

That's what week 4 will cover.

In this section you'll learn about sales funnels and lead magnets to collect emails.

After that you'll see email sequences you can use to sell your book and how to build a Facebook community.

Week 5: Launch Week

Launching is when it's time to make sales and put your book out there to the public.. Week 5 will teach you how to do that.

You'll learn various launch strategies to make sales a fast as possible. 

Week 6: Ads An Audiobooks

Week 6 goes over how you're going to use paid traffic to get customers.

The ads taught this week are Amazon Ads.

You'll learn how to set them up and scale them so as many people as possible will see your book. 

Week 7: Next Level Publishing 

Next Level Publishing is a company that does professional designs and brand expansion.

You'll also get more tips on distributing your audiobook to reach more people. 

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You'll also get various bonuses fi you buy this course. 

Here's a breakdown of each one:

1 On 1 Coaching

You get 4 coaching calls if you buy this course.

It's important to note that these calls will likely not be with the actual Mikkelsen Twins. 

That would take up all their time.

You'll likely get a call from one of their "coaches."

You'll really have no clue what experience these coaches have or if they're even experts in creating audiobooks. 

Group Calls

These calls are the ones where you'll actually get access to the Mikkelsen Twins.

These calls are 2 hours every Monday and everyone in the course will be there.

Here's where you'll have a chance to ask questions.

Private Community

You'll also get access to the private Facebook community with the other members of the course.

You'll be to ask questions in this group and get answers in under 60 minutes. 

Guaranteed Profits Workshop

In this workshop you are going to learn how to make your first publishing profits in just a few days (or your money back).

Top 50 Proven Niches

A lot of people have a hard time picking a niche or just don't how to pick a niche that makes money.

In this bonus you'll see the top 50 niches that are known to make money with audiobooks. 

VIP Access To Experts

You'll get access to writers, narrators and book cover designers.

You have to pay for these services but you won't have to look for them or lose money on bad services. 

10K Case Study Vault

Here you'll see interviews and case studies of 17 different Audiobook Income Academy students who are making over 10K per month.

Bonus 6: Low Content Kickstarter

This bonus will show you how to create short audiobooks for profit.

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 FAQ'S

1) Is this course worth $1497?

No I don't think so.

I think some people will make good money from it but I'm guessing most people won't really have much success.

$1497 is a pretty gamble for low odds of success.

There's many other business models that are much cheaper too.

2) Are the Mikkelsen Twins a scam?

No I don't think so.

They're at the very least good self promoters but they do know what they're talking about.

They have hundreds of videos on their Youtube page that go over all things related to publishing an audiobook.

I just don't know if they're making more selling courses or actually making audiobooks.

3) How long is the course?

The course is designed to last 7 weeks.

There's also some other bonuses that will take time to get through as well.

You should be able to get through everything in a couple of months.

4) What does this course teach?

This course teaches you how to publish audiobooks.

This is a pretty unique business model that I really wouldn't recommend if you wanted to make a full time income online.

5) How do you pay for this course?

There's a couple options.

The first is to pay the full price with either a credit card or Paypal credit.

The other option is to break it up into monthly installments over 3 months.

You would pay $797 per month in this scenario making the course $2391 overall.

6) Is there a refund policy?

There's an action based refund policy.

If you don't make $5000 in profit within the first 180 days of buying the course you can get a full refund + $1000.

That's a very good refund. 

7) Does the course get updated?

It seems like it does.. since this is the second version of Audiobook Income Academy.

8) How much can I make creating audiobooks?

There seems to be people in the course that are making 6 figures a year but I don't know how stable that is.

You might have to keep creating books to keep the income coming in.

But I'm sure some people do well.

I do, however, think this is one of the harder business models and wouldn't be surprised if the overwhelming amount of people in this course don't make anything at all.

9) Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there's many courses that teach making money online.

To see my top pick, click below:

You can find my #1 recommended training program here

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Pros And Cons

  • Good refund policy: You're not going to find a better refund policy than the one in this course.. If you don't make a profit of $5000 in the first 180 days you get your money back + $1000!
  • Tough business model: There's a lot of ways to make money online and from home.. creating audiobook is one of the hardest. There's many other easier ways to create a full time income.
  • Very expensive: $1497 is a lot to pay for this kind of a course. The refund policy may be good but you have to stick with it for 180 days to get your money back. A lot of people I'm sure just stop trying before that and never get their money back.
Is Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 A Scam?

No I don't think so.

There seems to be enough people that have made money that it seems like a legit program.

Also, the refund policy is solid too.

I just think there's easier ways to make money online and it's too expensive.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Audiobook Income Academy.

There's a lot of ways to make money online that are perfect for beginners and much cheaper to start.

To see my favorite affordable course on making money online, click below:

#1 Recommended Make Money Online Course


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • These twin guys from Publishing Life pretend to be friendly and helpful. My experience is very different. About 2 months ago I bought the course for nearly $1500. I studied every night after my full time job, I spent every weekend learning and arranging all the necessary stuff in order to publish my first book, and I didn’t really bother the customer support much because I wanted to get through the very information overloaded course. I got really frustrated and lost and I voiced my frustrations to the customer support. Just after 2 emails back and forth, I got threatened that criticizing the content of the course is not allowed. After my next normal email, the customer service guy cut me off and refunded my money. No explanation other than I don’t fit to the culture. Nobody asked me why I was so frustrated, nobody gave me a fair warning, our loving Twins just cut me off after all the work I have done. I wasn’t born yesterday and I can see clearly through their business model. But I wanted to learn how to publish a book and maybe change a couple of things in my life as a result, so I gave it an honest go. There is a lot of nice pep talk, but the reality is very different. When they lure people into buying their course, they say that they will do anything to make the member succeed. I have worked so hard on this for 8 weeks straight and only one time I voiced my frustrations, without any bad language or anything like that, and our loving Twins decided to cut me off, without a chance to explain why I was so frustrated with the course. If you think that this course is just a step by step manual on self publishing, and that you can easily do it if you are a single mom with 3 kids, think again. But that is the business model of so many courses out there from day trading to self publishing. These twins really disappointed me great deal, and not because of their fame driven fake attitude, but how cold blooded they are if someone simply doesn’t fit into their little click. I bot the course, I have worked hard on it for 8 weeks and because of my first frustration with the content of the course, they found inconvenient and closed my account, with a really weak and lame BS explanation via their customer support guy. They know exactly how they are playing the odds and large numbers. I do not wish them well because they hit me below the waste line and I hope people will not be fooled like I was. I just hope I can find another resource and continue.

  • I think the course itself is fine, but their advertisement feels like a phat lie. You really need several thousand dollars to invest in a good book, with no guarantee that it will even do well. Their whole module on writing your own book is…… fine, but not a money maker

  • Hello everybody. Yes, I made the mistake of buying it (on 23/01/2022) and I am here to tell why I think you shouldn’t.
    First, watching that advertising on YouTube, everything looks easy, fast. Then I watched almost 1 hour of explanations, even easier, faster and then it comes the pressure to pay. They say there are only a few places, like that webinar was live (it is not). And then I paid. And everything becomes more real, they start to say that it’s possible, but not easy, neither fast. That we have to put a lot of effort on it. And then I started to think (which I haven’t done before paying) and realizing that is totally against my principles. I have a job, that I love, but doesn’t pay me much. I saw this as an opportunity to keep this job and have a financial freedom, an easy money where I don’t have to spend a lot of time. Fake. It needs time, especially at the beginning. It needs effort (not easy as they say before we pay). And particularly, I would have to go against my principles.
    Yes… I am totally against this superficial economy where everybody buys everything without the necessity. I was imaging myself paying someone to write a book for me, another one to make the cover and other to make the narrative and then myself selling on Amazon. And for all that I had to just choose a title, I probably wouldn’t even read the book before selling. They probably don’t do it either.
    So, when I realized that, like 6 or 7 hours later, I asked for a refund, based on the Contract Policies. They answered me in the next day and made the refund 2 days later.
    As I paid in euro and the euro was dropping, I received less money. Maybe I am wrong, but in my opinion, that’s not right. They should guarantee I would receive the same amount in my own currency, as there is nothing being said differently in the contract.
    Anyway, that’s not the point. I just wanted to ask everybody to think before paying and not believe in the pressure they put on before we pay. There are a lot of wrong things on their process and I hope I could help some people to make a decision.

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